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374593 tn?1257883550 I had bloodwork done today (cd4 - but it shiould have been cd3) I had my FSH and estradiol tested, they said that the results were "great" . I didn't have a pen when they called with them, but i think one was 46 and the other was 6 or 9. Anyhow what does that mean? Also If they are concerned that I not only have severe endo, but maybe mild PCOS, does having normal lab values on the FSH and estradiol mean that I dont' have PCOS? (I have normal periods every month!
Avatar n tn If I understand the estradiol number that's 10,000 pg/mL. The test sheet says it out of range so I know it's either too high or too low. My doctor never commented on it and I was more concerned at first about testosterone. Can you tell me what that number means for estradiol? my doctor say the testosterone was in range and has moved on to a diagnosis of depression. I've had symptoms of fatigue/body&joint aches/erectile difficulty/memory issues.
4128244 tn?1350077211 6/15 TSH: 1.51 Range: 0.34 - 4.82 ulU/nl FT4: 0.67 Range: 0.77 - 1.61 ng/dl FT3: 3.03 Range: 2.10 - 3.90 PG/ML TPOab: <0.25 Range: 0.25 - 9.
507564 tn?1243197455 Reference ranges are unique to different labs. Your test should show a reference range for each thing tested. As for the difference between each test that is normal. Your hormones fluctuate alot. They should have explained it to you completely. Think of all the questions you want to ask now and write it down, then bring it with you trust me.
Avatar n tn 20%). The results page says my estradiol is out of range. it says 10L with a range of 13-54 pg/mL. Does 10 Liters convert to 10,000 mL which is 185times the normal maximum range. I didn't have cortisol measured. My Dr. said Testosterone was fine. He never mentioned anything about the estradiol level. He suggested I had depression. I've had chronic anxiety but don't feel depressed. We've tried a few SNRI's. It's been 2 1/2 months since tests results.
Avatar f tn All serum - 8 am(no sure what day of cycle cause of ablation and a bit hypertyroid) FSH 5.
Avatar f tn Today is CD2 and Im going to start Menopur on CD3. My lab test came back for estradiol and it was less than 20. Normal range starts at 25. Is less than 20 bad? Does anyone know? Next appt is not til Sunday, too long for me to wait...
Avatar f tn Estradiol is a type of estrogen. Follow up with your healthcare provider who did the test. That's what they're there for. They have a bigger picture of your health history and can help you decide if this is the result that requires further investigation.
Avatar n tn cortisol (blood test)? Unfortunately I can't get cortisol saliva test here. Should I test my liver function? Ultrasound of my uterus? Pituitary gland? Would very much appreciate if you have any insight or advice. Thank you so much!
Avatar m tn ➢ Hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) Test for Diabetes (Blood glucose) – 6.3 nmol/L = eAG of 134 ➢ 2-Hour Insulin Glucose Challenge Test Results: CPS-2HOURS (Cohas) = 5.06nmol/L Insulin (2HOURS) = >2089 pmol/L ➢ Insulin1 – 370 pmol/L ➢ CPS = 2.03 nmol/L ➢ Estradiol = 196 pmol/L ➢ Progesterone = 3.03 nmol/L ➢ Testosterone 215 ng/dL = 7.56 nmol/L ➢ Estradiol 196.24 pmol/L = 53.
Avatar f tn I've read that estradiol does influence TSH levels. Ok, what's done stays done. I'm not taking Diane anymore, I'm actually going to take an oral contraceptive with only 0,020 estradiol, because 0,035 was a bit too much. My queston is: will my TSH go back to normal since I won't be taking that much estrogen again? Can TSH be lowered? I want my TSH back! I don't want hypothyroidism!
Avatar f tn Been on anxiety drugs for 20 years and lately meds for depression Im tapering off prozac but still on wellbutrin and they added addrall to give me energy which it ddint,i went to a nurse paractioner and she put me on the lowesr dose of teh estraddiol patch,i had to take it aftert 3 days as i thought it was causiing stomach and eye problems i have now had it on for 6 days,but woke up this morning with heart racing and lots of anxiety..
Avatar m tn Hi I'm male 22 years old I had no facial hair and i was fine with that And i have trouble with sleep then i went to gym to lose some weight after 3 months I noticed some growth in my facial hair then someone told me to check my hormones and i did. This is the result Test name (range) Total T 6.5 ng/ml (1.6-9.6) Free T 0.551 nmol/l (0.198-0.619) Lh 4.1 miu/ml (2.8-6.8) Prolactin 25 ng/ml (4.1-18.4) Estradiol E2 56.
Avatar m tn Hello, I am a 43 year old man. I have always been pretty active physically. For the past 3 years I started noticing my gains declining. I didn't believe they were age related since they seem too fast. With that said, recently I decided to have my hormone levels checked. And here are the results I am sharing. Total testosterone: 422 ng/dL in a range of 250 - 1100 % of free testosterone: 2.82% in a range of 1.5 to 2.2 Free testosterone: 118.18 pg/mL in a range of 35.0 to 155.
Avatar m tn Hello, I am a 43 year old man. I have always been pretty active physically. For the past 3 years I started noticing my gains declining. I didn't believe they were age related since they seem too fast. With that said, recently I decided to have my hormone levels checked. And here are the results I am sharing. Total testosterone: 422 ng/dL in a range of 250 - 1100 % of free testosterone: 2.82% in a range of 1.5 to 2.2 Free testosterone: 118.18 pg/mL in a range of 35.0 to 155.
Avatar f tn I use what some consider a high dose of Estradiol (Vivelle Patch) and I use it to make sure my serum (NOT saliva) blood tests show I am in a range that if I had a period would put me at about day one or day two of my cycle. I want enough estradiol in me to make sure I can string a sentence together, avoid depression, have a sex drive, have better word retrival, have strong bones, less moodiness, have good heart function, no cramping in legs (the worst when I am low in my estradiol)...
Avatar f tn She's extremely sensitive to cold, sensitive to light(sometimes it causes her to vomit or pass out) We're worried that the ranges of normality might be off considering she's a pretty tiny person and i guess wouldn't have the same range of normality as someone who is of average height and weight or someone that hasn't been on birth control on and off since they were 14 Theories have been put forth that it could be either depression in general (it absolutely isn't), 1.
1502165 tn?1290107509 If you don't have a printed copy of the report, you can call your doctor or lab and ask for the reference range. Your FT4 looks like it's probably also in range, but it's much too low in the range. Many of us don't find our symptoms relieved until FT4 is midrange or a bit higher. Are you on meds?
143123 tn?1274304425 E2 (Estradiol) was 38.7 (needs to be under 100) FSH (Follicale Stimulating Hormone) was 8.1 (needs to be 12.5 or less) Is 38.7 too low?
Avatar n tn OK, here are the rest of the test results: Estradiol: 38 (Standard Range is <20- pg/mL) LH: <1.0 (Standard Range is: <1.0- mIU/mL) TSH: 4.2 (Standard Range is: 0.2-5.5 uIU/mL) DHEA-S: 74 (Standard Range is: <85- ug/dL) Progesterone: (Still waiting for the results) OK, so my question is, Is all this normal for a child her age? Especially considering I had the same thing when I was her age?
Avatar m tn 4-22 MCG/DL). Antibodies test was negative. 8/7/07: TSH: 1.80 0.50 - 5.00 uIU/mL 9/12/07: Free T4: 0.75 0.71 - 1.85 NG/DL TSH: 1.27 0.50 - 5.00 uIU/ML 1/19/08: Free T4: 0.66 0.71 - 1.85 NG/DL TSH: 0.17 0.50 - 5.00 uIU/mL 1/30/08: TSH: 0.95 Range: 0.50 - 5.00 uIU/mL Estradiol, Serum <32 Estradiol Reference Ranges: Male: <=54 It goes on to say no pediatric reference range established. T-3 Uptake: 40.31 High Range: 25.0 - 35.0% Uptake T-4, Total: 5.7 Range: 4.
Avatar n tn One of them, for estradiol, has a range of 20-400. Um, isn't that pretty broad? I came in with a low end of 42.9. Any comments? I don't really know what I should be looking for with this topic.
Avatar f tn I take synthroid. Had my estradiol test came back at 17. Doctor said it was low. I can't get it any higher I can't take the side effects. Should I drop hrt all together?
358971 tn?1330892575 Here are my estradiol levels on each day of saliva collection.
Avatar m tn Dhea(NL) 458ng/DL Ref range142-1410 Testosterone, total (DSL) 346Ng/DL Ref range 190-1037 Estradiol (DSL) 32 PG/ML None given Cortisol 14.8 Ug/DL None given The doctor told me the numbers were in normal range and it is not a problem. I know that my testosterone is low for my age. I plan on losing excess weight and see what happens from there.
1405669 tn?1347571548 My results are those of an average 20-year-old woman! Since I'm almost 43, that makes me extremely happy. To 'pass' the test and be in the normal range, baby had to have a Downs Syndrome risk of less than 1/50. Mine was 1/1,800. Risk of Trisomy 18 needed to be less than 1/100. Mine was 1/10,000! After I had two pregnancies with confirmed chromosomal abnormalities, it is just amazing that this one seems to be so perfect. What did I do differently? Is it really just random chance?
Avatar m tn 27 ng/ml reference range less than 8.6. BhCG (CHEMI) conventional 17,139 mlU/ml and 17139 mlU/ml S.I. ESTRADIOL (CHEMI) 2,714.44 mlU/ml conventional and 9943/0 pmol/l S.I. No reference range for the last two. I see an indication of high AFP showing possible spina bifida but we have no idea how to read the results and would like an opinion outside of our current sphere of advisors please. We will see our immune specialist Friday, but not the OBYN for 10 days.
Avatar n tn My results came back Mine Normal Range Estradiol 10L - 13-54 pg/mL Testosterone(Total) 375 250 - 1100 ng/dL Testosterone (Free%) 1.91 1.50 - 2.20 (%) Testosterone (Free) 71.6 35 - 155.0 pg/mL My doctor said my testosterone was in normal range. He suggested I had depression. I really don't think it is depression.
8256587 tn?1399901106 Cortisol Ratio - 2.62 (within range) Latest thyroid function test results: TSH - 2.50 (0.2-4.2) Free T3 - 4.6 (3.9-6.7) Free T4 - 15.7 (12-22) Apparently my doctor says these are normal, yet when I am taking the Levothyroxine my Free T3 drops and my hypothyroid symptoms return. Am I missing something or am I the only one in the world with this problem? I presume the latter.