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Avatar m tn I belive I have eczema in my genital area because I have it also on my chest. I've tried treating it with different types of lotions but lotions seem to make it worse. I tend to scrath the area because of the itchiness which then leads to breaking of the skin at the base of my penis. Never breaking of the skin anywhere else in the genital region, just at the crevase of the lower pubic area at the base of the penis.
Avatar n tn Can eczema and/or psoriasis be painless and non-itchy, especially if it is localized? Could eczema cause tingling of the skin? I had small red patches on my penis glans that tingled, but did not itch or burn.
Avatar f tn The rashes are not serious and go away by their own after a while, except on certain spots. Recently I've noticed that after masturbating a lot I easily get this rash on my genital area, where the hair growth is. I've read that sweating can cause atopic dermatitis and I definately sweat alot while masturbating and also touch the area a lot. So, my question is that is it possible that the rash I have on my genital area is caused by my atopic skin and my self-pleasure activities?
Avatar n tn I have a 2 1/2 year old, she has had a rash in her genital area for six months now. I have seen the doctors several times and also seen a pediatric dermatologist. He diagnosed it as Eczema. The rash clears up with steroid and then comes back with in a week. My concern is the use of steroid. I am monitoring her diet but its very hard to pinpoint what is the trigger. I use an ointment to keep the area moisturized all the time. Please suggest what else i can do?
Avatar n tn I think you have a touch of eczema on the head and folliculitis elsewhere. The eczema is no doubt from irritation not allergy. These are not STD's, nor are they contagious. Cortisone generally doesn't help folliculitis much. Best is to apply an antibiotic ointment like bacitracin and otherwise leave the bumps alone. It's likely that friction from sex and condom use are contributing to both problems, but neither is serious.
Avatar n tn She has had a rash for the past 4 or 5 months in her genital area. The rash seems to be where her pantyline is and a little on her leg. It looks like pimples and she seems to be very worried about this. Is it anything to be worried about?
Avatar m tn Hello, From the symptoms the possibility of dermatitis skin, eczema, jock itch need to be ruled out. The feeling of ants crawling can be due to parasthesia also. Parasthesias are common in alcoholics and metabolic disorders like diabetes, hypothyroidism, and hypoparathyroidismThey can also be due to peripheral vascular disease, vitamin B12 deficiency or malnutrition. Get your blood sugar and thyroid hormones levels evaluated.
Avatar n tn Anyway, I initally thought it was scabies, so I used tea tree soap and tea tree oil on my crotch area. It gave some degree of relief, but only within a span of weeks. Lately I've been using sulfur soap (is it healthy if I've been using this for almost 8 months now everyday?), but still the itch won't go away. Could anyone please tell me what I'm suffering from? Here's how I describe it.
Avatar n tn i have had a long term case of eczema on my hands and i would like to know if eczema can be spread in this manner. since the initial breakout, masturbating has several more times lead to the same condition (basically the same areas of the penis, but recently appearing on the head) with no incidences between. it also seems that showering or drying of the genital area seems to keep this at bay. a second question, could this affect my sex partners? if unprotected? what to do?
Avatar m tn Initially had itching/burning specifically on my feet and genital area. Since then, the problem seems to come and go. I'll have an episode that lasts for 2-4 weeks and then it completely goes away for a few months. Now again, I'm experiencing the same itch/burn and it seems to have sprung up b/c I used a new scented soap a few weeks back. Here the catch, it's ALWAYS an itch/burn on BOTH my feet and genital area at the same time.
Avatar n tn I have had irritation on and off appearing on my upper thigh fold and on the genital area. It would usually become red and sometimes itch and have dry skins in that area. I shave my pubic region too which may add to the irritation, however this part was never really cocerning to me. This past week i just started playing hockey again, after my first game i noticed red patches along with dry skin around it in my upper thigh and fold. It didnt really itch or burn or anyhting.
Avatar f tn When I do scratch they itch even more. They are located on both sides of my groin / vulva area at the same time. They are not in clusters but there is more than one on each side. Wondering if this may be herpes? Or another Std ? Or something else?
471737 tn?1327256051 Sure you can use but in intertrigenous areas long term application may lead to skin atrophy.
Avatar n tn I do have a history of eczema but rarly on my penis or genital area, and I am concerned I have contracted an std. I make good money but my job does not provide insurance I am concerned that if I do have an std or go to a doctor that this is going to cost me lots of money. However I cannot take not going to a doctor as this is driving me crazy and I do not know what to do.
Avatar m tn I came across in the internet about Kaposi varicelliform eruption or eczema herpeticum which affects people with eczema(I know I should not be relying on the internet but it was one of those things I just read unknowingly and made me all worried) . I dont have such a problem and I know it is rare but my father actually works as an allergist and might be exposed to patients with eczema herpeticum when they come to find out about the allergies which is causing their eczema.
Avatar n tn For about 9 weeks now, I've had itching in the genital area off and on. (mostly in the scrotum area but also on the penis shaft) For almost every day (often more than once per day) of the 2 months, I have checked the area thoroughly and I have not noticed any visible rash (no red bumps) anywhere. The itch seems to occur in different areas of the scrotum (towards the base) but also all about - the itch will last about 5-10 seconds per itch point and then pause.
Avatar n tn I never recall having a cold sore or anything not did I ever develop a pimple or lesion in the genital area. The pinkish spot is still there after about year or so. There are days when it is barely there and possibly due to friction it might be more visible. When it is more visible, the skin is slightly raised and do not itch or hurt. The coloration stays pink.
Avatar n tn About 10 yrs ago after a camping trip I broke out in a rash all over my body including red bumps on my penis (this was before I was sexually active). The dermatologist diagnosed me with scabies and prescribed the scabies cream. I applied the cream and the rash eventually went away. About 4 years later I broke out in a rash again but this time it only appeared on the head of my penis and under my arms. I went to a walk in clinic and they did not know what it was.
Avatar n tn yeah. I used the xolegel and it worked decently on my face but not in the genital area. I have yet to try pramosone since it wasn't covered by my insurance and figured I would just wait to see if the other one worked first. Also because I read the pramoxine in it causes a loss of feeling in the skin, and that really doesn't sound too great for that area. Now I'm wondering if it is ok to use for 1. this "condition" that has yet to be actually diagnosed, and 2. for the genital area?
Avatar n tn has seen thousands of STD cases.Said genitals perfectly normal including urethra.On 2-15-08 small area about size of quarter on left side of penis at base had shedded skin white in color.Shedding stopped later became small light red rash no pain whatsoever.patchlike,not painful.Since,scrotum tingling itching on right especially when I sit down,doesn't always last. w/ me about 30% of the time.
Avatar n tn Your skin could be irritated from friction or eczema. How bad is your eczema? I am 44 and just started having minor skin problems, but it bothers me allot. I can't imagine dealing with bad eczema.
Avatar f tn If one has an area of eczema on the hand during a herpes outbreak on the buttocks, is there a risk of infecting the hand during toileting, dressing, etc.?
Avatar n tn Hello, Almost 2 months ago I got a lot of chigger bites - mostly on the pubes area int the frontal part of my genitals, under the hair, but also some on my stomach and along my bra line. Anyway, my doctor diagnosed that yes they were a whole lotta chigger bites and game me antibiotic ointment to put on them to prevent infection (since I was scratching them terribly). She also had me put scabies medicine on it "just in case" since she was not too familiar with chiggers.
Avatar n tn and as far as i know herpes come with some symptoms that are similar but dont match my condition like im yet to have a blister looking or puss like pimple or even remotely looking to that. in my genital area but yet i get tenderness in my genital area hotter than useale urin i wouldnt call it burning but just hot urin,muscle ahches but no fever or flu like symptoms so is it that i have herpes and eczema? or is it just one of the 2 causeing the issue ?
Avatar n tn The initial sore and the area around it now look similar to a picture of genital herpes that I've seen online. I suffer from eczema and have had small breakouts all over my body, including on my penis, the small blisters looked similar to my eczema breakouts I have on my fingers. During the time I discovered the initial sore and the subsequent blisters I've felt fine and have had no other medical issues. Is this genital herpes or am I letting myself get carried away with it self diagnosis?
Avatar m tn When I was much younger, I had a history of very bad eczema, and have had it in my genital area. A while of Eucerin treatment cleared that up. (Also I never had sexual contact in middle school, so I know it can't be an STD.) So I have no idea if its fungal or eczema related, but I'd really like to know so I can get things looking normal again.
Avatar n tn My question is this... My GF has eczema on her hands and at times it can be a bit severe. Is there a increased risk of my perhaps passing herpes to her because of her skin condition on her hands? Does this frequently happen? odds of it happening? We have been dating for about a month.... and during this time I have suffered no breakouts, however I am still worried about passing this to her. Any answers or help would be greatly appreciated!