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Avatar f tn What are the side effects of smoking when pregnant? Did any of u girls smoke when u were pregnant? I'm 16 weeks and trying to quit but it a lot harder than I thought .
Avatar f tn That's what I thought, plus the affects of smoking while pregnant seem to be way worse than the withdrawals to me..
Avatar f tn Google how smoking effects your baby. One was it increases the risk of sids (sudden infant death syndrome). That alone should be enough for someone to quit but a lot of moms turn a blind eye to the negative side effects. Best of luck quitting! !!
7933716 tn?1396133974 I googled the effects of smoking while pregnant and I still try not to im 22 weeks pregnant and my babys healthy but I just dknt want no complications when shesborn like asthma cus all that still runs through my head and I know moms who took pills and smoked weed and dranalcohol ans there baby still healthy and strong
Avatar f tn I tried everything but nothing seemed to work, then 5 weeks ago I found out I was pregnant! After nearly two years of trying for a baby I was overwhelmed! I still continued to smoke for a couple of days, but only a couple of puffs from my husbands cigarette 2-3 times a day, then I looked online about the effects off smoking whilst pregnant and quit straight away! There are times when I would like a cigarette but I care for my unborn baby a million times more than a dirty fag!
Avatar f tn Hey, I am pregnant with my second child and I have quit smoking but I am having a hard time with these cravings. I immediately quit the first time I was pregnant but with this pregnancy it is so much harder. Any moms have any suggestions on how to keep the cravings away....HELP!!!!
Avatar f tn There hasnt been a study on the effects of weed on the human body since the 1930s when it was illegalized. And to top it all off it wasnt illegalized for the effects!
Avatar f tn Drink ice cold water when you crave and still take your five mins... sit were u usually smoke and drink your water.. Also each time you crave Google "effects of smoking to fetus' I quit immediately because the guilt was too much lol . You can do it... I'm off them since 5weeks wen I found out. . I'm 19weeks today and I can't stand the smell of cigs lol.. I smoked 15/20 a day for 10 yrs!
Avatar f tn And for the past two weeks I could no longer resist the temptation of smoking due to stress. I've been smoking about two to three sticks a day and I feel really guilty about it. What should I do?
Avatar f tn I'm pregnant too and going through tapering off my pain medication because of it. My doctor was aware of my prescription and nobody told me to stop the pain medication but I knew in my heart that it was the best thing for the baby and the right thing to do. I live in WA and pot is legal here so I asked my doctor about switching from narcotics to marijuana to help with w/d to get off the meds and he said absolutely not.
Avatar f tn The First Day I Found Out I Was Pregnant I Stop Smoking And Then The Smell Of Smoke Started To Make Me Sick So It Was Kinda Easy For Me.
Avatar f tn I don't smoke weed but smoking or drinking anything when pregnant seems selfish since you're sharing your body with a helpless baby. I've heard that it can cause birth defects and premature births. Also, when the doctor takes blood and what not they drug test you I know a lot of states drug test in the hospital too. If the tests are positive CPS will be paying you a visit or worse they just not let you take the baby home. As tough as it may be, just ignore the urge and fight through it.
Avatar f tn You will go through withdrawals if you quit cold turkey, which means baby will too. So definitely take it one day at a time. My mom smoked with me when she was pregnant and I am suffering effects from that. I didn't have a choice. So definitely keep baby your main focus for quitting because their health is at risk too (and don't go back to it after they're born- secondhand smoke can kill as much, or even more than firsthand).
Avatar n tn I think it's so awesome when women completely stop smoking when they find out they're pregnant. So much respect. Anything other than that and, I'm sorry, but I think it's very selfish. Asthma is one of the smallest side effects smoking can have on a baby. I have asthma and it S U C K S. Just imagine what else it could be doing to the baby.
Avatar f tn I havent personally, but I have done lots of research on the health effects. Aside from that, know your states laws about it. In illinois, they test the baby at birth and if he/comes back positive its an automatic call to childrens services.
Avatar f tn This is my fourth pregnancy I have smokes about 5 to 10 cigarettes a day with all of my pregnancies all of my babies are healthy my oldest child is 13 and is still showing no ill effects from my smoking Now I'm going to tell you what smoking does do to pregnancy smoking affects the placenta it weakens the placenta what does the placenta do it helps nourish the baby that being said understand that you may have a lower birth weight baby I don't feel that I experienced the lower birth weight my
Avatar f tn Just found out I was pregnant and I smoke cigarettes Im well aware of the effects it can have on my unborn child. Its hard to quit and my bf is getting impatient and upset with me because of it. What can I do to kick this habit?
Avatar f tn There have been hundreds of studies to prove all the terrible effects smoking had on the unborn baby. Low birth weight, increased risk of miscarriage to name just two. If you measure babies heart beat before and after smoking you can see that it raises their heart rate. Same as it does the adult who is smoking. Imagine holding a cigarette to a brand new baby's mouth, would you do it? ...... no.
Avatar f tn Not all babies have lasting effects from the mother smoking, but no matter if they have a permanent problem or not when smoking while pregnant it constricts your blood vessels and YOUR UMBILICAL cord not allowing the proper amount of oxygen and nutrients to your baby. That is a fact, its not like that happens to only some babies, its every baby every pregnancy with anyone who smokes.
Avatar f tn a filter is equivelant to 1 pack, and each one is supposed to have less n less nicotine. when my mom used it she realized that she wass smoking just out of borem so she just used the no nicotene filters and quit in no time ehr body didnt know the difference. it was all in her head.
Avatar n tn your doctor doesn't have to do a drug test...someone called CPS on her, staying that they knew she was smoking weed while pregnant...when things get called in to CPS they have to investigate...it was still in her system when she had her baby...and I didn't smoke weed (don't smoke at all) and my babies are smart...both of mine where spelling their first and last name by the time they were three, counting to one hundred, knew abcs, colors, shapes, etc...
Avatar f tn I smoked for several years and wanted to quit while my wife was pregnant with our first son. I loved smoking, I enjoyed all aspects of it. I thought about quitting for about a month and thought about ways to taper off. This was way before patches, gum, ect one day I was by a pond and bent over and the pack of cigarettes fell out of my pocket and into the water. That was the last I smoked, it was hard for about 5 yrs not to give in.
Avatar f tn I smoked from age 14-24 when I found out I was pregnant. Once I took the test that was jt , no more. I love being able to take a deep breath and not have my lungs hurt. I want to be a role model for my children so I'm done. Do I miss it, sometimes but is it worth it to stop, yes!
Avatar f tn Of course smoking is bad for your baby and you. The ill effects of smoking have been known for a while. A long while.
Avatar n tn I cut down from 20 a day to about 4 a day (gradually) when I found out I was pregnant. I've got a lot of stress at home so I thought I depended on those 4 cigarettes to keep me going. Once I had my 12 week scan I decided to stop because it suddenly became so real that smoking didn't mean as much to me as I thought. It's been hard but I quit cold turkey.
Avatar f tn I wasn't trying to be a *****, and actually I do know what its like, I've been smoking for years and am quite aware that it is an addiction. But when I found out I was pregnant and was told about the problems it could cause for my child, I decided it wasn't worth the risk. And not just cigarettes either, I was smoking pot daily as well. Yes its hard to quit, but I'm just saying why take the risk. Fortunately it is your choice.
5887938 tn?1376119320 It's also something that's extremely hard to do, but it's an addiction brought on by yourself, you knew the risks and side effects when you began smoking, that's something that shouldn't be taken lightly, even from the first cigarette. I hope no one takes offense to this, I'm not "bashing" anyone, but it drives me nuts that people say ohh my baby was perfectly healthy.. well you never know until the child is caught having an asthma attack, a heart issue, or found dead from SIDS.
Avatar f tn Please discuss it with your dr and maybe he/she can help you ladies with some alternatives to help stop. I'm not here to judge but we all know the statistics of harmful effects of smoking. I wish you all the strength to be able to quit.
172411 tn?1287089865 I don't know, hun, but smoke travels even if she's not smoking right in front of them. Whenever I go to my parents, I make my brother smoke outside. I'm crazy when it comes to second hand smoke. I live in a polluted state as it is (NY), I don't need to expose myself/my family to more pollution. It's a personal decision but I'd think she would sacrafice for the well being of her grandchildren. Good luck.
Avatar f tn the worst time for you to smoke when pregnant is the first trimester because that's when all the major development is happening. I've known people who have success with hard candies and the like. if you are already prone to having stress and anxiety, talk to your doctor about other alternatives they may have. while I don't smoke, I do have severe stress and anxiety issues and can only imagine that I would have a.