Diabetic neuropathy in type 2 diabetes

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Avatar n tn If I were you, I would go to a doctor and have him run the simple blood glucose test that would answer the question about diabetes. Most people do not experience complications such as neuropathy until long after diabetes is diagnosed, but on some occasions, I have known diabetic people whose first symptom was some complication such as neuropathy or loss of vision.
Avatar m tn In fact, it is quite often, particularly in type 2 Diabetics, that Neuropathy is the first symptom of Diabetes. Given that, it is still a serious complication and can reek havoc on ones nerves. I have had Neuropathy for around 15-20 years now. I also have autnomic neuropathy, which is no picnic. Unfortunatley there is not a lot that can be done for Neuropathy. The first line medication is usually Neurontin (Gabapentin).
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes over 20 years ago. Years before I was diagnosed I complained about numbness in my legs and feet, I was told I had neuritis and there was nothing that could be done to help me. My neuropathy has progressed up my legs and is now in my fingers. The pain is getting to be unberable, last night I set up in a recliner with heat and vibration untill 4:00 A.M. I had taken 2 Clonazepam and 2 Aleve trying to releave the pain.
Avatar m tn I was dx'ed with type 2 diabetes in 1990. and took all the meds and diets and so on. About 6 years I noticed a small spot on my left side of my abdomen that felt like a rash but, noyhing was there. Within 7months it spread throughout my entire body and, had an emg done and was told it was diabetic neuro.meanwhile I am on Social security disability from over a dozen orthopedic surgeries. All my joints just all started hurting one night all at the same time.
Avatar m tn Hi I am a type 2 diabetic for about 8 years,the last couple of months my feet feel very tired,I wake up in the morning after 7-8 hrs. sleep and my legs feel tired like I walked 20 miles. Does anybody have the same problem as me,or can tell me what to do?
Avatar f tn I just realized that I haven't seen my diabetes specialist in about three years. On my last visit she "discharged" me to the care of my internist. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes about 5 years ago, at age 62. My glucose levels are stable at around 110, hB!ac 5.9. I've recently lost 25 kg, do some mild exercise and feel good. I'm taking metformin twice a day (750 mg).
Avatar f tn Hi Doctor, my mom is a type 2 diabetes patient. she takes 500 mg x 2 glucophage. since diabetes is linked to other diseases as well, what general tests or physical examinations should she have them done. what special precautions she shud take in her diet like taking high fibre diet is good for her. i have told her to take fish oil by pulse (1000 mg) thrice a week. is that good for her.
Avatar n tn Hi again, Handsome -- I've coined my own term -- at least I *think* I've invented it. I use the term "DMer" much like someone might say a person so runs is a runner; a person who jogs is a jogger. We who manage our diabetes mellitus are DMers in my vocabulary. I use DMer with fellow diabetics because, for the most part, we all understand the acronym "DM" -- for the lay folks who only know the word diabetes or diabetic, DMer won't necessarily "click" with them.
Avatar n tn hello, this could be a sign of diabetic neuropathy. How well is your diabetes controlled? What is your HBA1C? You should discuss this symptom with your doctor. If it is neuropathy, it can be reversed in time (a few months) by controlling blood sugar very well (target HBA1C of < 6, and ideally low 5s - if this can be acheived without having too low blood sugar). let us know how you go and please ask any further questions you may have.
Avatar m tn , FACCWS Diagnosed in 1946, at the age of twelve, with type 1 diabetes I have read his free book on little known and badly treated complications of diabetes. His personal story is amazing. His methods are controversial. My doctor says with good control of blood sugars he does not see neuropathy which is what Dr B says too. I suggest you read Dr B's books and listen to his cd's (much of it is online for free - he is very generous with information. he talks about neuropathy here http://www.
Avatar f tn Diabetic neuropathy can indeed include autonomic neuropathy and in fact a large portion of my autonomic medical textbooks are devoted to dysautonomia secondary to diabetes. If anything, I hope this at least comes of comfort to you because yours would fall under a form of dysautonomia which is well-researched and perhaps somewhat better understood than many of the other forms of autonomic dysfunction. Here is what I recommend.
Avatar n tn I think your daughter will have a much better time if she does lower her blood sugars and get to a weight that is healthy for her body-type. When your blood sugars are consistently too high a type 1 diabetic loses weight, this is often how type 1's are diagnosed because they eat and drink more then normal and keep losing weight. If she gets her blood sugars under control I think she will keep the weight on.
Avatar m tn Head's research showed that vitamin deficiencies may result in peripheral neuropathy in some people. Replenishing vitamins B1, B12 and E may lead to a decrease in symptoms. Recommended dosages are 300mg daily of vitamin E. Doses of the different B vitamins vary, but one option for neuropathy patients and their doctors to consider is to take a daily B-complex supplement. Some herbal remedies may be alternatives to explore when treating peripheral neuropathy. St.
308074 tn?1289690946 IT IS VERY IMPORTANT that your husband starts to eat right and take care of himself or his life will be GREATLY shortened. If you husband is in fact a Type 1 diabetic his body does not produce ANY insulin so it is vitally important that he not go without insulin. Insulin is a MUST for anyone with Type 1 as is monitoring his levels SEVERAL times a day. At least 3-4 is recommended. To my knowledge there are no Pancreas transplants available.
Avatar f tn My feet go to sleep for no reason, and when they wake up, my toes hurt. I feel comfortable everywhere except my feet. I have type 2 diabetes but my A1C is 6 as of yesterday.
Avatar n tn Now I am reading that combination medications are causing Type 2 Diabetes. My PCP has been monitoring my A1C for about 2 years and it is steadily climbing. Last one was 128. I really dont want to go on diabetic medications. I am wanting to wean off the Celexa. I am not sure how to discuss with my PCP just how to do that. Not sure if while I wean off the Celexa. Would appreciate any suggestions you may have.
1300526 tn?1275775221 Not sure if this is related, but it is definelty somthing to consider) He was a Type I diabetic from the age of 2. He is now 63 yrs old and has been off insulin for over 10 years! Hope this info is helpful.
Avatar f tn but you don't talk about being diabetic. I agree with Bruce_Bear, this does not sound at all like neuropathy and you should get in to see your doctor as quickly as possible.
2021654 tn?1328653560 Later when I got frustrated telling him that my husband was loosing weight and getting weaker and was in pain, did he state that my husband was type 2 diabetic. We were shocked to find out that he had been this way for two years and of course Dr insisted he had told us this! This is big, not something I would have forgotten nor ignored!
Avatar f tn I hav been told after an exam and MRI's, that I have DDD, fibromyalgia, cervical and thoracic stenosis, and bulging disc at C4-5, T7-8, and a hemangioma at T-8. I also have had type 2 diabets diagnosed for 5 years. They did not do an EMG Study. How can I be sure it is diabetic neuropathy, and not pain from my spine? Would the treatment be different if the pain is from Spinal problems, then diabetic neuropaty? I am on 200mg of Lyrica, and Tramadol for pain.
1341894 tn?1276129380 First of all, Welcome Home I was boots on the ground in Vietnam from March of 67 to October of 68.. I'm 100% positive I was exposed to Agent Orange. I got out of the service in August of 69. I was diagnosed with "Type 2" diabetes in October of 89. After a few years of oral medications and diet changes (I was not over weight or anything close to it) I was diagnosed as a "Type 1".
Avatar n tn Also i used the atkins diet for 2 years prior to being diagnosed with diabetes, being in ketosis much of that time could that of brought on type 2 diabetes?
Avatar m tn I am a 43 year old Type 2 diabetic. I have noticed lately that I have been having difficulty achieving orgams during intercourse with my girlfriend. I have been diagnosed with ED and I do use Cialis or Levitra from time to time. However for the last several months I have noticed the increased difficulty I have been having in achieving an orgasm. I was told my previous girlfriend that frequent masturbation can cause the decreased sensitivity in the penis.
Avatar m tn From your medication, it would appear that your diabetes is type 2. Type 2 diabetes often responds very well to aggressive livestyle interventions such as exercise, low carb diet (restricting sugars, grains, fruits, starchy vegetables), and weight loss. Medications may still be needed. Your foot pain could possibly be related to neuropathy, which is damage to your nerves caused by high blood sugar. Suggest you discuss this with your doctor.
Avatar n tn First I want to tell you that if you test your blood sugar and are 200 or higher, you should immediately make an appointment with a doctor to have tests performed. Diabetes, whether type 1 or type 2 is not something to be ignored.
Avatar n tn I have diabetes II and leg neuropathy. I take medicine for the diabetes but none has ever been given for the neuripathy. What can I do for it or to get over it. What type exercise is good for it? Is massage helpful? I have poor blood circulation in legs so in the summer I swim and walk across the pool. I am male and age 62 and have not driven in 1 1/2 years. I walk around the house but outside the house I use a walker so I do not fall.
Avatar f tn For people who have glucose intolerance and a high blood pressure, diovan is a good medication since it decreases the risk of development of type 2 diabetes. However rarely diovan may cause muscle breakdown as a side effect which may cause achy legs. I would advise getting your symptoms evaluated by your doctor for the possibility and if diagnosed as the reason, it is advised to switch to other group of medications like ACE inhibitors for blood pressure control.
Avatar n tn My husband was diagnosed as a Type 2 diabetic over a decade ago. He was recently diagnosed with bladder neuropathy/retention. His urologist has recommended self catheritization. I was hoping you might have some information on some other options. Is there any surgical procedures that can stimulate the bladder? The self catheritization is very painful for him. He is diligently keeping his blood glucose levels under control and is eating right and exercising.