Difference between oxymorphone and hydromorphone

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Avatar n tn I was wondering if hydromorphone and oxymorphone are more like oxycontin or methadone as far as being abused. Thanks.
Avatar n tn I'd never hear of the brand-name Opana before, but I can tell you the big difference between oxy's and dilaudid ... Oxycodone -- the opioid in Percocet/dan and Oxycontin, is derived from a part of the opium moleculed called thebaine -- that's why it gives you that "lift," hardly anyone with no knowledge of these drugs would expect. Many oxy addicts take so much of the stuff, they need to take a few benzos to sleep.
Avatar n tn Please excuse my stupidity But could someone please tell me if their's a difference between the way that the oxycodone 30 ir and the oxymorphone 10 ir work in your system and help a person that's in server pain And if they both show up in your system as the same drug Because I've been told that perkacets and oxycodone both show up as the same drug in your system And that the oxymorphone does not So if it's not to much to ask And without getting blasted out to badly LOL Could someone that's knows
Avatar f tn What is the exact difference between hydrocodone/Vicodin/ loratab and oxycodone/ Percocet? I know Percocet is supposed to be lil stronger but what is the real difference? Does one work better on other pains? What's the difference btw hydro and oxy? Thanks!!
Avatar f tn You can even develop hypersensitivity reactions to other phenanthrene derivative opioid agonists (codeine, hydrocodone, hydromorphone, levorphanol, oxycodone, oxymorphone). Another precipitating factor is morphine is known to release histamine which can further precipitate the allergy. Subsequent exposure can be life threatening. Hence, future exposure to such drugs should be avoided. Take care and regards.
29837 tn?1414538248 Long acting opioids include MS Contin, Kadian, Avinza (these are morphine based), Butrans patch (patch is worn for 7 days), Fentanyl patch (patch is worn for 48-72 hours - this is the long acting medication that I use and I find it extremely effective), Opana ER (oxymorphone), Exalgo (hydromorphone). I have also tried MS Contin and Opana ER. Fentanyl Transdermal has been the most effective and consistent pain medication for me compared to the others I have tried.
Avatar n tn Furthermore, this information should be used for education purposes only as it simply explains the difference in potency between two opioids and answers the simple question, "Which is stronger?". Lastly, 50% of the time conversions from one opioid to another opioid require at least one titration by the physician to achieve adequate analgesia. So if your pain is poorly controlled after being converted to a different opioid, speak to your doctor!
541953 tn?1262589826 I find that I do need breakthrough pain meds. Oh and the drug is oxymorphone hcl. Hope that helps and good luck to you.
Avatar f tn I'm wondering what are going to be the WD effects if any? I've been in the hospital on morphine are a couple months and they scaled me back within a couple weeks! Just from experience, why is it so hard to drop from 1mg soboxin or .5 mg then anyone taking 30mg oc for 30 days??? I'm having a hard time understanding why people are on methadone/soboxin years for years??? Also what's the issue with "jumping off" from 1 or .5mg ???
Avatar f tn this hole opiate scene just scares me and i understand there is a difference between being physically dependent and being a addict i just dont want to fall down the path of being a addict and abusing medication. My current med list is Cymbalta 90mg a day lyrica 225mg 2x a day Ms-Contin 30mg 3x a day MSIR (instant release morphine) 15mg as need for BT Mobic 15mg once a day Zanaflex (tizanidine) 4mg 3x a Day Adderall XR 30mg Once a day BusPar 7.
Avatar m tn I agree with your post...And i have seen many here, whom i thought could not tell the difference between addiction, and physical depenence-and tolerence..I started this terrible addiction from pain, and ended up so addicted that my way to get them, became un like who i am....I still have pain ( not near what your dad or some others have) but for me, I cannot have them....But I can let someone else have them and give them as needed, which i have done recently for removal of my gallbladder...
666151 tn?1311117976 Combining Suboxone treatment and traditional recovery Once the dynamic relationship between use obsession and character defects is understood, the proper relationship between Suboxone and traditional recovery becomes clear. Should people taking Suboxone attend NA or AA? Yes, if they want to. A 12-step program has much to offer an addict, or anyone for that matter. But I see little use in forced or coerced attendance at meetings.
Avatar m tn The medication is Suboxone. The difference between it and Subutex is the naloxone in Suboxone. The naloxone only prevents a Suboxone client from getting high if the tablet is transformed to liquid and injected. If it is desolved under the tongue, the buprenorphine gets through to the receptor site. If a client is dosed properly, they don't get high.
Avatar n tn ok heres the deal for physical addiction to opiates beit ,pills or Tar ,snorting or slamming. remember this any drug withdrawal is the exact opposite of the high. So if your high was relaxing warm sleepy place your withdrawal will not be able to sleep,cold, and uncomfortable. How uncomfortable? well how comfortable were you getting? the other side is how long till you get addicted?
Avatar n tn ~COMMON symptom of Opioid Withdrawal,If one is over weight they could possibly take advantage of this effect,alternating between Opioid mis/use and Withdrawal,to maintain their desired weight,although I am myself currently 185cm(6ft,1.75inch)Tall and weigh 72kg,I am not currently Addicted NOR Dependant(Psychological or Physical)on Opioids,but when Withdrawing from a Heroin Binge or whatever,I drop to around 60kg.
Avatar f tn is all inclusive of the opiates (just defined) as well as synthetic and semi synthetic opioid agonists like hydrocodone/oxycodone/hydromorphone/oxymorphone, and mixed opioid antagonist/agonist like Buprenephrine contained in Suboxone, Subutex and the Butrans patch. Lastly, no one on US mainland consults with a Chemist but rather, consults are done with the patient's local pharmacist.
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Avatar f tn hydromorphone, hydrocodone, oxycodone, oxymorphone and desomorphine, buprenorphine. Heroin and the other morphines can actually be put in this category as well - as they are derived from natural opiates. Fully synthetic: fentanyl, pethidine, methadone, and propoxyphene. There is a huge difference in the terms synthetic and semi-synthetic. But neither has anything to do on if they are produced in a lab. They all are.
429155 tn?1205676864 I went to my GP complaning of no sense of smell, saw a surgeon and surgery was recomended, I was given a prescription for Prednisone, a steroid, this gave me some sense of smell, and here's the but, I had the operation and still could not smell, so more Prednisone, well the upshot is that the steroids have caused my Osteo-Necrosis, this is when the heads of the long bones die, so have now had core decompression on one hip and the other totally replaced. Oxycontin.
Avatar f tn It's ALL FROM SUBUTEX and how it just sits in your bones and builds up over time and seems to EAT away your bone marrow and rapes your body of calcium. And the refuse of medication that just sits rotting your bones makes a later "appearance" in the show whenever it is you decide to detox. That's when it comes PURGING out of every single pore of your body as well as through your TEETH!! (just like the bones in your body).
Avatar n tn And I'm afraid, Jimenez, if you think this is the sentiment of a conservative then you don't really understand the issues, nor the difference between liberal and conservative thinking. It's a funny position to be in, because it's conservatives who are my worst enemy - insofar as pain medication is concerned. Having disagreed with your political musings, however, I must say that I DO appreciate your comments on methadone.
Avatar n tn Check with the MFG of your prescriptions,,,,I can pretty much guarantee that unless you are independently wealthy, or are dying, you are getting synthetic chemicals for pain. This was how the difference between opiate, and opioid was explained to me. I would give you my personal reference however, this pain mgmt issue is so sensitive already, I don't like to get into the political/governmental/medical mess of it all or name names.
538697 tn?1218415082 5 mg of the opiate and the Sub has 2 mg per pill. I realize that there is a difference in the two drugs and their chemical make ups, but when I realized that fact, much of feelings of well being didn't really make sense. When you consider the fact that in a day I was taking up to 10 lortabs, at 7.5 mg each pill, and then cutting that opiate usage down to 6 mg PER DAY .. I should be feeling terrible. Today is day 4. I keep waiting for the bomb to drop. So far, so good.