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Avatar f tn its almost that time of the month for me, ive been in and out of the hospital and dr offices due to stomach problems i think they are all just stress related and im wondering if the differin cream is even worth using if i never really had acne problems before? my face can get worse before it gets better, and my skin was really clear before all this stress.
Avatar n tn I started on Differin cream two months ago for simultaneous dryness and cystic acne. Now, in week 8, my acne is the worst it has ever been. I have 20-30 whiteheads and cysts all over my cheeks (where I rarely broke out before) and I'm wondering if this could still be part of the initial breakout? My dermatologist said my skin would get worse around week 2-4, but I thought I would at least be seeing some results by now.
Avatar f tn Dear doctor! How long can I use Differin (adaferin, adapalene)?
Avatar n tn I use differin on my face, and want to get my eyebrows waxed soon. Because in the past my skin has been left raw due to waxing and the use of differin. How long should I wait without using the topical cream in order for my skin to be left ok?
Avatar n tn The dermatologist prescribed a course of Differin cream AS i thought that my skin might be too sesitive for anything stronger that was suggested .Having used the cream all over my face as instructed ,the lines have been much improved,but Ihave seemed to developed more lines particularly on and around my nose.
541216 tn?1213971670 I am 17 and have very mild acne, the doctor prescribed me some differin gel (adapalene), i wash my face and apply mosturiser every morning and then apply the gel at night i have been doinf this for a month now. All it seems to be doing is making me break out more & drying my skin out quite a lot, sometimes wen i try to put mosturiser on my face burns especially at the sides of me nose and the cheek area next to my eye.
Avatar n tn I had skin that was in balanced and not that oily at all. When I tried differin cream and a topical steroid within a week I had to stop because my face became extremely oily. Now I am concerned that i have permanantely damaged my skin and it wont go back to being dryer like it normaly was. My question is can it go back to normal and how many months could i start to see the change. It has only been one month since I stopped using these products and my skin has not gone back to normal yet.
1211220 tn?1335633152 On the plus side,my boobs grew 2 full sizes,my face was totally clear,no oily skin at all,and extra body/face hair growth went away. In the end I decided it was just not worth it and decided to come off it. I suppose if my acne ever gets really bad again I may go back on it,but honestly the fatigue was almost debilitating and I could just no longer stand it.No matter how much water I drank I always felt dehydrated.
Avatar f tn Hi, I just got back from the dermatologist today and was prescribed the oral medication Solodyn as well as the cream Differin to use at night...I was ALSO prescibed Duac Topical Gel to use during the day. Has anyone ever used any of these before? Are they any good? Did they work well for you? I am supposed to go back to see the doctor in 2 months...I hope my acne can clear up somewhat by then...
Avatar f tn I started using differin about two weeks ago. this whole time i have delt with my face hurting when i put on moisturizing lotion or makeup. it feels like when your hands are really chapped and you put on lotion. that really bad burning sensation. Is this normal? is it too strong for me and that is why it hurts so much to touch my face? Plus i am peeling. My whole face is dry and starting to peel. It looks worse than the very few zits i did get. Im trying to decide if its even worth using...
Avatar n tn I MAKE SURE to take really good care of my skin but it dosent seem to work. Also i have a prescription face medication cream called BenzaClin which is 1% clindamycin and 5% Benzoyl peroxide. Also, i am away at college far from my house so could it be my face isnt use to the water here? Im not sure what else it could be. Does anyone have any ideas of what i can do to help??? Can someone tell me what has helped them get rid of annoying and stubborn pimmples? Pleasee helpppp.. thanks!
Avatar n tn When a freshly shaved hair that is cut at an angle curls into the face and becomes an ingrown hair, irritating razor bumps are the product. This can happen anywhere on the body, but is most prevalent on the face. Giving your face a two or three day break between shaves can help ease irritation and help rid your face of razor bumps. Rinsing a blade with alcohol can also help, and frequent changing of the razor to avoid dullness on the blade.
1847035 tn?1327278523 I use neutrogena the brown face bar for acne prone skin for years it can be drying just dnt leave the soap on longer than a minute it washes clean and contains no medicine use a good face lotion as well with breakouts apply a cream from cvs or rite aid that contains benzoyl peroxide and apply generously at night or every other its drying then u should start to clear if u have huge cyst like bumps.
Avatar n tn i have red acne like bumps on my forehead,down the side of my face around to my cheeks,and it itches
Avatar n tn Moisturizing cream might dilute the Differin, but if you stop the Differin altogether, you won't get any benefit from it at all. Please direct further questions along these lines to dermatologists or estheticians you see in person. Thank you. Dr.
Avatar n tn 1% past one week i am using this cream, Is this good for my face are it will give any side effect because previously i was used KOJIVIT for Darkness problem. Kindly advice me can i use ADAPALENE GEL are not.
Avatar f tn has diminished significantly, she has had an increase of tiny skin colored bumps all over her face. Forehead, cheeks, chin and nose. Very noticeable in the sunlight. What is the best treatment for this type of acne? We went to a dermatologist a few months ago.. dr. walked in the room, didn't hardly even look at her face and gave us three prescriptions..... brevoxyl 4% benzoyl peroxide wash, differin, and doxycycline.
Avatar n tn I have seen a Dermatologist and searched online for methods to treat ingrown hairs on my face. I have found contradictory statements from my Dermatologist and online; therefore, I do not know what to do. My Dermatologist does not have the time to answer my questions even when I am there for an appointment. I have let all my hair grow out, including the ingrown hairs. I used to tweeze some of my hairs and suspect this is the cause of my ingrown hair problem, so I have not done so anymore.
Avatar n tn Hello January this year my son visited a GP and requested him to remove a wart growing on the right side of his face. The GP dipped some type of cotton bud instrument in Liquid Nitrogen and proceeded to burn the wart. Upon coming home that afternoon, my son's right cheek had swelled and the area where the cotton bud had been applied to formed a large crater or what I describe as a volcano. This area began to blister, oozed with pus and was redened & burnt.
Avatar n tn i'm 24 year old female and for the past 7 months i have started to have severe face acne, and the occasional back acne too.These spots seem to be on my jawline, forehead,cheeks, and neck. My doctor has prescribed me oxytetracycline, but this has not worked. I think it may be hormonal or an allergy but have no ideas how this can be treated. Can u plese help as this is all new to me as i have never suffered from any kind of spots before. mant thanks for your help and time.
Avatar n tn Hi, I have been suffering from mild, persistent acne for several years now and as far as I know it is hormonal. Recently I visited my GP and they prescribed to me Differin 0.1% topical cream to use in the morning, and Clyndoxyl Gel (clindamycin and benzoyl peroxide, 1%/5%,w/w) to use at night, to try and clear up my skin. Both my doctor and the pharmacist warned me that I will probably experience dry, irritated skin for the first few weeks of use.
Avatar n tn The dermatologist gave me Differin Gel, and topical antibiotic cream called Benzclin, and neither of these helped. The doctor at first thought that it was Cellulitis, and put me on Bacitricin, and then Cephalexin, and neither of those helped. The hard crusty skin seems to grow underneath my cheek, and it stays there for weeks until I can't stand the pain and itching anymore? The crusty skin seems to be super glued into my cheek.
Avatar m tn Hey, ive been treating my very mild acne with lots of acids and benzoil peroxide/ differin products from the past year or so. These harsh products always made me red, especially on the cheeks/nose area, so i stopped about 6 monthes ago. But, it left me with nasty elevated red rashes all over my cheeks and nose, and when u look at it closely, you can see black dots covering the entire redness.
Avatar f tn I have a topical cream called stieva-A (tretinoin) for my acne and i've been using it every 2nd night for a week now. my skin has been breaking out (i was told to expect that) but i was wondering how long this will occur for and how long the flakey skin will last. its very annoying because of the flakiness i cant cover up my breakouts with makeup!! help me! and is the cream even worth it. would love to hear some of your stories.
4345818 tn?1353150812 I always surf the internet for possible answers to my dilemma. I always wash my face after school and even used toner to totally remove dirt. But then again, pimples still persist. My skin type is combination of oily and dry. I noticed that my face becomes oily 1 to 2 hrs after washing that is why I conclude that my skin type is oily and dry. I try to drink plenty of water everyday. I also love to eat fruits but not everyday.
Avatar f tn So i've been taking anti-biotics and using differin gel and my acne has completely cleared up. It's been a year now since it cleared and there are absolutely no pimples on my face, but where the pimples once were, there is what looks like acne, but it isn't. It looks like a rash all over my face, but the spots aren't raised, it's as if there is still acne underneath my skin. What is this?? How can I fix it? If it helps i'm 15, so quite young and I've had moderate acne from ages 9-14.
Avatar f tn looking substance called keratin.They may occur anywhere on body but scalp, ears, back, face, and upper arm, are common sites for sebaceous cysts. A cutaneous horn is a conical projection above the surface of the skin that resembles a miniature horn. Cutaneous horns usually are asymptomatic.But sometimes they can become inflamed and cause pain. I suggest you to get an evaluation done from a dermatologist to confirm the diagnosis.
Avatar f tn Hi i am 28 years old female Caucasian,i had a bad acne in my early twenties,it was only on my cheeks,it lasted for almost two years,then it started to disappear without any treatment,my problem is since that time my skin became extremely dry and itchy on that Area that time but now my whole face is so dry and nothing worked with it,i saw a dermatologist he diagnosed me with seborrhea i don't remember its like (kind of harmless bacteria lives on my skin feeds from my skin's oil) that why the moi