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Avatar f tn I wordy about that and this is my third baby. Just try to relax and find something to get your mind off of it. Don't watch anything or read anything that will trigger the thoughts. Good luck on everything hope your pregnancy goes well.
Avatar m tn This is my first experince in a forum and i am greatful to be finally talking to others who can help me find my way through this with understanding and true compassion. Feels really good to just be here typing and reaching out to others. Please any support would be a great relief to my battered soul.
Avatar f tn -) Finding out that you have MS can be similar to the grieving process you go through when someone close to you dies. Anger and fear are part of that process. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross outlined 5 stages of grief. There listed below. Reading some of her thoughts on the process may help. Here is a link to a summary of the five stages. http://grief.com/the-five-stages-of-grief/ 1) Denial 2) Anger 3) Bargaining 4) Depression 5) Acceptance Hope this helps.
Avatar n tn My councillor did some relaxation techniques that really helped me out, clears your mind and even just to have a chat with a friendly stranger did the world of good, they wont judge you they're just there to listen and help, i'd strongly advice talking to someone about this. Another technique is to wear an elastic band around your wrist, and every time you start thinking these thoughts, snap it hard against your wrist (so it really hurts) this takes your mind off it.
337492 tn?1212462436 Simply because I and you and all the people posting on here are truly intelligent that's what you have to remember it has been proven that people who talk aloud to themselves are very smart. So think of that the next time you are talking to yourself out loud. Now think of people who never talk who are so quiet who keep to themselves and never join in on a conversation at all I'm sorry but I would rather talk to myself or people all the time than be quiet......
148987 tn?1287809526 I phone and email trying to brighten her day when I can. Somehow I wish we could all be free of fear and accept life and death as the inevitable cycle that it is. How about some good news. A local philanthropist in S.F. recently granted millions of dollars for a new cancer research center. I-horn, you are a good soul to be so concerned about the wellfare of others.
19299007 tn?1506389202 I've been dealing with anxiety for about 4 months now, and really, this came out of left field for me. Ive never felt anxiety just talking to my best friend, we're fine to just talk to one another. My guess is that it's about my mom who won't let me hang out with my friend (thats an INTERALLY new subject, but to brief, she doesn't like her for being gay and I'm not, and that I like calling her on skype to hang out).
Avatar f tn I wanted to add that if your daughter is not talking of suicide, then maybe her talk of death comes from fear. Maybe fear that she will die soon. Either way I am with WAF please seek some counseling. You and she do not have to try to figure this out on your own and yes, contact the MSAA or any of the other support groups. I believe they could tell you what is available in your area in terms of support.
Avatar f tn I have learned to hold my hand out, palm down and let the dog get used to me, before I try to pet or touch. By talking to someone who knows dogs, they can give you a few hints that will help. Good luck.
Avatar m tn I can't keep anything that is bothering me, any kinds of irrational fears, or any unusual superstitions out of my head. It has caused me to be constantly exhausted. I don't know what to do.
944787 tn?1287088373 i need help and ideas on how to over come this fear. im afraid of confrontation and i cant stand to look at peoples faces. what is wrong with me.
Avatar f tn What I should tell you is that children (and adults) with worries, anxieties and fears need the comfort first (tea and sympathy) to soothe the distress; then, the talking of what they go through, and then, the exploration and coming up with how to handle it. After that, hopefully, there is the checking in and evaluating whether she is handling things okay.
Avatar f tn It's hard to say what's in the hearts and minds of others, and what compels them to do the awful things they do. That's where therapy and counseling comes in. I think that talking this over with a professional who's trained to help victims of such abuses could help shed light on this dark issue.
358304 tn?1409713092 I have learned to live with this desease, and I have learned, most of the time, to talk myself out of an attack. Only you can figure out what you need to do, to help with your anxiety. I'm not saying, talking yourself out of it always works, but if you look deep inside yourself, you may be able to figure out what works for you. Hang in there. If medicine helps then so be it.
Avatar m tn You can even just browse through the OCD forum to get an idea of some of the advice that has been given to others with the same fears. It's not as simple as us telling you you would know if you were gay (which you would). Like any other kind of anxiety, you would accept that reassurance temporarily, but most likely, the fears will reemerge. This is why I think you should check out the OCD forum, there are suggestions you could benefit from that are specific to this exact issue.
Avatar n tn Xanax and others pass thru your system rather quickly I have been told. You seem to be getting a lot of highs and lows. Talking to a counselor should prove to be a good avenue as he or she has had experience with people just like you nd can offer some powerful solutions.
Avatar n tn Raja yoga meditation taught at prajapita brahmakumaris ishwariya vidyalaya is the best solution to get out of this fear of death.Centers of this meditation are present all over the world. visit the following website to know your nearest centers www.brahmakumaris.
Avatar n tn I was harrassed when I went in for the gyno exam which resulted in me leaving before they could do the exam and being rather tramatized (probably not on the same level but it caused me to have an enormous fear of going to the gynecologist.) I went for the first time a couple monthes ago (over 7 years later). My suggestion (and what I did that helped me a lot) would be to ask your husband to go with you.
Avatar f tn ------ and would trying talking to her tonight about this -------- I also want to say this.... it kind of feel like all of you are focused of fear of dying on a daily bases ........My advise to you all would be to think the fear of something bad happening less .... worry less .... enjoy more .... EVERYTHING WILL BE BETTER THEN ALRIGHT dont even THINK about it once the fear kicks in ... Please read this .... or run or dance or talk to someone ... think about ALL THE BILLS OF HAVE TO PAY ....
Avatar m tn I've shut myself of in my room and the fear and depression is eating me alive I dunno what to do. I came on exchange to have adventure relax a bit and hopefully find a girl friend...I know weird reasons eh. I almost had it all till i went traveling for 6 weeks ended up in macau and when my plane was delayed and I was put in a hotel with a lot of carnal pleasures. I ended up exploring and getting the notion it would be a good idea to visit the sauna.
2083175 tn?1336085912 My husband as well tries to be as supportive of me as he possibly can be, he also tries to not "give in" to my ridiculous thoughts, because he feels that by doing so he is encouraging the thoughts to continue. For example, I feel that after putting wet clothes from the washing machine to the dryer, one should wash their hands. He says "the clothes are clean". He tries to understand that nothing is ever clean to me, but he can't.
Avatar f tn this has helped me tremendously, and been able to see a way to ease the fear or even get rid of it. i am now on a mission to resolve, express, integrate those early terrified feelings of eternal fear, and being frozen in time.
Avatar m tn There is no test for man to know if he has the virus so embarrassing we all this advancement in technology still no test, i'm planning to change my diet and buy supplements to get my immune system stronger to fight it off , i have this sore throat it has been there more than a month it gets worse when i go to sleep it feels dehydrated, it started with flu like symptoms, now i feel it it is oropharynx part little dry and like hard to swallow, and nights gets worse, with sometimes itching all o
Avatar f tn You don't even need to ask, its here and we are here and all you need to do is open a thread or post a PM or note and we will respond - well I will anyway and I know plenty of others will. As to knowing you were going through a bad time, well we sort of guessed, I did anyway, I know what it takes to admit things are bad, its hard to ask for help but when you need it ask. That is what we are here for.
Avatar f tn I will go back and reread everything that everyone has written. You make some good points that we have tended to overlook due to fear of the side effects. Thanks for your input.
Avatar m tn Sir, I understand - iam being totally out of mind- Just missed an accident today thinking of HIV- Sir,-I just want to let you know that evrytime the condom was replaced by CSW-That frightens me- I had 25 days-HIV DUO test and by gods Grace i turned negative- Still i am feeling unsual tiredness- Which never happened to me- Cant even speak to somebody on the phone-Do i need a psycological treatment or my test at 25 days is reliable(As they say its 90% reliable)--please relieve my pressure- Pleas
195469 tn?1388326488 I dont like to have to be cared for... I am the tyoe of person who always cared for others. I was a hospice nurse for many years and hate that I can not be out in the community any more lately. Not because I dont want to be but because I cant. Everyone because you all are so special to me I want to tell everyone a secret... Only my family knows about me... My husband and I adopted a young man who is now 26 and has cerebral palsy. I cared for him and lead him into the young man he is now.
Avatar f tn I have heard what you have said to me, and I know what your qualifications are, and I have heard the almost unbelievably ignorant and almost intentionally cruel, if not intentionally cruel, comments of others, and I know what their qualifications are. I'm eventually going to have to take that and move forward. Thank you very, very much.
Avatar m tn Reading about fever blisters being HSV related (The oral sex was both ways) I became worried when I first had this experince I had gotten sick and went to a doctor who assumed I was getting the flu and said I had the start of what appeared to maybe be fever blister. I went to a doctor today who doesn't appear to know anything about HSV as he kept telling me no need for culture as there is no fluid to really culture.