Estradiol y progesterona

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1240849 tn?1269513084 Pero si que para empezar pide unos analisis del dia 21 de tu ciclo, para ver tu nivel de progesterona, prolactina y estradiol. la planta si que la he oido, y se toma mucho por asia y la medicina tradicional china, Esta planta es muy rica en flavonoides e iridoides que son unos compuestos muy similares quĂ­micamente a las hormonas.
465737 tn?1315758522 I am still on Progestrone injections and Estradiol pill every day. They said I'd be on them until about 9 weeks, and today I'm officially 6 weeks pregnant. I wish all of you much luck. This definitely is not an easy process and can be so mentally and physically draining (and not to mention, expensive!) but will all be worth it in the end! Lots of positive thoughts going your way ~ good luck to everyone!
Avatar f tn y isn't ur dr. ckecking ur levels before ur beta test? when i went through my ivf cycle, m dr. checked my levels twice before my 1st beta test. maybe each dr. is different.