Difference between tricor and fenofibrate

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Avatar m tn Also, don't drink as alcohol also metabolizes as sugars and will increase serum levels of TGL. If these don't help, you can ask for a fenofibrate such as Tricor which is very effective in lowering TGL. However, your level is not all that high, lifestyle changes should do the trick. Meds are mostly prescribed when people have TGL levels over 600. Your bigger concern should be increasing your HDL. Yours should be over 40. Exercise is a great way to increase HDL as is Niacin.
Avatar n tn In my case, the excruciating pain every morning between my shoulder blades and mid-spine area started about 3 months. It usually starts around 4 A.M. Sometimes it is so bad that the only way for me to cope with the pain is to get up walk around for an hour. There is no position change in bed or sitting that helps relieve this pain. (Sound familiar??) The pain disipates as the day goes on. By mid-day, the pain is a dull ache in my back.