Difference between arimidex and femara

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Avatar f tn [Minimize true prevent not true] • There is no relation between the presence and severity of side effects and Arimidex effectiveness.
Avatar n tn I know the difference between the two is Aromasin is a steroid and Arimidex is not. Has anyone taking the Arimidex had depression with it?
Avatar f tn The recurrence score was 27 so I've completed 4 cycles of Taxotere and Cytoxan. I have been on Arimidex for 3 months. What might be my chances of a cure vs. metastasis? Should I consider Zometa and does it only help prevent bone metastasis or other mets as well? Thanks very much for your thoughts.
Avatar n tn My oncologist is reccommending that I do go through genetic testing. She will be conseling me sometime in the next 2 months. Yes, I should have gone through it years ago. I jjust want to know now your reaction to tamoxafin causing ovarian cancer. I know that there are many ovarian patients taking it now to suppress their cancers, So how could it cause it? And if it were all that dangerous they would take it off the market, right? By the way I am 71 years old.
1162347 tn?1293506770 Actually the aromatase drugs include both aromatase inhibitors (such af Femara and Arimidex) and aromatose inactivators (such as Aromasin). The difference is that the inactivators permanently stop the aromatase emzyme's production. Women on Aromasin were more likely to have fractures, joint pain, osteoporosis, visual disturbances, and diarrhea, while women on tamoxifen were more likely to report vaginal bleeding, muscle cramps, and blood clots.
725998 tn?1258052308 My surgery is scheduled for June 24th. I just had another ca125 and it's 23. So it's hovering....and the femara seems to be stabilizing it...but the gyn/onc and surgeon feel that surgery is the best option....they plan on resecting that portion of colon...which they believe should have definitely been removed back in December 08...or possibly even June 2001 with the original colonic implant.
Avatar n tn I'm fairly large breasted, so I'm guessing if a woman is small or very small it might make a difference. Mine were in the top and bottom of my breast on the left and the largest one was in the middle of the outside on the right. All were very easy and the recovery was quick---I went dancing the evening after the first two (done at the same time). I used very little pain medication at home. Everyone heals differently and has a different pain threshold, but I thought mine were a piece of cake.
529933 tn?1228264519 But, there are some side effects (moodiness, vision issues). He will now be on Arimidex for the same thing. Crazy, eh - it is an off label use of Clomid and the jury is still out. Dnkikki: Congrats on the finals being done! Mommyin09: Yeahooo follies. That sounds really positive. Luvkayln: I understand the need to take some time off - the TTC pressure is hard - along with all of the watching and scheduling. You will be missed.
318181 tn?1336447096 That's interesting about you taking the lupron in the morning, because I was told to take it at night between 6 and 10. Once I start the FSH injection, I'll be mixing everything into one shot, so I only have to take one (a mix of one menopur, three repronex and lupron). It will be one potent cocktail!!! LOL! Hope you're having a good day at work today! ;-) Shellbell: So sorry to hear about the cysts. I had one after my first injectable cycle and had to sit out that month, too. And it was big!