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Avatar f tn the cream is fine, but if you are working with someone who likes to mix estradiol with estriol, that should be a big discussion. Estradiol is now the preferred estrogen. Much of the hoopla around Estriol years ago has died down. I did not do well on it when I tried it in Bi-est (two estrogens in bio form... estradiol and estriol).
Avatar n tn what are the side effects of estriol/estradiol cream for a 71 yr old woman that shows no hormones in recent tests? I have many medical problems and don't want to add any more...especially in the area of weight gain.
Avatar n tn Medication Type Brand name(s) Ultrapotent corticosteroids Clobetasol propionate Temovate (US), Dermovate (UK) Betamethasone dipropionate Diprolene Halobetasol propionate Ultravate Estrogens Estriol Estradiol, Conjugated estrogens Premarin Estrace Testosterone Estradiol, estriol, and conjugated estrogens (in cream form, not orally) are the estrogens most commonly prescribed to treat the effects
Avatar n tn The three most common estrogens a woman's body makes are estrone, estradiol and estriol, also known as E1, E2 and E3. Hormones purchased in a pharmacy that are identical to any of these three hormones or to the hormone progesterone or testosterone are called bioidentical. It does not mean they are "natural". All are made in chemical plants. Even if they come from botanical plants, all must be processed to convert them into hormones we can use in our bodies.
Avatar f tn Hey, I'm a 60 year old women who is on Armour thyroid, and I am menopasal, I had a estradiol test, I believe it was 30 but should be 90 if I'm remembering right. Should I have a Progesterin test also? I read that Estriol is a good estrogene suppliment to use, I guess its used vaginally is that right? and it says I should use Progesterone along with it, do they have a progesteron that can be used vaginally? or is the cream good?
1344197 tn?1392822771 It is produced primarily in the ovaries, body fat, and breast. E2, Estradiol; Serves as the primarily active estrogen BEFORE menopause and is LOST at menopause when follicles are gone. It is produced primarily in the ovaries with some made from testosterone in the brain, breast, and muscle. E3, Estriol; A weak estrogen made by the placenta during pregnancy. There is only one progestin, Progesterone, which is converted to other progestins.
1344197 tn?1392822771 17-beta estradiol, the most biologically active; estrone, a derivative of estradiol and the second most dominant estrogen; and estriol, a very short-acting estrogen and the least biologically active. The first misconception is that US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-regulated drugs are not bioidentical. This is wrong. A long list of FDA-approved hormone products contain 17-beta estradiol and, therefore, are bioidentical.
886230 tn?1242085320 -) It is a mixture of low levels of Estriol, Estradiol, Progesterone, Tesosterone & DHEA. I feel fantastic, and have more energy than I have had in a very long time! I am hoping the DHEA & Testosterone will also help boost my libido which was almost next to nothing the last few years. We are monitoring the hormone levels closly and will adjust when needed in the future. I went back to work 1 week ago and I am easing back in slowly and doing great.
Avatar n tn 5 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 50 Synthesized from yams or soy Continuous YES Testim Testosterone Transdermal Gel 50 Synthesized from soy Continuous YES Striant Testosterone Oral Gel 30 Synthesized from soy Continuous YES Depo-testosterone Testosterone cypionate Intramuscular 100 mg/mL -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 200 mg/mL Synthetic Monthly or Twice/month NO Del
Avatar f tn I started 100 mg progesterone cream a month ago, no problem, actually felt a bit calmer. 5 days ago i started .5mg estriol, 0.0125mg estradiol, 100 mg progesterone all together in a cream 1ml a day. 5th day into it, started feeling very shaky, reved up, and anxious. I am 2 years post menopausal, 128lbs 5'6" in good shape. I called the on call doctor and she said to cut the dose in half until I spoke with my doctor. I am just looking for opinions on all this.
Avatar f tn Why don't oncologists periodically check the hormone levels of estriol, estradiol, estrone and progerterone for those of us on these drugs? Why is it that we all get the same dosage for years and the only thing checked for is CA 27-29? Wouldn't it make more sense to check the hormone levels and adjust the dosage or frequency of taking these drugs accordingly? Maybe if this were done fewer women would have to put up with so many side effects.
Avatar n tn My estradiol level is menopausal (I am 38) I am so frustrated and confused and I just want to give up because I don't know what to do. I have been taking sublingual estriol which has been helping my inflammation and mood and the doc wants me to stop, which scares me, because I feel worse without it. I am on 2 grains armour, just raised from 11/2. Also on antidepressants. I am really tired and weak and weepy.
Avatar n tn The second component in Prempro is called Provera stated progesterone - but its really not human progesterone or progesterone at all. Human estrogen is actually a blend of three different molecules. Estriol, estrone and estradiol. These are specific blends to each individual and they have got to be properly balance for the individual to maintain wellness and ward off disease and counter act with human progesterone and testosterone for balance.
106886 tn?1281295172 I can generally avert it now but I do think that is because I am on the cream. The day after my surgery it hit and I just sat down and cried. Is there anyway you can get your doc to just call in a script to the compounding pharm?
Avatar n tn I was on the patch for years (vivelle) along with the cream progesterone, but I am liking the bi-est cream and my pharm. was eager to have me go off of it. Harder to adjust the strength, and maybe other reasons. I recall at one point I asked him if I could cut the thing in half and use it to acheive a lesser dose. He about had a heart attack. He said that it would make things so much worse. So, just a warning if anyone had thought of that. Katie, any luck getting the progesterone in the mail?
Avatar n tn I have just recently started the bio identical cream, estriol, estradiol, and progesterone. It's never to late. I am anxious to see what becomes of it. All my levels were zilch, in my hormone panel. I too am getting headaches.I have narrowed it down to Hormones, as my family doctor has tested everything all comes back normal.
196469 tn?1365391575 I had been on Estrogen since the day after my surgery. I am still on it (Progesterone) and use the cream from a compounding pharmacy and I use bio progesterone pills, too, to supplement the cream since I was needing to raise my levels. I have been under a lot of stress and the progesterone was being used by my body to make extra cortisol.....geez.... Sorry I cannot directly respond better than this. I assume you have called your doctor/nurse about this.
120574 tn?1240771440 He never did any hormone testing on me. It is estradiol, according to the pamphlet, which I assume is straight estrogen. I think it is similar to the Vivelle. I know NOTHING as he didn't discuss it with me AT ALL. I do know I feel pretty grim (but I am thankful that all was benign of course). That is so interesting about the progesterone and I agree with you. We have compounding pharamacists here and I am going to check into this when I have some fight back in me.
Avatar n tn I'm sorry I can't even remember all the different types and combinations of hormones I was put on at various times, both prior to and after my hysterectomy. I was first prescribed hormone treatment in approx 1990 when I was 41 yrs old and every time one thing (or combination) didn't work (or stopped working), the dr wanted to try another - at that time, he was trying to eliminate the need for a hysterectomy and it didn't work.
628735 tn?1273879377 • irregular menstrual flow, • cramping, • bloating, • natural antidepressant, • irritability, • migraine headaches, • insomnia, • hot flashes, • night sweats, • vaginal dryness, • infertility, • incontinence, • endometriosis, • restores sex drive, • normalizes blood sugar levels, • natural diuretic, • normalizes blood clotting, • uses fat for energy, • protects against breast fibrocysts, • prevents migraines, • thyroid imbalance, • important for the survival and development of the embryo, • is
Avatar f tn but when I started using the progesterone cream, I have noticed a big reduction in them. Sleeping better too. I also got some estriol cream for the vaginal issues, applied directly, it is so much better I can't believe it. Some of the stuff you all have been through... whew..... Take care of yourselves...
Avatar n tn I am going to probably try a bit of progesterone cream down the road if I need it, which I might, but so far, honest honest good! I realize now I must have been quite sick (I was anemic for years I think now) as I really can't quite believe how good I have started to feel. Don't get overwhelmed by all the reading, and the info that is out there. But it is overwhelming! It's not something you have to decide right away, you can take your time. Some women opt not to do anything.
Avatar f tn This is what we need for follow up, and preferably one who understands what's current in bioidentical replacement. Armour Thyroid, and bioidentical testosterone cream and Estradiol gel were prescribed and I am happy going on 5 years now. I have my levels checked now and again.
Avatar m tn I did up a simplified version of the steroid hormone pathways but this may not post well as I'm using certain symbols medhelp doesn't like. :) The three types of estrogen are estrone, estradiol, estriol. If you are under stress and you need more cortisol (stress hormone) the body will convert more pregnenolone to cortisol at the expense of the other hormones except progesterone (which is on the pathway to cortisol). The lowering of the testosterone and estrogen is called the pregnenolone steal.
Avatar f tn (I've gone the alternative route before) She seemed annoyed when I pled poverty as the reason for not buying estriol instead of the bio=identical estradiol my insurance covers. My insurance covers HER....but not her alternative treatments. SO lost.
Avatar n tn I'm going to try Gold Bond's cream. They have something for, what sounds like, that kind of thing. I know that hydration and using lotion everyday seems to help some. I am trying to make friends with my older's the only way I'll ever be happy! It's not easy.
Avatar n tn he gave me antibiotics and nystatin and triamcinolone cream i have been on this cream over 5 days and no progress. the fissure is at the top of the hood area and therefore cracks open again every time i sit down to pee or wash or get up from sitting on the floor..i switched to wearing boxer shorts all day and night and no help there..god does anyone have any helpful ideas?!!!!
Avatar n tn ) to other hormones such as estradiol and DHEA. Estradiol plays a role in penile blood flow. Perhaps when estradiol is too high or too low - for the particular individual - flow is affected negatively. In some people, a good level may be 25. In others - particularly those with higher end testosterone levels - a level of 40-50 may be better. So long as a person isn't exhibiting signs of excess estrogen (e.g.
Avatar f tn On really sleepless nights, I added the melatonin or some valerian. Progest, a progesterone cream that I bought at the local health food store, helped improve my libido. DHEA, 25 mg, helped with the brain fuzziness. Tryptophan, called 5 HTP, 100 mg,helped improve my mood. B- 12, in the pill that dissolves under your tongue, helped with increasing my energy. Most all of this stuff can be bought at Walmart. Also, I found that my nails were breaking and splitting, so now I take biotin too.