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Avatar f tn So after this happened i went to the clinic and my doctor said it looks like a yeast infection but not being shore i had a herpes clamidia hpv and every std test that existed the results came back negitave but the yeast infection meds didnt work, so from there i went to a womens clinic and the doctors said that it looks like jock ich or herpes so i had another hsv test that also came back negitive,so she determined that it was jock ich the med for that didnt work either after that my life went
326352 tn?1310997895 has worked well for now Mupricin (for staph) Clotrimzole and Betamethasone Diproprionate -- using for yeast with eczema spots on neck and diaper area Atarax (oral med) for itchies OTC: Freederm (did not work well) Tide Free Cetaphil Eucerin Cream (my preference and hers) Eucerin for Itchy Skin (awful when the skin is open) Cetaphil lotion/cream Aquaphor So, what has anyone else used and to what success or failure?
Avatar n tn I've had eczema in my ears for 15 yrs. It is very cyclical, starting w/intense uncontrollable itching, then clear fluid leaking from skin, followed by crusting over & flaking of skin in ears that is itchy in & of itself, leading to more scratching & picking at ears. The skin in my ears gets very damaged and ratty during outbreaks. I also have swelling of the ear canal after these itch/scratch episodes that are sometimes quite painful, & Motrin helps that. ENT Dr.
571793 tn?1240943496 After reading online, I saw that a product called Aquaphor was helpful with skin problems - my fiance has had moderate eczema his entire life and after reading that there are so many types of eczema skin issues I thought maybe this could be the problem.
Avatar n tn I have recently been doing lots of research for my chronic symtoms including this mouth eczema, eczema on my hands, athelete's foot and vaginal yeast infections. Everything I have read points to an overgrowth of candida yeast in my body. I've looked into treatments and just today I have purchased what is called ThreeLac. It is a combination of three probiotic bacteria which will (hopefully) attack the yeast and begin to kill it.
Avatar n tn 2 yr old caucasian female with extensive body rash that has slowly, progressively worsened over the past year. Pediatrician diagnosed as eczema, and prescribed pediatric eczema cream. Cream had no effect, no over-the-counter creams have offered much relief. Rash began on trunk area, has spread to arms and legs. Neck, face, head area not affected. Red, splotchy, slightly raised, eventually covering entire trunk so the skin feels coarse, rough like sandpaper.
Avatar f tn Hi! I have chronic eczema and it is getting worse. so I ended up going to a new doc this last week who decided finally to run some test. I have already had a RAST test, patch test, and skin *****. But they decided to do some medical test such as thyroid levels, h pylori and they even cultured my leg where I had eczema and a few pustules. Well my labs came back with a potassium of 3.1 and white bollod cell count of 11.2, eosinophil count of 0 and 2+ staph in my leg.
Avatar f tn From what I understand, yeast creams can cause eczema. I thought the yeast wasn't clearing but my culture came back negative for yeast. I think monistat cleared the yeast and then caused eczema. I am going to have a biopsy to verify that it is eczema. I have a history of eczema in other parts of my body. The only thing that ever worked for me was hydrocortizone in a cream form. The petroleum based textures (ointments) never worked for me even if the hydrocortizone dosage was the same.
Avatar m tn hello,i have an allergy on my knee i.e. i think its an allergy.i have white patches on my has small violet coloured patches on it.
Avatar n tn Even silicone implants turned out, after large-scale testing, not to cause systemic problems, so it seems hardly likely that implants with saline, a natural substance, would poison the system. This could be a form of eczema, though that's just a guess. That's just my best guess. If so, her condition may not be able to be permanently cured, but it certainly can be made far more comfortable than it seems to be. Perhaps a trip to the city, to an academic medical center might be worthwhile.
Avatar n tn i can't even use any lotions or any bath soaps because after few days of using them i get irritations redness appears like eczema all over me.i tried not to use lotion but my skin dries out. i used dove moisturizing soap but then my white spots on skin multiplies enormously.i have a long history of treating my an asian girl and my skin tone is not too dark. im even afraid of swimming because if i get tanned the white spots are too visible.
Avatar n tn It didn't take long for it to stretch across my body, anywhere I scratched. The doctor thinks it was just a case of eczema, but now that I have heard about these reports from the bras I wonder if it started with a reaction from the bra that spread by my itching?
Avatar f tn The foods that mostly makes me feel nauseated are, shrimps, lobster, some fruits, every kind of juice, bread, and a lot more. Also, I had severe eczema when I was young, then it dissapeared for awhile, but came back a few months ago when my mother changed the laundry detergent. I also noticed that shampoos, soaps, etc., gives me rashes all over my body (where it touched). Could this be an allergy to sulfates/sulfites (not sure which one)? And should I be carrying an epi-pen?
Avatar n tn You can also have eczema issues on your genitals. Also if you haven't been through allergy testing yet, probably worthwhile to see a dermatologist and get it done to see if there are chemicals you are sensitive too that are making your hand issues worse. the two might be connected a little bit as far as some of your symptoms going on genitally. Also having vaginitis frequently can make your genital skin extra sensitive too.
Avatar f tn I have gone to a GP last year and she said its not yeast infection but some kind of allergy or reaction..something like eczema (wh I dont have on other parts of my body)..the meds she gave helped temporarily with the itch but I lost my medicine when I was moving house.. and my dreadful itch returned. I have gone to a gynae for a Pap smear and culture/vaginal swab test which have normal results for both. So it confirms that I do not have any kind of yeast or vaginal infection.
Avatar n tn The allergist started her on allergy shots a month ago and we are hoping it will also help with her eczema. She is getting allergy shots twice a week but I was told that is not helping her yet but will next Spring. Any recommendations on creams to help her dry skin, any changes to diet to help her eczema? Flaxseed oil? Any other suggested treatments? Her skin is so very dry and itchy right now.
Avatar n tn Over the years you can get a candida overgrowth if you eat too many sugary foods or yeast products - even antibiotics (I did all 3) So over the years you can develop intolerances and allergies to foods and the environment. I got info from this site: Hope this helps.
Avatar n tn The cuts hurt more and get bigger and more noticable right before my period, so hormones may also play a role (I have taken birth control pills for 6+ years). Recently I got allergy testing done and found out I am allergic to yeast (candida albicans) so the doctor gave me a bunch of guidelines for avoiding foods and drinks with yeast. My next step is to try to cut out sugar, which makes yeast grow. Also I am trying to reduce my alcohol intake... Wine and beer have yeast!
Avatar n tn I just learned something very interesting about Celiac Disease that I didn't know about 'til just a few days ago. I had had a lot of severe eczema on the heels of my hands over the years, in spite of my best efforts to use the hypoallergenic and fragrance-free products of all sorts. My doctor told me that eczema is actually one of the symptoms of Celiac Disease.
Avatar n tn I am a 28 year-old woman and for the past year have been suffereing from severe hand eczema and irregular menstrual cycles, neither of which I have had before. All testing from allergist and ob/gyn have come back reason for either. I personally feel there is a link between the two, as in maybe an immune system problem, but cannot seem to get any answers other than more steroid creams for the eczema and regulating drugs for the menstrual cycle.
Avatar n tn Besides, the kind of fungus that affects the torso does not respond to Lamisil. The dry patches may be eczema. You also probably have acne. Basically, you need a proper diagnosis, so you can proceed. It's time for a specialist to have a look. Take care. Dr.
Avatar n tn my son has the same symptoms and he has a food allergy he also has diarahha he also has eczema on his cheeks the docs gave him dermaol lotion to help keep it under control
Avatar n tn eczema, sudden weight gain and a vaginal rash. Are these symptoms all related to one another? Is it possibly a food or milk allergy? She was allergic to milk until she was two. After that, her symptoms seemed to go away. Could they have possibly manifested in another way? Thanks for your time. God Bless.
Avatar n tn There has clearly been a comprehensive GI evaluation already done. Regarding food allergy, the most common symptoms of food allergy involve the skin and intestines. Skin rashes include hives and eczema. Intestinal symptoms typically include vomiting, nausea, stomach cramps, indigestion and diarrhea. If a food allergy is a consideration, you may want to consider a referral to an allergist. Followup with your personal physician is essential.
Avatar n tn Hi, Im on my second ped immunoloy specialist and he is at the end of his rope now with ideas to help my 4 yo son. Where would the best place be to take my son with severe eczema and food allergies? He is on prednisone and atarax now with minimal improvement. I live in Southern Cal, but willing to go wherever I can get the best help. He has a rash all over his body and bleeding wounds all over both hands and feet for three months straight now.
Avatar n tn These do not fit allergy symtpoms vert well at all. Latex can cause rashes, but these are eczema-like and very red and raw. Other allergy symptoms are respiratory (like not being able to breathe), or getting hives. This is also obviously not what you have. Sounds like what you have is irritation or perhaps mild eczmea (but not allergic eczema, just local sensitivity.) You can help this with moisturizers or weak hydrocortisone preparation (OTC 1% or above, if needed.
Avatar f tn It's been a month and a half or so that I have been dealing with extremely annoying vaginal symptoms. These include white "sticky" discharge, and intense itching. I thought it was a yeast infection (especially since I had just been on antibiotics) and tried everything to make it go away...applying yogurt to the area, garlic, taking garlic supplements... I used two 3-day suppository treatments. Nothing worked. So I went to the doctor, who prescribed 2 doses of oral fluconazole.
Avatar m tn I don't need to eat any probiotics since I dont have a yeast infection. I have a mild allergy to yogurt as well as dairy products. I got my results back and I don't have one. I don't have any STD's either. I have to wait another 11-13 months to see a dermatologist. I'm wondering what this could be, I looked it up and it seems to be either friction from the fact that when I sleep I have wet dreams and masturbate, doctor told me you cant do anything about it either.