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299260 tn?1304219705 Good morning :) Well, I was prescribed progesterone suppositories because my luteal phase averages 9-10 days & I've been TTC since February last year. I started taking the progesterone two weeks ago. I'm past my usual luteal phase. It's now 12 DPO & no sign of AF, yet negative pregnancy tests. I usually at least get spotting by 9 DPO, but so far, nothing. Has anyone had experience with progesterone supp. while TTC?
439903 tn?1380141482 HELP... ok so, are PIO stronger then the suppositories(sp??) or are they the same, or do the suppositories get to the right places faster? i ask because they just called and everything (pills wise) stays the same, but i stop taking the PIO shots tonight and start the suppositories! so, one of two things is happening and i asked to be put on the DR call back list, i want to talk to him about it.....
Avatar f tn I'm doing progesterone and estradiol (sp) also. It's not fun but I just keep taking showers and try to keep the area dry.
Avatar f tn Which are better? I'm on injecctions, 1ml of progesterone a day, and 0.2 estradiol every 3rd day. But I've seen many web pages that say the jelly is better...vaginal suppositories? That they provide a higher pregnancy rate. is this true?
Avatar n tn So I went to the GYN and he did tests, on follicular phase day 2- 1st month - Estradiol - 49, LH - 12.8, TSH - (Thyroid) 2.21. 2nd month - the FSH-6.6, LH - 3.5, Estradiol -25 3rd month - FSH -10.2, LH.- 3.0 and Estradiol(E2) - 345 This is very vulnerable isn't it ? Why is this? The doctor did an ultrasound scan of entire abdomen. Everything else was remarked normal but was mentioned that "Ovaries not well seen" Please advice me the doctor seems not very concerned.
691236 tn?1311203574 I had my trigger shot yesterday at 9am. My doc prescribed estradiol, prometrium (both in pill form) and progesterone suppositories for the next 2 weeks until my pregnancy blood test. Anyone else on these and do you know why? My doc just said my hormone levels were very low and he wanted to me take these to sustain the embryo if it does implant. Any knowledge/expereinece you have is greatly appreciated! Thanks girls!
1834120 tn?1422945867 OK ladies, so I'm freaking out a little. My RE didn't get my estradiol level until this afternoon because the hospital is lame. Anyway it was supposed to be a stat test which means my RE would have had the result yesterday but never mind. So, I spoke with the nurse who said my RE would call me tomorrow but from what I am reading my E2 is low. I triggered last night for a natural FET on 11/6 and my E2 is only 109.
443968 tn?1288616289 today was not a good day, felt quite exhausted, also my stomach is quite sick, I think the estradiol pills and the progesterone suppositories are really kicking my but this time. Cramping on and off more on then off, they are more on the sides but at times they go to my back and sometime son the middle. I know what a mess.... gosh wish we could know right away the results. I keep thinking that out of 4 embies transfered there most be at least one brave one to stick in with me.
1219499 tn?1410753330 I am also taking Estrogen in the pill form and she also wants to put me on Progesterone suppositories. I might just pass on the suppositories and instead do the weekly Progesterone shot when I get my BFP. My first cycle I had all the side effects - headaches (all day, every day), hot flashes, mood swings, and dry CM. This month my body must have been prepared and I havent had any side effects. But im taking the Estrogen to help with me being dry "down there" from the Clomid.
384150 tn?1399908416 Hi ladies, Opinions please. I stopped the progesterone suppositories at 12 dpo becasue I hate them, face it I was thinking - I'm 45 who am I kidding ( but all my bloodwork and hormones are in normal range and I have a 3 year old dd. - 2 m/c last year.) Temps are still high today at 14 dpo, and I went triphasic at 10 dpo, but neg hpt at 13 dpo ( 4 am, fmu ). I heard that natural progesterone does not raise the bbt more than .1 or .2. Anyone hear that or see that in their charts?
Avatar f tn 2) i currently take 2mg estrace orally 2 mg vaginally and 3 progesterone suppositories after test today they want me to do same on progesterone but up the dose by 2mg oral and 2mg vag. i understand suppository progesterone can't be detected by blood test. would you tell me what these numbers are for the proges then and what is normal estrogen levels at this stage? i'm 1 week past transfer. what are estrogen and proges levels in early preg.
Avatar f tn You could try progesterone suppositories. That is what my dr. put me on. I was on Prometrium for the first 12 weeks of my pregnancy. but I think they give them to you before you get preggo to. Not really sure, mine was just a precaution. Good luck and maybe ask to try that!! BABY DUST!!
296340 tn?1336167601 Dr. put me on Clomid (3-7 days) then Estradiol (8-12 days), then will inject Novarel, after BD i have to take Premotrium. i haven't ask my dr about IUI. I might try this month and see. Thanks for the info.
Avatar f tn Originally my doctor said i would be on progesterone for 8 weeks but I only ended up taking the progesterone shots and suppositories from 2/20 - 3/12. My levels were high enough that I was able to switch from shots to pills. I'm now taking ESTRADIOL 2MG TABLETS (2x a day) and PROMETRIUM 200MG (3x day). It seems to be working. I now only have blood draws every 2 weeks.
1684615 tn?1306646798 Dydrogesterone 10mg, Estradiol Valerate 2 mg, Folic Acid 5mg Progesterone 400Mg (Pessaries) Suppositories 400mg. Please advice me.. is everything going well with me? and what I shout take more attention about it.
Avatar n tn I am 63 and not on any other prescription drug other than bioidentical progesterone and now on vaginal suppositories for estradiol. This is to try to help my low estrogen level which is 8. I can not and will not take estrogen (premerin etc. What do you think.
1684615 tn?1306646798 Tablet : Dydrogesterone 10mg, Estradiol Valerate 2 mg, Folic Acid 5mg Progesterone 400Mg (Pessaries) Suppositories 400mg. I am still not clear what are heaping with me... Please help ...
Avatar f tn This is my first month on Clomid, 50mg cycle days 3-7. I was also on Estradiol cycle days 8-12 and am now on progesterone suppositories cycle day 17 until I get my period or a positive pregnancy test. I had an HCG trigger shot 10,000 units (Profasi, Pregnyl) on cycle day 15. This is also my first month using fertilityfriend to chart my basal body temps. I have attached a link to my chart so that you can see my progress.
521893 tn?1212091446 I know I have low progesterone because with my 2 pregnancies I had to take progesterone suppositories in order to sustain the pregnancy. Me and my husband are trying for another baby, but I can't seem to get pregnant. We have been trying since our last son was born. After my 2 miscarriages before, it took us 14 mths to get pregnant with our 1st son. They prescribed me birth control but it didn't really help so I quit taking it. Can you please help me!!??
Avatar f tn I pray it will be ok, now I am just wanting good news. So the moral of this story is to just ask your doc about clomid, then you take estradiol then a few days later take progesterone suppositories..I wish you the best of luck, don't lose faith, we did a lot of praying as well!
Avatar m tn but still so worried about my medication I was told to take (cycloprogynova white pills) estradiol valerate since the day of egg collection.. and even after i had my BFP they told me to continue taking them till the third month of course that accompanied with progesterone supplements.. now I am obsreving my pregnancy with anotger doctors .. saying I should quit estrogen pills ASAP .. I m so wprried about my babies and don't know what to do.. any one can help me??
Avatar f tn The doctor said that if next test (after 2 days) the result is still that low and not doubling, i will stop the meds. I am on estradiol 2 mg 4 times a day, progesterone injections once a day, Crinone progesterone suppositories twice a day and Estrodiol patches that release approx. 100 mg in 24hrs. I've been crying since I knew the result. Please help me with your advice and experience!!!!
Avatar n tn Progesterone: 5.84 FSH: 8.7 Estradiol: 109 Considering my age, and from my limited knowledge, it seems like my FSH and Estradiol levels are not out of whack. However, could you please let me know what you think about my progesterone level. It seems low to me. Also, of course if you have any input as to my FSH and Estradiol levels, I would love to hear it.
1272624 tn?1395437957 So after a week of stopping my estradiol and progesterone suppositories because they said I'm going to have a chemical pregnancy, my beta finally doubled every 45 hrs, they tell me my estradiol has dropped so now I'm going to maybe have an ectopic...I can't take this!
Avatar n tn Seeing Doc every 4-6wks and cauterized most visits. Tried Borax suppositories, Premarin supp., and now Hormone Vagifem 25MCG Tab Nova Nord (supp.). Had several sedated procedures (More cauterization - Found and removed a coned shaped pocket of infection. Ovaries removed in original surgery and then put on Estradiol 1mg tabs. Worried (2 sisters and a son with cancer). I am allergic to penicillin and sulphur drugs. Born with one kidney.
Avatar f tn but i never had my estradiol level checked as doctor never asked for it. doctor said of i wish to go for IUI i will have to take cerophene 4 tablets daily 2 in morning and 2 in evening. (i had shown good response on clomid as well took 2 courses and had eggs on both sides got injection on day 10 but still no pregnancy) my doctor has not shared any other mediation for me for IUI.
Avatar n tn I am bummed out. does this mean I did not ovulate after all? I am on progesterone progesterone suppositories which I started last night. I am 40.5 years old. I have yet to see an RE. Any ideas? I am taking Vit Bcomplex, and women's vits. if I am pregnant by any stretch of the imagination do have any hope of keeping the pregnancy? How long does it take the progesterone to work if at all?
Avatar n tn I have some signs of PCOS so my Dr routinely puts me on progesterone suppositories in the second half of my cycle. Being even a bit over weight can also make your hormones a little wonky. May be a follow-up discussion with your Dr can give you enough details & a plan of attack to set things right before you try again...
6322039 tn?1380731598 Anyway, I was started on bioidentical hormone replacement therapy almost one month ago, using an Estradiol patch, Estriol suppositories and progesterone orally. I have noticed an alleviation of my menopause symptoms such as the migraine headache and hot flashes but since my thyroid levels are still not where they should be, I haven't been feeling well yet. I've heard this can take some time, so I'm willing to be patient.
Avatar f tn I was cramping so bad I had to take Tylonol (no blood), my Prometrium suppositories are draining more than usual and I feel like I have a UTI...Please help. Signed all messed up and no were to go!!!