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Avatar m tn Evaluation of the current treatment guidelines and proposal of novel criteria by data mining analysis. M. Kurosaki; N. Tamaki; Y. Yasui ; T. Kuzuya ; K. Tsuchiya; Y. Asahina ; N. Izumi Background and aims: The criteria for the treatment of chronic hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection in the current guidelines are based on hepatitis B e antigen (HBeAg) status, HBV DNA levels, and alanine aminotransferase.
Avatar n tn The top of the ekg report is the computerized software analysis; its a tool for the doctor to further evaluate and apparently the doctor has ruled out any significance. Early repolarization can indicate a skipped heartbeat and a skipped beat is not uncommon almost everyone has an occasional skipped beat. The valve should not work differently with various body positions. Sometimes a large vessel is close to the ear drum and one can ear blood flow. There could be a hearing problem.
Avatar f tn Reliability of Doppler-echocardiographic measures from our laboratories have been previously reported.3,29 Statistical analysis Fig 1. . Ratio of peak speed of early filling wave (E wave) to atrial contraction wave (A wave) (A/E ratio) versus age in maze group and control group. In maze group, least-squares regression of A/E ratio versus age demonstrated linear relationship with r = -0.72 (p = 0.02). This relationship is predicted by the formula A/E ratio = (-0.013 x age) + 1.07.
Avatar n tn ), but the data relied on doesn't provide the significance and value of the components and that includes concomitant health conditions, age, family history, compliance with the prescribed medication and good medical caretakers, exercise, healthy diet, etc. Before there can be credibility for a significant statistical analysis to the probability of interest, there needs to be component analysis and specific values represented for the parameters in the model. My 2 cents.
Avatar n tn Anyone that truly wanted to see infertile couples get their BFPs would not do so for a buck. BTW, what is your diet like? Have you tried changing your diet to help in conception?
Avatar n tn Trial protocol, for better or worse, was developed to take operator error out of the loop with the intent that once approved, operators will simply follow a simple protocol and let the machine's software do the analysis. So, assuming this carries over after FDA approval, I think most people can reasonably expect a good and accurate reading.
315094 tn?1201393650 I happen to know HR researches the poo poo out of these substances, and has the scientific background and knowledge base to bring some really credentialed reasoning and analysis to his positions...and he'll be the first to tell you that they don't do enough studies with some of these things, and he might be off here and there....more shall be revealed...
Avatar f tn The pain comes and goes and didn't bother me that much, I found if I cut out wheat and potatoes from my diet it helped. I didn't have any digestive problems though. Maybe it's just kidney stones? So yeah, I was absolutely fine from August until the middle of December. I was zipping about and enjoying life, really appreciating health! Then in December I got the flu and it was normal flu for a week, then the flu symptoms subsided but the above symptoms started up again.
233616 tn?1312790796 My clinic has postponed treating any patients with triple therapy until their software is updated to include all of the newest information regarding P450 interactions. Therefore I’m NOT the only person realizing just how crucial and important this all has become. Ergo I’ve decided to regroup my thoughts and explain the basics.
Avatar m tn nucleocapsids, while synthesis of the envelope proteins occurred as normally. Following analysis of the large envelope protein conformation in purified microsomes, we concluded that cholesterol is important in maintaining the dual topology of this polypeptide, which is critical for viral envelopment.
Avatar f tn You'll need to take more than grapefruit seed extract pills and vitamin c if you wish to reduce your reactions to almost nothing. The candida diet is the best place to start. It's a difficult diet, but if you can do it, it will make your reactions much more manageable.
179856 tn?1333550962 Based on stepwise logistic regression analysis, HOMA-IR was one of the independent factors associated with HCC development. This result was similar even if the diabetic subjects were excluded for analysis. The research team concluded that increased IR, regardless of the presence of diabetes, is significantly associated with HCC development in patients with chronic HCV infection.
Avatar n tn In addition to abstinence from alcohol,losing weight gradually and safely(losing no more than one or two pounds a week), lowering triglycerides through diet or medications,diabetes control and eating healthy diet will help.I feel that your husband should get himself screened for hep B and C and autoimmune heapatitis also as both cause increased SGPT levels. A consultation from a gastroenterologist or a hepatologist will be the best. Hope it helps.
233616 tn?1312790796 In my case, the moment I found out about fat adding, and too much roughage harming Riba absorption I altered my diet, and went UND within 2 weeks of doing so, but prior to that I had not been able to get a good log drop, and had in fact had my VL rise again at week 16. Ergo diet really does effect outcome, much more than medicine is letting on.
Avatar m tn Is there any statistics on how succesful these drugs are in treating this disease? In terms of diet, what do I need to do from now? My family doctor said I could still play soccer twice a week. Should I?
280891 tn?1261016650 He started his research in the 1950's and has had good results. There is web site supporting his diet. The Paleo Diet has also shown success in treating these neurological diseases. If you want to find out why you have MS Hal Huggins has a book "Solving The MS Mystery Help Hope and Recovery". It is my understanding that the earlier in the disease you address the problem the better chance you have of recovery. Is it all about our genes being messed up?
Avatar m tn I'm probably going to forget to come back here and check replies, so I thought I'd just add my experience on diet.
Avatar f tn But they do know that there are other reasons but they dont have test subjects to prove anything. They did urine analysis based on choline content for TMAU. I've fasted for over a month on a green juice diet, literally starving myself off everything but didnt help at all. I only hope everyone could contribute in capturing any reactions they can on their cellphones.
86075 tn?1238118691 I'm so very, very glad that youre still taking such good care of yourself with your diet and supplements, I know genetics has something to do with it, but I also think these other facets play into your overall health with this disese...good for you, yeah, I'd definitely wait if I were you, maybe at some point in the not to distant future, you could treat with Vertex and the SOC, maybe for just 3 months or so, wouldnt that be grand?
427265 tn?1444080036 last point, and forgive the rambling because I'm using force recognition software which makes editing are difficult, the so-called high-fat diet that some people are putting down, is really not that much different than the diet I have a feeling most people here each anyway -- at least based on all the threads about desserts cookies etc.. The average American diet, and this place is probably representative here, is a very high-fat diet.
Avatar n tn I hope I will solve my problem too. I am 27, male, software engineer, Germany. I am having this problem for around one and half years and still I did not find any solution. I release gas all the time, I don't smell it but all people around me hold their noses, scratch their face. So it is obvious to me that the gas I release smells. Not only that, my breath also stinks. regardless of how good I brush and how long I brush, my breath stinks.
Avatar n tn For a while I actually thought it was diet beverages that were doing it to me as I had cut out all regular soda not too much before my problem started (though I tried cutting the diet drinks out and didnt feel any better). Do you think seeing a neurologist would be a waste of money / effort?
Avatar m tn it may also useful to check magnesium and keep normal sault in the diet because these are known to balance calcium in our diet magnesium to calcium in western and especially american diet is unbalanced 1:6 already (our bodies developed in the centuries with a 1:1 balance), too much calcium in the diet and too weak nutrition from normal vegetables (organic vegetables are ok in magnesium) sault should not be a problem because there is too much in every processed food
Avatar f tn And it means NOW. Pooh has already given me great diet advice. Anemia with VIC would be pretty bad for me (as with everyone). If ONLY I hadn't crossed over into the pre-cirrhotic stage my chances would be so much better, but... it is what it is. My husband has a very keen 'feel" about people. He will be there. I'll be doing most of the talking but he will be doing most of the watching (the doc). I trust John's intuition (he is ALWAYS right) 100%. I did see that post about ???
Avatar m tn I have to wonder if it calls into question the wisdom of drinking post TX or other diet lifestyle considerations. I think that it may also lend itself to be used as support of what doubledose has contended. It may not be quite so simple as SVR. I also wonder...... will a protease inhibitor SVR yeild a different result than a SOC SVR. What sort of below the radar results occur in SVR's and are there additional tests which might better detect such activity or solutions. What might these be?
440193 tn?1293814117 has me on the proper dosage of synthroid,and I was wondering about diet, what kind of diet should we be on to gain healthy hair?? Not one Dr. ever talks about diet or healthy supplements, why is this...I am withdrawing from everything that is important to me,my family friends and yes even my husband cause I feel sooo ugly!!! My hair is falling out in the front,sides and the back on the top of my head!!! I don't want to live like this I absolutely will not!!
Avatar m tn 3 log in serum HCV RNA was observed at day 2 in 6 patients treated with 1,000- 1,200 mg ribavirin.30,31 Subsequent analysis of this study revealed that the decline in viral load between ribavirin and untreated patients achieved statistical significance.
Avatar n tn I Do not correlate the initiation of these tremors with any particular event/diet/state of mind? I have not been able to determine what precipitates them. I have changed my diet, my exercise routine to no avail. I do have a bit of anxiety, but I truly believe it is as a result of the lack of sleep.
181575 tn?1250202386 A recent analysis of 74 patients who lost HBeAg after 48 weeks of entecavir therapy found that 70 had HBeAg seroconversion, 71 had undetectable HBV DNA by polymerase chain reaction, and 63 had normalization of aminotransferases. These findings support the idea that most patients who achieve HBeAg seroconversion during nucleoside or nucleotide analogue therapy meet the strict definition of HBeAg seroconversion.
Avatar n tn But there is only small money behind these and research, particular with sophisticated assays and samples and larger numbers of probands are very expensive and will get more expensive, since we will have to use even more complex tools of analysis to obtain real answers. MEANWHILE THE QUESTION CAN BE PONDERED : What can we do about? Supress the immune system? Use "nonproblematic" antiinflammatory measures?