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Avatar n tn Do you yourself have problems with drug abuse? Or do you have the perfect life which allows you to come here and vent at people that dont come from the voice of reason like yourself. Is this site a type of Blood Sport for you? I used to really enjoy this site. But people like yourself who think your GODS GIFT TO DRUG ABUSE. I am out of here. This site has really gone to hell. The way you judge everybody. Just why ARE you here?
544292 tn?1268886268 The length of time withdrawal symptoms occur can range from a couple of days to weeks depending on how high your dose was and how long you were on the drug. Withdrawal symptoms can be reduced by discontinuing use of the drug slowly (i.e., gradually reducing the daily dose). Tramadol is more complex than other opiate and opiate-like medications because it also appears to have actions on the GABAergic, noradrenergic, and serotonergic systems in the brain.
Avatar n tn The abuse has clouded our minds and causes us to make many mistakes like rationalizing our abuse, making excuses, and thinking we are strong enough to handle this on our own. our brain is lying and tricking us while we are sick. It is making us feel depressed and hopless when in reality there is a light at the end of the tunnel. This too shall pass just like everything else in our life does.
Avatar n tn It requires more knowledge than off the cuff information to be proficient in the make up of a drug. Personal opinions do not make spook a drug expert! Advice like he gave the questioner can be very dangerous. Anyway, what credentials does this guy have to give substance abuse information. Dan...
Avatar m tn He shared how he changed from a money-earning, decent, middle-class husband and father to a total bum, drunk every day from morning to night, using every conceivable drug and trying to commit suicide in every conceivable way, yet never able to succeed. His last recollection was that after two years of literally bumming around, he was lying on a dirt road at the edge of a forest, drunk and stoned as he called it, trying desperately to be reunited with his family.
Avatar n tn Well, Ms. Mike, I certainly hope there is no confusion between myself and your somewhat "misinformed" hubby. :) Seriously, though, I was in a VERY similar predicament as you ... except my wife finally found out I had lied to her about quitting and actually divorced me over it. This was many eons ago, but get this (some actual addict humor): a fugging racoon, of all the available people on earth, is what gave me up!
Avatar n tn Hey all...I'd really like to change my "handle." I chose FINISHED? because I wasn't quite sure that I was indeed FINISHED when I first posted a question. Now that I know, I'd like to change it. How do I do this? THANKS, FINISHED?...NOPE...FINISHED! Also, another thing I had a question on was the crushing & snorting of pills. Is this only with the time released stuff or is this common amongst all pills including vicodin. I could never picture myself doing this...
Avatar n tn Get this though if you don't get anything else out of this - they DO NOT train police officers as a rule of thumb on ramifications of pharmaceutical drug abuse. EXCEPT for knowledge that allows them to act better professionally or might interfere with their job as an officer of the law. The cop doesn't need to know the half-life of Klonopin to arrest the guy coming across state lines with 5,000 of them. I don't know why anyone here would think otherwise OR expect them to know anything about it.
Avatar f tn Hi Bran_Bran, How are you today? I'm doing okay. I'm in the US, near Boston, and it's been very hot over the past week. We finally got some cooler weather yesterday and today & I'm happy for it. Autumn is my favorite season. I love the colored leaves, the crisp air, how cozy it feels when I snuggle in a sweater or under a quilt and have tea or hot chocolate. Do you have a favorite season? So, you mentioned that you decorated the back of your binder with some C. S. Lewis quotes.
Avatar n tn Hepatitis C is caused by a virus and it's transmitted from blood contact....meaning if somehow, infected blood got into his blood. Risk factors include blood transfusions, IV drug use, tattoos, body piercings, etc. Hepatitis C (as well as alcohol use) can cause cirrhosis. The fact that he stopped drinking probably helped his liver, but cirrhosis doesn't really go away by itself. Successful treatment for Hepatitis C sometimes reverses some of the damage.
429155 tn?1205676864 Last of the Oxy ( This is how I will refer to the drug from now on.) Nauseaus through the night. Friday 6am. Pain in legs and arms a bit of nausea, ache all over, no appitite. Friday 10pm. Bed-No sleep at all ( up and down all night ), legs arms crazy could not rest or stay still, kicking quilt off then on , the standing up sitting, oh my arms and legs were a nightmare ( worst night I have ever experienced ). Saturday am.
Avatar m tn I'm probably sounding like an idiot, but it seems to me that to give a person a drug to combat situational depression is counter productive. Some of the elements may not be things you can do nothing about, such as in my own case. I had no idea of my craving to be needed, just to have a reason to be here. No, finding a project hasn't brought me back to being the happy go lucky fella from before, but nor am I unloading my .38 and lovingly caressing the rounds.
Avatar n tn Thats one i have not heard"symptomatic". I get looked at like it is all in my head. Have been told so by a GP. I had a meeting with the manager at work today and he aske dme if I was getting better. I said no physical work makes me worse and they still dont get it. I am now trying to get an appointment with my specialist to shout louder some more.I wish there was a place we could all "SHOUT AT THE DRUG COMPANIES AND DOCTORS".
Avatar m tn Try to keep a I'm clean mindset because many people get mired in the psychological dependency problems and feel their bodies crave the drug for weeks and months after. There is no physical need once flushed completely from your body and your receptors change quickly to the lack of opiate.These are my opinions and i suggest to anyone that the best and safest treatment is to seek medical intervention.
1765952 tn?1314723481 2)You must know that every time a disappointment cuts thru ur heart,Its bcos a divine appointment/announcement is on the way. (both quotes from the daily devotional i use-Our Daily Manna by Dr. Chris E.
Avatar f tn That began 2 years of every test, drug and doctor available (each time causing me to worry about the findings and sent me into the deepest darkest depression that I have ever experienced including thoughts on how to kill myself) until they decided I have vertigo due to a damaged middle ear. Soon after that anytime I didn't feel good I worried that it was another condition that would begin another 2 years of hell or that the doctors were wrong about the dizziness not being fatal.
Avatar n tn Since the other ends are attached not to some local structure but way out at the ends of your shoulder blades, your posture and arm and shoulder positions can easily lead to uneven tension on the hyoid and a sideways displacement. I mentioned this thread to a friend who had in the past been a spousal abuse victim, subjected to violent throttling, and she was amazed to discover that there is no "proper" position for the hyoid.
1647691 tn?1363727302 All is well here- mostly. I had an episode in my head when a drug rep came in to tell us she was pregnant and that was followed by an emailfrom a friend w/ the same news. Then I thought- my time is coming- I just have to be patient and keep trying. I am just so ready. @Hoping2BAMom- lol. I would drive you NUTS!
Avatar n tn its not fair that all these teens get pregnant, abort, abuse or kill these babies and children. its so hard. this isnt fair!!!!!!! weve decided to skip the next clomid cycle and the injections, and go straight to IVF. of course like i said, that wont be until May so i have 2 months to wait and get ready.