Does lip augmentation hurt

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Avatar n tn Does anyone else out there have hair around their areolas..not just a few...a lot. What about hair on their stomach..what some people call the "love line". I am SICK of hair..I don't know what to do! I even have hair "few" on my chest and shoulders. I was told I have too much male hormone....don't believe that then I also wouldn't have a problem being sexually active. I have no disire in that area. Is there another person like this out there? Please help.
Avatar n tn I looked like I had 1/2 a cantaloupe on each side of my thighs. I still have a reddish brown tint in a pretty large area. Does anybody know how long that will last?
458090 tn?1256324762 so here's hoping my body kicks in and does what it has to this month!! I love my Femara so it'll be hard to be without it, but I am taking FertileCM and drinking TONS of water - I think I'll even take guafinesen this month! I NEED CM - any hints or advice on how to increase it naturally??? I'm all ears :) Love to all tonight - going to relax in bed!
Avatar f tn He numbed the area and then used some instruments to scrape under the tooth abutment and put some medication (tetracycline) in the area. Right now it does feel better, though it does not explain the other systemic issues that have been ongoing. Also, what he did was something I asked for, as he does not see any sign of irritation or infection in the implant area. Tomorrow I am going to see the allergist and an ENT to ask their opinions.
Avatar n tn I'm not going to say its impossible, b/c very few things in life are impossible. But unlikely. Lets say that. Mirena does have minute amounts of hormones that act locally on the uterine lining. And the patch is still in use, and is safe and effective if used in properly selected patients. It is very different than Mirena, it is a systemically absorbed hormone. You can't compare the two.
Avatar n tn It's just everywhere here and there and it really does drive you nuts... I don't have any idea why... I came here to see what was wrong with everyone else. Ok so you have absolutely no answers. Guess I'll go to the doctor... LOL I will say, it started out with my hands and feet. When I wake up it is a horrible warm "desperate" itch that has to be dealt with NOW! feeling... Understand what I mean by that? Even my lips.. mine has been going on for 2 weeks.