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Avatar m tn Dear Doctor, I am 27 years old male, suffering from anal fissure for past one year. I have undergone number of treatments. My fissures did not responds to the treatments: Symptoms: Anal itching, burning, and occasionally mild pain. Visual Inspection: I have many small tears with sentinel pile / skin tags in the skin of the anal canal at different positions. History of treatments I have undergone: A) Non-surgical treatment: Proctosedyl, lidocaine, xylocaine , hydrocortisone .
Avatar n tn Hello, I have had problems with what I was told from my doctor years ago was an anal fissure. I am now 31 years old. I first noticed blood on toilet paper and streaks on outside of stools about 9 or 10 years ago so I would have been around 21. He said it was nothing to worry about and to just add more fiber to my diet. It would go away for awhile and return. Sometimes it would barely be noticeable other times there would be a lot of blood on toilet paper.
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with an anal fissure two years ago. It comes and goes. It took about two months to get over it the first time around. Since then it's reappeared maybe 15 times and been a pain for anywhere from a week to a month each time. The pain is mostly stinging during and after defecation, sometimes with a streak of blood. I don't think I have spasms.
Avatar n tn I went to a doctor the same day and was told it was an anal fissure. The doctor gave me hydrocortisone suppositories. I took these for a couple of days, but had to stop using them because it was too painful to use them. Also, that same day I drank some prune juice. This caused me to have diarrhea, which worsened the pain. Ever since Wednesday I have been in so much pain I have not been able to sit up, therefore have not been able to work.
Avatar f tn I approached a consultant at Bupa and tried the first line treatment - ointment Glyceryl Trinitrate and Diltiazem. These did not completely heal the fissures and I opted for the Botulum Injection and although this achived some healing the pain did not subside completely. I then had the lateral sphincterotomy performed and this was successful.
Avatar n tn The blood pressure medications nifedipine (Adalat) and diltiazem (Cardizem), taken orally or ground into a gel and applied to the fissure, also may help.
Avatar n tn At this point, the anal fissure was pretty painful. Getting penicillin shots immediately made the fissure begin to heal, but it still opens up from time to time (and I don't bottom at all anymore). I'm thinking about getting surgery. Definitely go get tested, and make getting tested a regular occurrence.
Avatar m tn My surgeon has prescribed me to use diltiazem with 2% for the internal anal fissure. I continously used it, initially it helped to reduce the pain but the pain wasnt gone anywhere. Then i started to get itch in the anal area. For this i have used the extra virgin olive oil morning and before the bedtime. This has helped me from the itch, during this time i stopped using the diltiazem with 2% vaseline.
Avatar f tn Has anyone had a chronic fissure that was treated by surgery. Please tell me your experiences (good or bad) after surgery. After the surgery how long did you have unbearable pain. I need to undergo this surgery as well and your responses will give help me a lot.
Avatar n tn hello, i am currently trying to cure my anal fissure with diltiazem cream for topical use,but im also taking atenolol 25mg because of cosmetic defect of the heart which is sometimes causing tachycardia,nothing else.almost 2 hrs since i used the creme for first time,and i feel no side effects.my question is,is it possible to get some side effect because of the interaction of diltiazem and the beta blocker,and what could it be?
Avatar n tn This symptom is usually caused when a person has a tear in the anal area known as anal fissure. At times the fissure may not be seen on inspection. The treatment involves sitting in a warm water for 20 min (sietz bath), application of lignocaine jelly before and after defecation to ease pain, and stool softener like lactulose. In case of no response, diltiazem local application and surgical procedure is option. From your history and symptoms, the likelihood of cancer appears very less.
Avatar n tn It sounds like you have an anal fissure.I suffered from anal fissure last year and it took a while for it to heal.First off you need to get a stool softener,docusate sodium or Miralax are the best stool softeners to use.Take sitz bath twice a day especially after bm so you can relax your sphincter help promote blood flow so it can heal.Your going to need to go on a high fiber diet and you need to get about 30 grams of fiber per day.
Avatar n tn I also used Diltiazem hydrochloride cream . I also take sitz bath but it is also nt useful.I also had a barium enaema and colonoscopy test done both were negative. Recently I visited a doctor and he diagnosed me with anal fissure.
Avatar m tn I was given a prescription for Diltiazem. That took care of the fissure. In the meantime, I had booked an appointment for with a GI. He checked things out with the scope and said I had internal hemmoroids. He prescribed Anusol HC suppositories for 2 weeks with a refill of another 2 weeks if necessary. I needed them for the whole month. Most of my pain was gone for that month. Periodically I needed a heating pad to soothe a flare up of pain.
Avatar m tn * At the seven week mark I went to my doctor again, had another blood test (again came back negative) and the sore was diagnosed as an anal fissure (increasingly painful). * At week eight (three since I first noticed the sore) I contacted my doctor about the pain and he referred me to a colorectal specialist. * Week nine I saw the colorectal guy who told me that he didn't think of it as an anal fissure.
Avatar n tn My doctor said to give it 4-6 weeks to help heal the fissure. Do you know if a small fissure has to be surgically sutured or can it be carterized?
Avatar m tn I had constant pain from a fissure for about 8 months. It was so unbearable, after trying every known therapy from diet modification, rectogesic cream, scheriproct cream, acupuncture, chinese herbs, natural medication, I opted for LIS surgery. I chose a surgeon who had done 100s of these operations with no problems. After the LIS surgery I was in a lot of pain for the first week and constipation didn't help matters. Then the next couple of weeks I was feeling better.
Avatar f tn Finally insisted on seeing a colorectal who said it was a fissure. Used calcium channel blockers for the fissure to no avail. Included metamucil (gross) and hot baths seveal times a day. I also began internal pelvic floor therapy. Seemed to help somewhat, but found activity worsened it. March to June of 2010 Developed a thrombrosed hemmeroid and had it lanced in July of 2010. 10 days later after the wound healed, no more pressure. Absolute heaven. Still some minor problems with defecation.
Avatar m tn They do this for patients for have a fissure or tear at the entrance and it won't heal. Just a thought. Not sure if it would help in his case. Good luck!
Avatar f tn I also tried many medicines but none helped me. I also used Diltiazem hydrochloride cream it helped me little. I also take sitz bath but it is also nt useful. Yesterday I took saline sitz bath it helped me a lot I dint xperence smell bt i m nt sure it may come. I also had a barium enaema and colonoscopy test done both were negative. Recently I visited a doctor and he diagnosed me with anal fissure.
Avatar m tn The first specialist gave me this ointment (Diltiazem 2%) and it had worked previous times but it just was taking too long. So for off I went for a second opinion. This doctor explained the whole thing to me. What fishers were, showed me where mine was located and why the spasms, pain and burning was occurring. The walls of you rectum are made up of muscle, there is an inter and outer muscles, the inter muscle we can control and the out our bodies know when they need to be used.
17525538 tn?1457510667 I'm also suffering from a chronic fissure for the past two years which I've been controlling using the Diltiazem 2% in organogel based preparation. I've also been affected by GERD for quite some time (started 5 years back) and my stomach isn't stable (dull pain below the diaphragm, gas and weird noises are a part of the current state that I'm facing).
Avatar n tn I was referred to a Colorectal surgeon suspected a fissure and so I went in for a sphincterotomy after trying Diltiazem for 6 wks. He saw no fissure (so he did not cut) but scraped inflamed areas (Cryptectomy), but said he really did not need to do much. Started seeing another Dr. in June 2004, who said I had internal hemorrhoids. He banded the right side and endolazed the left. The left side swelled enormously, then decreased, then left a tag.
Avatar m tn Hi, I am also suffering from this odor for more than 2 yrs now. But recently I detoxified my body completely and used probiotics. Odor was gone, but when I eat certain foods which odor is coming back. So I avoided foods which my stomach is not agreeing to. It could be heavy metal poisoning, especially mercury. I met few guys in other forums who had this same problem and it turned out to be mercury poisoning. So you better checkout that too and if it is then get rid of mercury from your body.
Avatar n tn recently i have had a fissure and it is soooo bad..i went to the drs nearly in tears asking for help..he gave me antibiotics and nystatin and triamcinolone cream i have been on this cream over 5 days and no progress. the fissure is at the top of the hood area and therefore cracks open again every time i sit down to pee or wash or get up from sitting on the floor..i switched to wearing boxer shorts all day and night and no help there..god does anyone have any helpful ideas?!!!!