Does trigeminal neuralgia qualify for disability

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1225331 tn?1333369369 good morning kelly, I am not sure what you are asking. Do you mean if you are onn medicare? once someonne is approved to SSDI it is two years to have medicare. That is the date of from what you are deemed disableed by them. in the mean time you can continue on what insurannce you have, private or group and coverage would be the same . If you sign up for medicare, you would have toooo choose a medicare-D (for pharmacy) program. It is very confusing, I know.
748543 tn?1463449675 Dentistry has traditionally been a profession guided largely by mechanical concept. It does not have to that way anymore. It is time for the profession to recognize that occlusion and jaw function are governed by physiological processes and diagnose and treat them accordingly.
Avatar f tn People with TN can qualify for disability. There's a bunch of posts on the TNA website from people who have been through the process ( I personally have not had to apply. If you have a blood vessel/vein compressing your nerve an MVD surgery may give you a better quality of life. Have you had a thin-slice MRI (also called "trigeminal protocol") where they saw a compression?
Avatar f tn Like Kelly, I wonder how long it will be before my contribution is questioned. I'm hoping I don't have to apply for disability before my work STD and LTD would carry me to 'retirement'. It will be hard enough to get by in a few years when I qualify for social security and Medicare. I don't see how I'll be able to keep up with a lot of my MS care and treatment then. So I work to treat the MS so I can keep on working to keep on treating and round and round she goes.......
Avatar n tn , it is more like the transmission is slipping a bit. During tx I had a rare but very brutal sx (Trigeminal Neuralgia) it knocked me out on disability. I laid back, read nothing and let the "transmission" rust up. If I had it to do over I would try and do some brain exercise regularly. Take care duel geno 4b/4c age 56 Male pre tx vl 1.
Avatar n tn Lhermitte's CAN be an early sign of MS but I think more often people have something else as a first sign, such as optic neuritis, numbness, or trigeminal neuralgia. LOTS of people with MS are very mildly affected and never have significant disability through their life. Lots of people are walking around with it and don't even know it and never will (as shown by autopsy studies). Most people remain able to walk all their life. For most people, getting a diagnosis is not all that lengthy.
667078 tn?1316004535 I don't really have a lot of money since I do not qualify for any disability and art is not a recession proof business and my medical is high. But I am losing my legs faster every day and I am not waking up and having regrets.
Avatar f tn Then you should apply for Social Security Disability Insurance. SSDI. The good/bad news is you will qualify for Medicare in two years from when you are considered disabled by Social Security. I am on SSDI now. Or you can apply for SSI if you have very little money and assets and you can qualify for Medicaid. I do not know too much about this process. My point is, you will need some form of medical insurance if you are as ill as we believe you are.
147426 tn?1317269232 Shoot!#%#$#% My JEG file with the image abovew did not include the three references from which this graph was made. 'My bad! The data for the "Risk to Conversion" and the "Risk to Disability" I got from a lecture by Dr. Timothy Vollner of the Denver MS Center. It was published online by Peerview Press in a continuing education activity. Here is the reference for that lecture. If you want to watch the podcast you need to disable any pop-up blocker.
251991 tn?1239299630 what exactly are neurophathies? does it include the sensations beyond pins and needles - i.e. burning feelings in the skin and electric 'zaps' ? i've had a few of those that felt like lightning bolts to my leg where it bends at the groin/hip area. scared the daylights out of me.
Avatar f tn Blood tests suggest autoimmune disfunction (positive ana, antithyroid antibodies, high IgG for parvovirus and EBV and CMV without being conclusive of connective tissue or thyroid disease. A cone beam ct scan revealed an inflammatory process in the sinus above the implant and apical periodontal inflammation on the tooth behind the implant which was also giving me night fevers. I have since had the root canal retreated on the tooth that was being blamed for my mouth discomfort.