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Avatar n tn The under side of the breast has turned read and itchy around the steristrips but not under. It has appreared to ooze and scab over in spots. The skin is very tight and shinny. Can one get IBC in the opposite breast after recon? Like I said it is the prophylactic breast. Can surgery exacerbate eczema? 2. When I had my mastectomy pathology found DCIS was 1mm from skin and idc 7mm from skin. Is radiation reccomended here? I have had ACx4 and herceptin for 1 year.
Avatar n tn As a male, what of the areas on left and right chest not under breast. They don't seem to fit pattern of warm, moist area unless secondary areas of infection. 2. Can scabies also present on palm or dorsal hand?
Avatar n tn for a long time now i have had red spots (or a rash) under my left breast and a little bit under my right breast. the rash is flat with no pus or crusting. it rarely itches and does not hurt. i have larger breasts and usually do not wear a bra unless i am going out to eat, the bar, getting my hair done, etc (i feel more comfortable with out a bra on)... any ideas on what this could be??
Avatar n tn For the past two weeks I have a rash look around the nipple, which is leaky, hurts, burns, and itchy. It is severe on the right breast, and beginning on the left. I have discomfort under my arm. I use Aveno to help the itch etc., and it has not cleared up. How do you tell if it is eczema or pagets disease? Can you tell by just looking at it??? I do have an appointment with the breast surgeon. Just trying to understand what is going on. Thank you for your help.
Avatar n tn Having had eczema for 23 years, I can tell you the patches that flare up under clothes (breasts, stomac, legs) - are ongoing -- with patches lasting for months, on occasion. It is controllable -- but cannot be cured.
Avatar f tn I think much of this issue is because of dry skin so by keeping it moist, the eczema seems to be under control for most of the time so that the skin can heal. But then some days, the itch gets active again. Then I have to wash the area and put more Cerave cream in a tub to "calm" the itch. Yes it drives me crazy sometimes that I have in the past resorted to running HOT water on the skin, which obviously doesn't do any good.
Avatar n tn Breast Cancer is extremely uncommon in women under 20. Skin on the breast is like skin anywhere on the body and is subject to a variety of abnormalities, including infection, eczema etc. If it has returned to normal, it is more likely to be something other than cancer. However, if you are concerned or if this returns, you should bring it to the attention of your doctor. You don’t necessarily need a specialist just someone whom you are comfortable doing a breast examination.
Avatar n tn The red cysts are obviously infected and since the antibiotics you have been taking are not working,the cysts should be lanced and drained and the pus sent for culture to the lab, so that the correct antibiotics can be prescribed to clear up the infection. You should make an appointment to see your doctor or preferably a dermatologist for a clinical evaluation and treatment as soon as possible to have this problem resolved. Best wishes...
Avatar n tn I headed home, and my mother brought something to my attention that might have been useful before hand. Regardless she told me that she also has the same thing on, and under her breast, and on her stomach. And a few on her arms. She also said that she tends to get them when shes stressed out, and they are generally gone after using moisturizers.
Avatar n tn Hello, I cannot confirm without examination,but it can be due to eczema. Eczema is a form of chronic dermatitis (rash).Allergic reaction is one of the important causes of eczema. Wash the areas several times with fresh water. Do not use any cosmetic products at the sites. You can apply some calamine lotion at the rash as it will help in soothing the skin. You can take some OTC oral antihistamine medications like Benadryl or Claritin and see if it helps.
1123420 tn?1350564758 u will probably be advised to give your baby the actual breast for the first feed or 2 as the colustrum stuff that comes out is VERY important for your baby(so i was told again!lol!)if u find you enjoy breast feeding but dont want to do it in public then breastfeed at home and use formular when u are out and bout!however if u only want 2 do it for a month i suggest u only use a bottle as sometimes, like my son, a baby wont feed from a bottle after having the breast!
Avatar n tn its been so long that i have warts on my breast its become more. both on my breast near the areola. and i notice that both on my breast the warts become darker and big. I experience itchiness on my areola with become swollen and redness because i cannot control myself to scratch. And I went to the skin dermatologist she told me that i have eczema on my breast. Please help me is there any problem what will i do? Thank you in advance.
Avatar f tn This rare type of breast would include -rapid unusual increase in breast size,redness, rash, blotchiness on breast,persistent itching of breast or nipple,thickening of breast tissue,stabbing pain and/or soreness of breast,feverish breast,swelling of lymph nodes under the arm or above the collarbone,dimpling or ridging of the breast,flattening or retracting of nipple,a lump that may or may not be present. A skin biopsy such as you had would have certainly shown if you had this disease. .
Avatar n tn most drs will tell you its normal, and it usually is. the breast can become tender before your time of the month, during pregnancy, breastfeeding, lactation, and when entering menopause. also, every few years, the body will naturally change, and what wasnt sensitive before can suddenly become very sensitive with this change.
Avatar n tn I would take them off, clean them good, put triple antibiotic on my finger until it seemed to heal, then put the rings back on and the same thing would happen (a reddish rash under where the rings touched my skin). I have a ring on my right hand that this did not happen with, and I noticed that the rash was confined to the area where the diamonds were (so bacteria could have accumulated there due to moisture and caused a form of athletes foot).
Avatar n tn Wow! I thought i was alone on this! My son developed severe eczema after he was 3 months old- 1 yr now & we about tried anything under the sun. He started out all red & oozing & crusty for months til we found out he was allergic to Wheat, oats, dairy, egg whites, peanut, sesame seed, chicken, pork, cat, feathers... we eliminated the everything but he still suffered from very red & itchy skin all over his body, the face being the most severe.
709337 tn?1241888813 Inflammatory breast cancer is a very rare type of cancer that would present with rapid, unusual increase in breast size,redness, rash, persistent itching of breast or nipple,lump or thickening of breast tissue,stabbing pain and/or soreness of breast,feverish breast swelling of lymph nodes under the arm or above the collarbone,dimpling or nipple retraction. The skin of the breast may also show the pitted appearance called peau d'orange (like the skin of an orange).
Avatar f tn I am now really worried because a lymph node between my thigh and groin area is now swollen also (I read it's a bad sign for them to be swelling one after the other like this). It all started with the one I found under my jaw, then the two on the sides of my throat swelled, then the outside of the right eat... and then the one below the left eat. I was tested for STDs in February and have not been with anyone since. This is really weird to me.
Avatar n tn During a second visit to my urologist in February I was told that the irritation and red bumps are normal as a layer of skin forms over the tip of my penis now that it gets air. However, if I go more than a day without cleaning under the foreskin the irritation is terrible, my tip has red spots, and there is more of that white fluid under my foreskin. Also, I don't know if it's related, but my wife has had terrible itching and flaking of the skin around the nipple on one of her breasts.
Avatar f tn i also feel vey cold in AC and under the fan too. and i dont feel like fever as the first sign of fever is chills and body ache i have very little of these symptoms. and also the rash which was appeared on calf at around 3 spots still there. Buttock and shoulder rash is not yet gone. I was also detected with eczema a month agao. Can you please tell me about some tests which can also be conclusive?
Avatar n tn Some of these we're on my hips and back. One of these was on my left breast under my armpit. This made my both breast really itchy I think. But since I have bad allergies i thought it was a bra or clothes or something causing this. Four days ago I noticed a pain in my left breast. Worried I checked for lumps and found none. In comparison to my right breast I noticed that my left breast was harder and sensitive. Because I thought this was related to eczema I didn't think much of It.
473445 tn?1211449600 I've done the cut back on caffine, tried warm compress, which made things worse, I had a skin biopsy done last week because the warm compress caused me to have 4 dime sized red marks on my breast plus made the breast feel like it was on fire from the inside out. The doctors are not sure what to think at this point, which has me worried. Any suggestions?
Avatar n tn It sounds like it could be eczema. I had a similar reaction to the water softener my landlords were using and had to buy a filter for my shower. The itchiness went away very quickly after I changed that. Do you use any lotion? Perhaps you are allergic to the lotion you are using and breaking out from it. There are several things that can cause a reaction like that. Just try making some changes and see what works. Trial and error. If nothing seems to work you can always go consult a physician.
Avatar n tn it is now 4 days later, and the original rash has stopped itchy, however it has spread to my breasts (covering my entire breast with the exception of my nipples and arreola) and on the sides of my torso and my upper abdomen area. the medicine isn't easing my itching anymore and i'm in agony with this itch and am scared because this rash is so big and so widespread on my chest. what do i have and how do i stop it and what can i do to ease the itching?
551343 tn?1506834118 It is down my left side under my armpit and down the length of my breast and rib cage. All I can describe it as is a weird heavy tingling/tickling pressure type feeling not all the time, it comes and goes. When it comes it is so irritating and makes me feel really horrible and out of sorts. It is kind of weird because I want to just really rub it hard to stop the tickling feeling. I have a small rash turned up but below where i have been rubbing but it has no blister or anything.
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Avatar dr m tn There are many medical explanations for allergies, including the theory that the body is overreacting to the typical allergens. But there’s one other reason why some people with allergies are more affected than others, and this has to do with their jaw size. If you had normal-sized jaw anatomy, then it’s less likely an allergy attack would bother you; in fact, it’s less likely you’ll even have allergies in the first place. Let me explain.
Avatar n tn I've had it appear on my torso anywhere from under the breast down,anywhere on the back, my legs and the back of my upper arms. Patches range from the size of my palm to a size that may wrap around a thigh or half way around my chest. I'll go months with out an episode and then I'll wake up with some part of my body cringing away from the sheets. I've never been to the Dr's while having this invisible affliction.
Avatar n tn It sounds like the shingles that I had over the summer months. I have been under the highest amount of stress I've ever had. The shingles broke out and the symptoms are just what you're describing. Since it's a virus it makes sense from those of you who have speculated about a virus. I have had it in the back of my upper legs before but it was short lived. I think my body finally said enough is enough!! I went to an acupuncturist and took herbs he prescribed.