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Avatar f tn Most often MDMA is not pure. If you mix PCP with amphetamine, it's a similar experience. I've taken pure MDA and pure MDMA, but there's no lab making that anymore, unless you know a chemist. Don't experiment with these drugs, they can cause long-term brain damage. The brain is amazingly placid, so most people recover from experimentation, but don't keep playing with your brain chemistry. Focus on a good diet and lots of water, you should be fine.
496208 tn?1271339076 I've been without my drug of choice for over 190 days now. I am pleased about that but I'm not happy. I wonder if I've done permanent brain damage to myself from opiate abuse. I'm wondering of the neurotransmitters are totally dead. I read many posts here about how eventually you are happy again and have energy and look forward to each new day. I'm waiting and I'm getting scared.
1274514 tn?1277057923 Oh, yes, and a whole lot more damage on top of that, too. Forget about vascular disease...if you abuse this drug, you are going to die, plain and simple, that is the absolute for sure outcome of meth abuse. Or you could wind up psychotic and in an insane asylum. I've seen the insides of those places in psych films when I used to study that, and they are SO stark, SO sad, and not too friendly neighbors.
Avatar n tn I would stop now. That sounds like brain damage could be occurring. I have degrees in both biochemisty and bacteriology and anytime numbness occurs is not a good sign. I do mean to scare you so you keep this in mind the next time someone offers you any. We just want you well.
736835 tn?1232036828 i just read yesterday that when we quit drugs some of the drug remains in our fat tissues and our body tissues turn over every so often which cause some drug release to the brain causing cravings and relapses. these urges are horrible but we have to remain strong...just keep fighting..the brain is trying to trick you...good luck..
424839 tn?1268186246 So when going up against some one with a drug habit you have to remember that it is a learned behavior to take the drug along with the intense desire to take the drug.
Avatar m tn Also I think I have destroyed my brain over years of abuse,will I ever recover from this horrible drug and live a normal life? Please get back to me a.s.a.
Avatar n tn 2. what scan will be the most definitive in identifying the abnormalities caused by drug abuse? (prior to drug abuse, i had matured relatively late) 3. what, if any, medication/food diet will be able to "reverse" the effects of marijuana or improve brain development and overall function.
Avatar f tn there are several amino acids, etc to boost memory, but honestly the drug and alcohol abuse is destroying your brain. your brain acts like a sponge and absorbs the alcohol causing severe damage then add to that the damage of smoking crack. there is no supplement that is going to reverse the damage you are doing to your brain. admit yourself to a hospital, just go to the er and tell them you are trying to detox off of alcohol and crack and let them handle it.
Avatar n tn Our daughter was forced to have unsupervised custody last week where she informed us that he was vomiting all evening. I have researched symptoms of alcohol and Tylenol abuse and found possible signs of liver damage. For the concern of my daughter, we are extremely scared on what he is capable of when she see's him. We are hoping anyone who has experience on this could offer us advise.
Avatar m tn The choice is ultimately yours and quite frankly illegal or not atleast your not huffing fumes that can cause instant brain damage. Pot doesnt cause brain damage, but it does mess with the hormone chemicals your brain uses and produces by stopping them from doing their jobs. Just like any chemical, the long term effects are dependant on the lenght of time the chemicals are used as to whether or not the body/brain can fully recover and go back to their natural way of dealing with things.
725350 tn?1318680468 t consider it a brain disease.....i consider it to be brain damage. the brain can no longer function properly and it's because of damage that we have caused to it. i don't think of a disease as something that we cause. cancer is a disease. substance abuse leads to brain damage, in my opinion...but i think the damage that's caused makes it almost impossible to stop. i REALLY want to stop.....i really really REALLY want to stop more than anything.
617474 tn?1466635798 hi, i'm new here and found this site very helpful..first of all i'm 19 years old, male. a month ago i did lsd, it was my third time and last, and got a really bad trip. 5 days passed and then i started getting panic attacks, at first i thought something bad happened in my brain. my family quickly put me in therapy...
Avatar n tn can a stroke be faked, or caused by drug abuse and is it normal for the flacicity to come and go randomly sometimes with in 10 min or so.
Avatar f tn My first thought is cocaine, but like justsaynotodrugs said, most drugs will alter your moods. That's part of it being classified as a drug. Keep in mind that in addition to the illegal ones a drug like alcohol can alter your moods as you described too. Now if he's very adamant about not using drugs it is possible that there are medical conditions that causing such a problem.
199177 tn?1490498534 Many people do not understand why individuals become addicted to drugs or how drugs change the brain to foster compulsive drug abuse. They mistakenly view drug abuse and addiction as strictly a social problem and may characterize those who take drugs as morally weak. One very common belief is that drug abusers should be able to just stop taking drugs if they are only willing to change their behavior.
Avatar f tn How bad is it on my body to abuse zanaflex? I take 10 of the 4 mgs at once and take up to 300 a month. I just can't seem to stop.
Avatar m tn it all depends who you ask - but theres no brain "damage" listed - side effects occur during use of a drug - people who claim all this damage happens after stopping the drugs should maybe continue to use them - who knows - in reality nobody knows - not even professional researchers and they readily admit this - when its all said and done for me it comes down to benefits outweighing any risk - perceived or actual - and actually my prescription and over the counter meds pose as much or m