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Avatar m tn What is the cost of 4th generation hiv elisa test for antibodies in srl diagnostics..
6371690 tn?1380728224 1.p24 antigen 2.CD4 count 3.PCR 4.Antibody 5.Elisa 6.
Avatar m tn There is no advantage in paying the added cost of a Combo test vs a standard ELISA.
Avatar m tn Post all results here in the forum. So other members, especially members from India in general and from north India in particular can use it. Take care..
1024580 tn?1331577721 - HIV 1 and 2 antibodies and p24 antigen test (HIV DUO or HIV Combi test) This HIV test is licensed in the EU for use after 28 days after a possible exposure. It is probably much better than this and will probably identify the majority of newly infected HIV positive individuals at between 14 and 21 days. This HIV test is referred to as a fourth generation HIV test. Certainly in our clinic we have had many new diagnoses of patients using this HIV DUO test combination in that time frame.
Avatar f tn For HbsAg Quantitative (iu/ml) Try it in Hitech Diagnostic cente ,No.1 Millers Road , Kilpauk Branch Chennai.(ph 044-42919999) It cost 400 Rupees.
Avatar n tn if it is coi, s/co, s/n it has no meaning it is not hbsag quantity but reagent quantity HBV DNA Qualitative test they doesn t exist anymore, at least in advanced countries, all test are quantitative and the most sensitive pcr realtime gets qualitative in the range 1-20iu/ml Liver fuction test results are in normal these are normal also in compensated cirrhosis or liver cancer, when they get abnormal especially if hbvdna und/low already it means end stage liver disease What is meant for HBsAG
Avatar m tn You are lucky and there are 4th generation test is available in India at max cost of 4000 rupees. 45 days are the max for 4th generation and only 1% you have to retest because of those current antiviral therapy and other by birth immune system issues. Friday or Saturday or Monday you will have negative results for 100% sure.
Avatar m tn hiii I did my 99th day hiv 1 &2 with p24 antigen by ELISA -Negative Proviral DNA test for HIV 1-Real Time PCR- Negative (Roche light cycler 2.0- specific for highly conserved "gag" gene of HIV 1) Went to a counselor at YRG care Chennai India She ordered test for HIV 1/2 They use 4 kits for testing 1)HIV 1/2 (immunochromatography) Alere medical,Japan-Negative 2)First response hiv 1-2 .
Avatar n tn You know a pcr test will cost around 700-1000 $ in us and 6000 rs in India. You want to spend that i think no.
Avatar n tn CMIA tests are equivalent to an ELISA test and the results can be trusted. A negative test at 39 days is a very good indication. The chance of the result changing is low.
Avatar n tn hi friend, I am also from india.The same kind of elisa is very much test subtype C. So dont worry. If you want to test in another center why dont you go to a govt. VCTC. Thire you can test free of cost and you will get realible results as it is a non-profit testing.
Avatar n tn How can i perfectly verify whether i am -ve or +ve ? How much that test (Elisa/Western blot) will cost me? Is it still too early for me to diagnose it? any helpful suggestions/advice is most welcome to this repenting young man.
Avatar m tn Do you have any idea where can I get a complete STD test done and how much will it cost. Also any idea on what generation are we on Elisa...Thanks!
Avatar m tn Kumar - U can test with CMIA Duo which is a antigen and antibody test, known as Combo test. In India it would cost Rs.350 - 400 its accurate at 28 days.In India the Window period is 6 MONTHS and not 3 months (its how the guidelines are formulated but around the world its 3 months) Old and inconsisitent Testing technology, unreliability with no standardization are the reasons for these guidelines.) CMIA is a not a diagnostic test but a screening test.
Avatar m tn I don't think all these bcoz of anxiety. Do anyone heard having ELISA test result similar to me and turned to positive in any point of time? Note: I never did sex after my first unprotected sex that is my last exposure is on July 2nd. Experts!!.. Please help me know whats going on with me.. However i may get the PCR test in 5days.
Avatar m tn I am 30 yr guy in India. 20 days back I had sex with an escort in state of drunkenness. The episode lasted for about 30 minutes; we used and changed condoms (3-4 times) .One of the condoms however came-off – as I was drunk I did not even notice it, but when the girl said that the condom has come off and I freaked out (I suspect the exposure could’ve been 0 to 5 minutes). The girl reassured me that the condom came off inside her while I was pulling out and that everything was Ok.
Avatar n tn i want to confirm becz in the laboratory where i test they said Elisa test n HIv rapid test both are diffrent n both have diff. cost Elisa test is costly n hiv rapid test having less cost i take HIv Rapid test. That y i wanna confirm it from experts. As well do tell me do i need to test for Sphille, gonerrhea n chlamydia ???
Avatar n tn 1. How reliable would the test be in a country like India. Also it cost me almost nothing to get tested around $4. Could i trust the result? 2. I have read you saying that someone cannot have a node related with hiv and then test negative for it. if so, what could be causing this node in my neck to be there for more that 6 weeks. I just wanted your re-assurance as i do not want to get re-tested again and again. Thanks again. PS.
Avatar n tn using very simple and small device can show detectable antibody in our blood no matter we are from poor or rich countries... even in poorest countries like afghanistan or in poorest countries in africa it is now available ,so 6 months time is conclusive officialy ...
Avatar n tn when should i take p24 test? is taken at 25 days is ok ?
Avatar n tn ) also if this is rue, do you think the test's they do in (India) Apollo are of world standard? is a -ve elisa at 45th day from Apollo meets the acuracy that you are confident about?
Avatar f tn I forgot to check if they have hbsag quan test. I hope they do. I will check with them tomorrow. I find the cost for fibroscan here dirt cheap. Only 15 usd. Amazing for a country like Vietnam. I will post my result once I have it. Thanks!
Avatar n tn Teak...We need to clear this once and for all. You keep on repeating PCR RNA is the only approved test for early diagnosis. This is also false information. Do you have any idea how many RNA PCR tests are available on market? Out of the 100's available only 1 RNA Qualitative test is approved for early diagnosis by FDA. As far as you calling PCR DNA Qualitative a monitoring test, I have to say that you are completely wrong.
Avatar m tn It is only about my wife and young duather that I think a lot and worry about very little body conditions. Such test are not available in my area to take it and finish the concern. going to India will cost me 1500 US dollars (enough to feed my family for 6 months). Sorry again for taking your time, even after you warned me. I know now you understand the root cuase of my concern.
Avatar n tn Hi all , Am going to join the new organization , here in india . before joining they have like we have to go for medical test Am not sure they have HIV test under medical . Am very scared , I resigned from present organization . Am scared , bec of the symptomes still am having like bea like right arm armpit swellon , still have white small-2 pimle inside mouth(doesnt hurt ) . is symptoms remained after so many days also ?? I mean the symptomes which I have mentioned .
Avatar n tn 29 and my HSV2 score was 0.22. I don't know what method was used to do the test, it was done wth SLR Religare in India. If you recall my combined IGG score was 2.9 (positive), that was done with another lab in India. That test was drawn on 21st Jan 2010. My last risky sexual encounter was kissing and unprotected oral on Dec 29 2009. My second last risky sexual encounter was on Oct 20 2009. Do you think I am in the clear here?