Estrogen levels during ivf

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Avatar f tn He thinks we can rule out Fragile X because prior to the IVF injections, my estrogen levels were normal. I would appreciate any imput or advice you could give me.
Avatar f tn My really really good doc (reknowned) did not believe in taking those levels during 2ww or at all really my other docs took them BUT I never paid attention I do know your progersterone should be higher if you are preggo I don;t know why they are increasing estrogen after the FET The nurse also told me you should only take estrogen vaginally up ungtil 3 days before FET BUT every RE has such diff protocol - good luck
Avatar f tn I am freaking out. It seems like I ovulated. I went to the doctor the morning of 8/7/15 .. Estrogen levels were great.. Follicles were suppressed and resting got the go ahead to start my meds then bam out of no where AF showed up !!! What is going on .. Help anyone? I have a doctors appointment on Monday and the office is closed and I am going crazy! Anyone have a clue as to what might be happening?
243898 tn?1189759429 He said he has hope because I did respond, but just my estrogen was climbing to slow. I am 46, but never had a problem with estrogen levels before. Just wanted to know what you ladies, that may have experience this before, have to share in knowledge/experience. As well, is there anything extra I can do to help with my estrogen level during treatment?
1328473 tn?1335878067 I have read that high estrogen levels can cause "bad" eggs. We recently completed our first IVF cycle that resulted in a pregnancy but I m/c between 6-7 weeks. My RE did not have much info on why it happened. My Estrogen was 7800 at the time of retrieval, which I know is high. Can high estrogen levels cause my eggs to be bad and in turn result in the m/c?
Avatar f tn I am doing my 2nd IVF and I am due for ER on Monday or Tuesday. I only have four follicles all together and one of them is ahead of the others in size. So I am not sure if I should continue this cycle or stop, let them chang some meds and see if I can get better results. Do you mind me asking what is your age?
Avatar n tn I am 38 and doing my second IVF the first was success I had twins 6 years ago things are different now and my estrogen levels are not increasing like they should I have 5 eggs on my one and only ovary, my level is 20 after being on shots for 4 days my DR says I should be in the 150 range. I was never offered the patch??? do you know more about this?? I am at a stop point to go on due to my low estregen. I am trying to find out all I can on this to help me in the future.
Avatar f tn I had IVF implantation on Sunday the 3rd. Today I had blood work done at the Dr's office and my Estrogen and Progesterone levels dropped "a smidgen" according to the nurse. They are having me increase my Progesterone shots from 1cc to 1.5ccs and get an Estrogen patch. The nurse says that this doesn't mean that the procedure didn't take but I am worried. It sounds like a bad sign. My question is for other people who have had IVF. Has this happened to you?
1386249 tn?1303095696 When is the best time to get estrogen and progesterone levels checked? My OB told me she wanted me to "ttc" for another couple of months before checking my hormone levels. I don't agree with her and would like to get them checked now. Reason being, I am 36 1/2 years old, I am having spotting between periods, bleeding during intercourse, which began last month, and 4days of spotting with 3 days of heavy bleeding during my period (7 days of period) which is every 21 days.
Avatar n tn has anyone had troubles conceiving with low levels? . can someone take estrogen supplements? we've been ttc for over three years and i have had the fertily workup done back then and there is no blockage in my tubes, or anything.
1532503 tn?1321326712 According to Fertility Plus, there are no charts showing E2 levels during stimulation since there is a wide variation depending on how many follicles are being produced and their size. Most doctors will consider any increase in E2 a positive sign, but others use a formula of either 100 pg/ml after 4 days of stims, or a doubling in E2 from the level taken on cycle day 3. Since your numbers went up above 100 on day 5, you're pretty I wouldn't worry too much about it.
1130046 tn?1282046004 Wishing all the best for those starting or are about to start first or next cycle in ivf. My cycle in april worked (our first ivf) but i miscarried 10days after getting BFP. We are trying natuarly now for couple months , then will begin another cycle of ivf when i get my period late july.
Avatar f tn Had my first blood test and my progesterone is 84 and estrogen at 47. I was told estrogen is low, to increase from 1 estrogen patch to 3 and I'm freaking out wondering if this will affect the outcome of things. During the 2WW I've had mild cramps and other minimal symptoms and wonder if what I'm feeling or not is a good/bad sign. Anyone with similar numbers? Do you know if low estrogen levels affect the implantation process?? Any feedback is greatly appreciated!! Good luck to all!!!
Avatar f tn Hi Ladies, As some of you doing I am still trying for my 1st Baby. We are doing IVF & will have transfer tomorrow (tuesday). For this protocol, I will be taking a 2nd HCG shot which I have never had before. It will be given the day after transfer & am told it will help with progesterone/estrogen levels. I will also be taking PIO & inserts. WOW, it seems like alot of stuff.
Avatar n tn My Question is for anyone who has done IVF I went to the doctor my embryo transfer was Sat. I had to go in today to have my progesterone and estrogen levels checked and they told me they were both a little low,but said that had nothing to do wether I was pregnant or not and they are increasing my dose.has this ever happened to anyone and what are these for? I asked the nurse and she said dont worry you are in good hands .I still dont know. Please Help!!!
Avatar f tn Hi! I am assuming that your estrogen levels are very high. This would be true in just about any kind of IVF cycle, unless it is a completely natural cycle with donor eggs. The very high estrogen levels are probably the cause of the mucousy discharge. Most women have a similare condition during pregnancy for the same reason. As long as the discharge is clear, odorless and mucousy, it is simply related to the hormones, and not evidence of an infection.
Avatar n tn I had my blood levels of estrogen & progesterone tested today! Got a call back from the nurse who stated, "Dr. said your levels are excellant; to keep doing what you're doing. Just don't stop any medications." What the heck.... now of course I wish it was the IVF coordinator who usually calls me with this info, but does that lead me to believe they tested more than I thought? Urghh, I want so badly not to read into this. One more week, I hope I make it.
717931 tn?1230269031 hi there...This is my 1st IVF wif ICSI. I've gone thru embryo transfer on 6/8, wif 2 embryos on day3....Waiting for 2 weeks b4 preggy test. I really hope tis IVF will go right. Have been married for 5 years now and have gone thru 2 IUIs..So far resting at home. the thing is i dont feel any changes like cramps for the 1st 4 days. i don't do much work, just lie down watching tv, no excess bending wat so ever. am i suppose to feel anything? is everything ok?
Avatar n tn HI Dear May i ask how many eggs did you get during your first IVF cycle? I got 7 but only 4 fertilized and all were put back because of my age. I just pray that DHEA will yield more and quality eggs for me. Everything went well with the steaming but none of the eggs took. My problem is blocked tubes.
1379770 tn?1283910277 my DH and I have decided to go with IVF during my previous marriage my tubes were tied and we want more children. this wast the option presented to us with the highest success rates. we are very excited but very nervous about the side effects of medications, i have read lots of places that once you begin meds which we will September 1st. the time flies by. anyone going through treatment around the same time or anyone who has been through treatment it would be awesome to chat.
1219580 tn?1297221739 they always try to fit me around the doctor rather than the doctor around me! which I do find strange! In relation to exercise you can during the IVF cycle however low impact stuff and exercise that won't strain your core (Tummy muscles) I work in a gym and have loads of pregnant people training they but things are different for the IVF process Aqua or Swimming is always a safe option! As for me I am 5 days in and feeling really positive about things (think the acupuncture is keeping me sain!
766586 tn?1284386798 Hi, you are looking at the protocol for my 1st IVf which was failed.
Avatar f tn Thanks b74 I sure do will have lots of question during and after the ivf process...finally got called yesterday from my nurse and she told me that so far is tubs up..yay!! she want me to go back tomorrow to do another ultrasound and another blood work to know exactly the date to have the hcg so happy but nervous at the same time... Good luck Marcey..dont loose your faith!!! Lets see tomorrow when will be the great day of the eggs retrieval!!!
1462588 tn?1345065395 ) Sometimes he doesn't mean nothing if you have a lot of follies. Take my situation, during our first IVF try last May they collected 15 follies, and only 2 of them made it to blast. So like Juana105 said it only takes one good embie :) I wish you all the luck in the world and keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you guys!! Juana105 The hour 1/2 drive is tiring but well worth it. I always have someone ride with me weather it's my wonderful DH, my mother or my Best Friend.
Avatar f tn I did it before and during IVF, haven't thought about returning, mainly b/c we're broke. I might try and at least do a few sessions. It really helped with my stress and while I'm not a crazy believer of Eastern Medicine, there is something to be said for it! pj11--I'm so glad you're on here! DO NOT stress about the HPT just yet! And yes, the HPT can definitely show negative and you can still have a BFP with the blood test. SO don't worry either way!
1094771 tn?1330284476 Will have Estrogen levels checked tomorrow.....
Avatar n tn We had to come home because I have to go have levels checked with the Doc tomorrow AM. This is my first IVF Cycle and we have 9 eggs and we put 2 grade 1 A eggs in. I was cramping alot until all this happened and then it STOPPED. I do not know if that is a good thing or not. But it is very strange.
1241508 tn?1313009682 i also went for u/s today and i have 6 follicles ready got cetrotide injuctions and ivf-m and waiting for another u/s on tuesday dec 7 to see what the dr will says
1696352 tn?1318535967 this is our 3rd round at IVF (ICSI) and the 2ww has not got any easier. I am totally stressing out today. Soo emotional, crying at everything. Just wishing it was Friday 16th (that is our test date) have had all the usual symptoms, cramping, sore head, aching back, tender breasts. However those symptoms seemed to have died down now so worrying that is hasn't worked again. was so emotionally drained when it didn't work last time. I am not sure how I am going to cope if it doens't work again.
465737 tn?1315758522 A_muse4u - DET/IVF 06/23 Progesterona Injection 200 mg 07/04, 1 prednisona 5 mg every 12 hrs., Progesterona 200 mg 1 Vaginal @8 a.m. & 1 @ 8 p.m. (DH does these) w/1 oral @1 p.m., Estradiol 2 mg 2 every 12 hrs. Pre Natal Vits w/DHA 1 of each per day Addtl Vit E 1 Per Day & Addtl Calcium Chews 1 per day Beta 07/08 or 07/09 rxyrxx919- ET 6/29, Beta 7/8 mona- ET 6/30, Beta 7/9 rachjas0623: ET 7/2, Beta 7/10 Ms123-ET 6/30 Beta (?