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Avatar f tn I have a yeast infection I am almost 6weeks pregnant and I took diflucan for the infection will this harm my baby
Avatar f tn I have since been to the doctor for my first appointment and I am now 9 weeks pregnant, which means when I took the Diflucan I was 3 1/2 weeks pregnant. Should I be worried?!
Avatar f tn i always took diflucan for yeat infections before i got pregnant. fortunately for me, i never had a yeat infection while i was pregnant, so i didn't have to worry about it. however, after i had my son and got my period for the first time, the yeast infections were back. when i called my ob for a prescription for diflucan, they said i could not take it if i was breastfeeding.
Avatar f tn I am 4weeks pregnant, and my Doc presrcibed one single dose of Diflucan tabs for me. Is this safe for the unborn? Am worried.
1472764 tn?1287591786 I'm 16 weeks and I'm suffering from a horrible yeast infection. I took 7 days of terazol and 3 days of monistat. Neither helped. Creams usually don't on me. Diflucan is the only thing that works but my dr. said he doesn't prescribe it during pregnancy. I'm so sick of it. I'm miserable. Has anyone ever taken diflucan when they were pregnant? What are the side effects to the baby?
Avatar f tn I am 30 weeks pregnant and my doctor prescribed me diflucan and my sister said that her doctor told her that pregnant women should not take this pill. she also read that underwear can irritate My doctor "assumes" i have yeast infection but she has not given me an exam. I have no discharge and no foul smell just irritation and itching. I have never had a yeast infection. My doctor also told me to get cortizone cream and use that but then gave me a slip to get monitstat 7.
Avatar n tn When I do a search on Internet, it seems Diflucan is meant for women. Do men take Diflucan? Appreciate your advice please. Thank you.
Avatar f tn d for thinking i had an infection, she told me to get some) and use it on days when I am itchy. She gave me a prescription for one tablet of Diflucan, when I was picking up my prescription, the pharmacy techs said its not recommended during pregnancy, mainly first trimester, but they gave me the pill and I haven't taken it yet. I was wanting to know your thoughts or if any of you have used this ?? Sorry it's so long!
Avatar n tn I had two yeast infections while pregnant with my son. I took the pill form of diflucan. He is a healthy three year old. I was more comfortable with the pill form because I really didn't want to insert anything vaginally. You should be fine taking it.
Avatar f tn I am 7 months pregnant and almost all pregnancy I have yellow discharge,sometimes is itching. My doctor gave me Diflucan Oral medication. He didn`t check me only gave me a prescription. Can Diflucan heart my baby?? Shouldn`t my doctor first take a sample?? before giving me any medication in pregnancy?
Avatar f tn i was asked to take 2 pills of Diflucan (150G each) in 3 days by my GP to cure infection. I didn't know I was actually at the 5th week of pregnancy when I took the pills. I am now very worry about it and thinking if I should let go the baby. Can anyone share wit me your experience? thanks very much!
Avatar f tn Hi All- I didn't know I was pregnant when I took 2x150 mg of fluconazole in a span of week during my 4th and 5th weeks. After I came to know about my pregnancy, I am now scared, that I might have harmed my baby. Please help me out here. Has anyone taken it during first trimester ? Is the baby doing well? Help me out here.
Avatar f tn I know you are not supposed to take Diflucan when you are pregnant, but I didn't think it was that big of a deal because I don't know if I am pregnant for sure...and if so I would have only been 6 days....Now I am getting nervous...should I have done this??
Avatar f tn I took a diflucan around the time I ovulated, I also took one a few days before I realized I was pregnant (I took 2 this time, 3 days apart, not at the same time). I have been reading a lot about Diflucan and am very nervous for the possible risks to the fetus. I am very scared I have done something terribly aweful. Esp since I took one right around the time of conception. I am also on 2 other cat C drugs for high blood pressure and an ANA issue I have.
Avatar f tn I took Diflucan around the time I ovulated and again a few days before I found out I was pregnant. The second time I took 2 pills (3days apart not at the same time). I took 150 mg each time. I didn't think I was pregnant because the doctor told me my lining wasn't good this month on the clomid I had taken. Has anyone else taken Diflucan very early in pregnancy. I am very worried about this. I should add that I am also on 2 other category C meds that I have no choice about.
Avatar n tn My ob-gyne prescribed me diflucan to treat my yeast infection, but I am 12 weeks pregnant. Is it safe to take it?
Avatar f tn The clumpy discharge usually means yeast in most cases. I would prescribe something like diflucan instead and probably stop the metronidazole. Your baby will be fine in any event, but you are going to have to have something for the yeast which can be very itchy and irritating. Good luck!
Avatar n tn I am almost 10 weeks pregnant. This morning I woke up and I am a little ichey and sore (sorry for the details). I think I might have a yeast infection. What I am wondering is if I should wait till Tuesday after the holiday to call the Doctor?
Avatar f tn Or should I try monistat 7. Im scared to take any kind of pills while pregnant I don't even take Tylenol I use home remedies. Im a ftm & curious.
Avatar n tn Hello Doctor, Thank you for taking the time to review my post. I am 31 weeks pregnant. Two months ago I started to have vaginal redness and irritation with some whitish discharge and some on ond off buring with urination. I was tested for all stds except for HPV, which I had a pap smear in June 2007 which was normal. I was also tested with cultures for bacterial vaginitis and for trichomonas. My gyneclogist doesn't think it is yeast after doing three visual exams.
Avatar f tn Tell your doctor if you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant during treatment. Diflucan can pass into breast milk and may harm a nursing baby. Do not use this medication without telling your doctor if you are breast-feeding a baby.
Avatar n tn Vaginal yeast infections are common in pregnant women, likely caused by the high hormone levels. Treatment to cure a yeast infection during pregnancy may take longer. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that only vaginal medications, such as creams or vaginal suppositories, be used for yeast infection treatment during pregnancy. Pregnant women should not use nonprescription medications without first discussing their symptoms with their health professional.
Avatar n tn If he is prescribing the pill Diflucan, I would check into it further before taking it. My dr. told me that the creams are safe but that Diflucan has not been found safe to take during pregnancy. I'm one of those unlucky people who get frequent y/i. The creams seem to work for me.
611067 tn?1458595083 I have had a long history of getting pregnant and having miscarriages. However, this past year I have felt inclined to attempt to get pregnant again. I look very young for 46 and feel young as well. My periods are more normal than they ever have been and my blood work actually is better than it was when I was in my early 30s trying to get pregnant. We did the fertility treatments with no luck at all! The doctors never understood why I did not get pregnant - no real physical reason for it.
Avatar f tn I'm 16weeks pregnant and month ago notice a little itching, discharge, and swelling after intercourse. It was quite painfull a bit because it burned..especially after I urinated. I told my doc I thought it was an yeast infection and he prescribed me a pill..I took it with a glass if water. The description said most people feel better and symptoms lesson within 24.hours its been 5 days and it seems to gotten worse.. way More discharge, alot more inchiness especially at night and morning..
Avatar n tn IS there something you can do about a yeast infection that won't harm your chances of getting pregnant. Please tell me there is something other than creams. They don't work for me. I have a diflucan pill but I'm worried that if I take it, if I was in the process of being pregnant, that it would ruin it.
757371 tn?1269966637 My gyn told me to wait till mid august and if i wasn't pregnant she would give me smth to make my AF kick in. Well, sure enough, mid august...i was pregnant! She said that in july my ovaries 'stopped' for 2 weeks and then started up again and that's when i got pregnant but it was too early for a pt to give me a positive. I saw your mood so i though maybe my story might help. Good luck!
Avatar n tn I am taking amoxicillin for an infection while 5 months pregnant and now I am having on of the side effects of vaginal itching. I still have 5 more days to finish the medicine. What can I do to relieve the itching!
Avatar f tn I have two, can u get pregnant from a small amount of preejaculate on hand and then touching vagina and can diflucan make Ur period start earlier.