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10707428 tn?1415573390 I say pack your bag and get your ticket. Don't tell him anything. Just go. But first get the divorce papers. Sign them and file them. No one can claim the baby cause the baby isn't here yet. Do this before you leave. Make it easy so you don't have to stay. Let him keep every thing since you plan on leaving the country. I don't think you need anything except your clothes. And the small baby stuff. Put your address as a friends house or a relatives house so the guy can't find you.
198419 tn?1360245956 I should have known to get a new doctor when I went in because I could barely stand up straight because I was in so much pain, mainly in my back (where I found out I had a lesion). A couple of years later, as I'm going through my old medical receipts, I find the one from that visit and noticed (which I foolishly hadn't before) that they wrote my dx for that visit as "gout". Wow. READ YOUR RECEIPTS/DISMISSAL PAPERS, EVERYONE! I could have saved myself a LOT of time, pain, and money.
13391004 tn?1429738946 i am not being the best person i can...and my marriage well lets just say divorce papers have already been printed and began to be filled out to be thrown away later...I believe my marriage is whats getting the brunt end of all of this!! I dont believe i will allow myself to see the black hole again!! In fact i KNOW I WONT...because i am not in denial!! using this needle feels so good!! BUT IS ********!!..I dont like doing this!! My addictive nature is well and alive i know!!
Avatar f tn I'm going to always be pollite and just stay away from the ones that are fake in this world. I've been learning the bible on a podcast by vernon McGee. He's to the point, but his accent is too thick. It helps. I hope God will understand my interest in getting to know Him better and in turn put me to some good use other than being miserable all the time.
Avatar f tn Another good trick is to google for articles from newspapers from OTHER countries. There's one or two english papers I check in with occasionally, as well as Irish publications that you can't get easily in this country. Swiss, french...you can get an interesting perspective this way. Heck, you can get straight, factual information on the Reuters wire that other papers will dress up, cover in spin and toss out in a biased way.
286034 tn?1201100440 Oh yeah, and star-gazing - LOVE watching for shooting stars. I never plan to grow up, but fake it well at work, lol. By the way, Jl, my son and his friends tell me I should have been a lawyer - always ready for a good debate, on justice or any other topic:) So, that's me! Penn Next???
Avatar n tn I then had an ablation at 25 due to uncontrollable periods and anemia. After a terrible divorce in 2005, I met the most wonderful man in the world and am now happily engaged. I honestly never thought I would want to have another child but here I am, crying at the sight of every pregnant woman and wishing to become pregnant. My soon to be husband has also expressed his desires to have another child.
Avatar n tn Whats even worse is girls assume you're some oversexed guy, and you flirt with them, and its all a joke, cause I'd rather jerk off to porn than have sex with them. That *****, cause I know girls can take that personally, like they're not attractive enough, but mostly its cause I'm too stressed out/terrified, and now I'm also thinking its the whole porn thing. And I think it is. I went on a 2 week trip to a foreign country where I had no privacy, and I was horny as hell.
162948 tn?1205256292 I got the iuc put in dec 05 and just had it removed not to get pregnant just didnt want it anymore on april 1st no joke. I had a period immediatley afterwards that lasted 1 week. On april 21 and 25th i had unprotected sex and now i feel pregnant. I havent yet had another period and went online to find out if i could be pregnant and the mirena website stated you can get pregnant right after having it removed. I am scared and nervous that i am pregnant and will be getting a pregnancy test asap.
Avatar n tn anyway, i talked to one of the office assitants yesterday and told her about my symtoms and asked her ease my mind, like i did you all, she said that they are all good signs but at the same time, with all the hormones im taking, it can be a fake pregnancy. she said that everything looks perfect and i should be pregnant but there is that chance i am not and if im not, all the symptoms are real but for a fake pregnancy basically.