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Avatar f tn So I went to my OB with irritation and discharge, and turns out it was a yeast infection, so he prescribed me the single dose Diflucan pack. I took it Tuesday, and as of today, my symptoms have definitely improved, but are not yet completely gone. How long does it take to be completely gone?
Avatar f tn I am 30 weeks pregnant and my doctor prescribed me diflucan and my sister said that her doctor told her that pregnant women should not take this pill. she also read that underwear can irritate My doctor "assumes" i have yeast infection but she has not given me an exam. I have no discharge and no foul smell just irritation and itching. I have never had a yeast infection. My doctor also told me to get cortizone cream and use that but then gave me a slip to get monitstat 7.
Avatar f tn was found during my annual) and my dr (who is new and i do not normally see) prescribed me diflucan for 12 weeks, one pill, once a week. I have never heard of this or treated a yeast infection with diflucan like this before and am starting to think this doctor I saw was a quack/slave to drug company kind of doctor. Has anyone ever been prescribed diflucan this way?
Avatar f tn I am 7 months pregnant and almost all pregnancy I have yellow discharge,sometimes is itching. My doctor gave me Diflucan Oral medication. He didn`t check me only gave me a prescription. Can Diflucan heart my baby?? Shouldn`t my doctor first take a sample?? before giving me any medication in pregnancy?
Avatar f tn I went to get a exam to get more birth control and the doctor found a high count of white blood cells in my discharge. i have not been able to have sex with my boyfriend because it would not work. could i still have an STD or could it have something to do with the fact that i do not have regular periods and was put on birth control in order to regulate them?
Avatar n tn you can go to your local CVS and purchase Monastat 1, you only have to use it one time and it should clear you and you should be fine.. Now if you start having other abnormal discharge with different color or smell then you should contact your Doctor because those are signs of an STD.
Avatar f tn Well when I first went to the doctor the gave me I think it was flagyl and It worked for two days no discharge & no odor so then my period came and after my period it came back, I have went to the store and got a (vagisil screening kit for vaginal infections and the pH test came back 6.0 the first time couple months later I did it again for 2 time it was 6.5 on the ph test guide it says if it's 5.0 or greater it could be (BV or Trich) i went to the doctors and they said it was negative.
Avatar f tn minor swelling, and my cervix was covered in thick, clumpy white discharge. No pronounced itching or burning, but some slight redness. After I took the medicine, I became extremely sore, swollen, and itchy and the discharge began seeping out. Today, I am somewhat itchy but now have a thick, creamy pale yellow/white discharge that just seems to seep out and irritates my labia. Is this normal for a 3 day treatment? Should I see a doctor?
Avatar f tn ok, thanx!
Avatar n tn In higher doses there is a link between diflucan and birth defects. There are other treatments for yeast infections, and your doctor can help to direct you to one that would be safe for you and the baby.
Avatar f tn about right after that i was dx w vaginal candida yeast infection (rarely itching/burning, mainly just the discharge)-my dr treated me with diflucan. it never went away. since then i have been to my gyno who cultured my yeast infection and said best medication for it was diflucan, so he also prescribed me to diflucan for 7 days-never went away. then he again prescribed me diflucan 150 once for 3 weeks. never went away!!!
Avatar m tn (For what it is worth, the girl, who is from China, doesn't seem to be bothered at all by her apparent yeast infection (cottage cheese like stuff on the sheets and in the vagina even after a shower, unclear discharge, pain during intercourse etc), insisting that everything is normal and common — she repeatedly declined to see the free doctors here in Canada, and we don't seem to talk anymore because of that (in fact, she attributes our whole disagreement due to "cultural differences"
Avatar n tn I just left my doctor's office aboyut 15 minutes ago. I am 18 weeks pregnant and have been having a gross discharge (thick, yellow and plentiful)....my doc said that it could either be a yeast infection or bacteria vaginosis...he prescribed to me Diflucan for the yeast and Flagyin for the vaginosis......i am scared to take these pills but i presume that if he prescribed them to me knowing that I am pregnant it would be preffectly safe for the baby.
475187 tn?1208158368 I have a mild yeast infection, i don't have much itching or burning sensation or even difficulty urinating, no pain during intercourse, no foul odor, the only problem is the white cottage cheese discharge that kept on coming back before and after my period, but now it stays long for a week or two, and it's bothering me, i tried eating yogurts and acidophilus, drinking cranberry juice, well maybe it helps because i don't have the itching and soreness problem, but still the white discharge is ther
Avatar f tn If you were my patient, I would suspect a yeast infection and would culture for yeast, do a wet mount and pH and probably treat with Diflucan. If you are having unusual vaginal bleeding, I would do a pregnancy test, and and ultrasound after I had done a careful exam and PAP smear. Good luck!
Avatar n tn when i spit in a glass of water-the saliva looks like a jelly fish, i have white stuff on my tongue (very light), and yeast like discharge in my panties (very light), when i wipe i see white bits. I have taken 200mg/day of diflucan for the past 5 days and now i have 150mg/day for 20 days left. does that sound like too much diflucan?
Avatar f tn she put me on Augmentin for ten days then start a yeast cream after 3 days and a diflucan pill also ..we will see what this does..
Avatar n tn I had a vaginal hysterectomy about 5 weeks ago. Since then I've had the flu and been given a 3-day antibiotic. The second day of my antibiotic I began have an dicharge from my vagina. It smells like urine, but I'm positive it's not. The discharge is a clear fluid with a thick white in the center. Is this normal for a hysterectomy or a side effect of the antibiotic, or something to be concerned about?
Avatar n tn He sent me home with diflucan, The symptoms did not go away after 3 doses. He cultured the discharge and put me on Flagyl. It went away only 80%.Then returened in a few weeks full force.. Since then I have been repeating this pattern and have used clindesse,and metro gel countless times. Sex is extreemly painful and my marriage is begining to suffer. I just want this gone.Could my husband be reinfecting me? Could the "adult toys" be reinfecting me.
Avatar m tn i have itching and discharge in my Vagina and when i went for test, the Dr. Told me that is the bacteria that curses it. that no need for drugs. insisted for drugs. the Dr. gave me toilet infection Tablet for me to be inserting. which i did and anytime a stop inserting it, the itching and discharge will come back again. please the discharge and itching is making it lose weight seriously.
Avatar m tn You could try using an over the counter preparation such as Monistat for the infection OR you could be seen by your doctor and get a prescription for Diflucan which is an oral therapy. Your provider can also do tests to be certain that it IS a yeast infection and not some other type of infection. Hope this helps!
Avatar f tn I am a 33 yo female I have had 2 sex partners in the last 2 months I started having a white discharge and treated it as a yeast infection due to the burning and discharge I tried monistat did not help used Gyne-lotrimin all symptoms went away only to come back with in a week my dr gave me Diflucan I am on day 3 of treatment still having the white coating in mt vagina never had the classic cheesey discharge just thick on the inside.
Avatar f tn You can get an Rx for creams or an Rx for a pill called Diflucan. If it's a normal discharge there is no smell at all. If it's yeast there will be a sourish odor.
Avatar n tn The latest drug that I am is from the infectious disease doctor who thinks its candida so I am on 200MG diflucan for a week but that is not working either. They did do a swab culture test and it came back for Strep-B, but according to the infectious disease Dr, that is not uncommon and with all the antibiotics i have been on he is hesitant to give me more.... I do have a mild corn and wheat allergy but not gluten according to the blood. I tried going gluten free but that did not work either.
Avatar n tn If you were my patient, I would be scratching my head wondering the same thing! I would probably treat presumptively for yeast with Diflucan and see if that made a difference. If not, then I would probably have you stop the Necon to see if that made a difference since it seemed to start when you started the new pill. Not sure I can help a lot either! Good luck!
Avatar m tn I took the medicine but still my uti and discharge is not going away. This time the itch is gone and my discharge is greenish. Went to see a new doctor. I had TVS (they suspected I had PID) my organs were normal. Thanks God. They gave me Metronidazole again and another tablet for uti. Now my discharge is like snot. I recently went to a new doctor and had gramstain. She said my results were okay. But she noticed a wart inside my vagina. It's small though. Why do I still have this discharge?
Avatar n tn Then go to sleep and in the morning the itching and burning will be gone and the discharge should have slowed significantly. Some yogurt might show up again, but you'll recognize it. Repeat this if you want to be sure or still itch a little. Yogurt contains acidopholus bacteria which eats yeast and will therefore work almost everytime.
Avatar n tn If the doc thinks its yeast, he can give you a medication called diflucan. Its a pill, and you only take it once.
Avatar n tn I assumed it was yeast and called my doctor. She prescribed a diflucan pill and made me an appt. I took the Diflucan on Friday and I don't see any change. My appt is scheduled for tomorrow, but I just got my period. Could this be anything other than yeast?