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Avatar n tn In the meantime, I know this may sound odd but I am hoping there are other diseases (like diabetes) that could explain my symptoms. One symptom that is somewhat unusual for early HIV is that I have started to urinate frequently. Like for the past 5 days, it is upto 7-8 times a day. It is painless, sometimes clear, sometimes yellow, most often in the afternoons and evenings. I don't get up in the middle of the night to urinate though.
Avatar f tn It coman contribute to Alzheimer's and Dementia type symptoms...as well as anxiety and insomnia. Some medications also block absorption of the vitamins. You might want to get her blood work done.
Avatar n tn Get a GTT + insulin levels - find out if you have IGT, IFG, type 2 diabetes and/or insulin resistance, or even an very early type 1. Also get complete blood work, cortisol, hormones, etc - they may be overlooking something.
Avatar m tn Hi I am 21 yrs old an have type 2 an have not been taking my meds for months an have had diabetes for 3 yrs prob. But today I was suppose to have my period n didn't. I have had unprotected sex for the past 3 months n this is the first missed period, I think I may be preg. What shud I do?
Avatar n tn I HAVE been diagnosed with MS. I was diagnosed about 2 1/2 years ago. I went on with these symptoms (all the ones all of you described) for probably 2 or 3 years (being called a hypocondriac (spelling?). Finally was diagnosed when I had a blind spot in my eye. That is when they did the MRI and found the plaques on my brain. Sorry may not use all the right terminology. I am currently having a lot of problems with the tingling in hands and feet and numbness.
Avatar f tn My heart goes out to you, as a mom of 3 young children, I know that you have a lot to deal with--your health issues/worries and still try to stay "on top of it all" and be a good mom. I posted last September and have had quite an improvement in my health since then, but only due to much of my own research, prayer and Divine inspiration. So far, all my neurologist has told me is that I don't have MS or PD, but that I definitely have some type of neurological problem.
Avatar n tn Known family history includes skin/prostate cancers, osteoporosis, hypothyroidism and Type 1 Diabetes [an aunt and my younger sister who was diagnosed at age 29]. Personally, I have bi-polar disorder 1 but otherwise have been healthy. Other than my medicine, I have been clean and sober for over a year. I do have an appointment with my doctor on March 6th. I can't go an earlier b/c I have to wait for my Medicare to kick in on March 1st. Thank you for any help!
Avatar f tn I also have had normal TSH levels. I also developed type 2 diabetes a few years ago but because my A1C has been good, I am no longer on meds for it BUT my levels still run high at times. I am 36 years old! I'm too young to feel this old!!
Avatar n tn I think the glucose fasting test I had done has ruled out diabetes. At least no docs have thought it was and seemed happy with the result (4.
Avatar n tn But would like to hear your thoughts on the diabetes thing. I will bring it up to my doc next time. My dad did have type II diabetes and I def have some components of the metabolic syndrome -- high cholesterol, high ldl, low hdl, high triglicerides, above normal bp. Oh, my doc will probably put me on Lipitor later this month. I could probably avoid it by going on a better diet and exercising more regularly but for whatever reason haven't had the discipline lately. Maybe that will come.
Avatar n tn Known family history includes skin/prostate cancers, osteoporosis, hypothyroidism and Type 1 Diabetes [an aunt and my younger sister who was diagnosed at age 29]. Personally, I have bi-polar disorder 1 but otherwise have been healthy. Other than my medicine, I have been clean and sober for over a year. I do have an appointment with my doctor on March 6th. I can't go an earlier b/c I have to wait for my Medicare to kick in on March 1st. Thank you for any help!
Avatar n tn Only health problem is PCOS on metformin to control symptoms. No diabetes. EKG, stress, echo, labs normal including TSH 1.72. Mother with history of hyperthyroidism with surgery. Is TSH good enough to rule out thyroid or are other tests idicated? Waiting on 24-hour urine catacholamines/metanephrine test now.
Avatar m tn If this is upsetting your body's natural balances, it could be causing other symptoms. As digestion problems also seem to be part of your symptoms, looking at the fizzy drinks and avoiding coffee might help. Coffee caused me a lot of indigestion and gastric pain in the past and I had to swap it for tea. It's a pity because I love coffee. I know most health sites say 'drink lots of water' and suggest you avoid everything you basically love.
1216899 tn?1288573925 No, I have not noticed a change in blood sugar, though I sometimes think some of my symptoms are diabetes-like. I'm not a doctor but a blood sugar above 200 indicates diabetes(as do some of your symptoms); below 100 is normal depending upon how low (range - I think under 50 is hypoglycemia). It sounds as though your blood sugar is really fluctuating. Have you seen your PCP? An endocrinologist?
Avatar n tn If you're clear of the medications, symptoms associated with them should decrease over time, probably within 2-4 months as long as you minimize your drinking. If you're worried about long-term damage as a result of the meds, you should probably schedule an appointment with a physician, and possibly get an MRI, so if anything, you get the peace of mind that your experiences with the drugs didn't cause any serious damage. Good luck!
351317 tn?1204755471 It is also seen in people with other autoimmune diseases including vitiligo, Type I diabetes, Sjogren’s syndrome, dermatomyositis, and rheumatoid arthritis. Ultimately, a skin biopsy will tell if your rash is really DH - if so, it may take time before you know what (if any) other autoimmune disease might be present with it. Jr.
Avatar f tn I am a 34 year old female with a miserably long list of symptoms that began approximately three months ago and are becoming increasingly unbearable. They are listed below in order of severity. sudden weight gain (45 lbs.
Avatar f tn MS and diabetes cannot be confused with one another. The only symptoms they might have in common are neuropathic pain, usually in the legs and feet, and vision issues. If blood sugar is controlled the vision problems usually improve a lot, but not overnight. In any case, it should be easy for you to find out if you are really diabetic. Your primary doctor can settle this once and for all, so I advise you to lose no time with this. It's extremely important to your health.
Avatar n tn i went on the web at 8 in the evening and before i knew it, i was turning it off at 2 in the morning. all becuse i was looking up different symptoms. I hate feeling like this, and its good to know im not the only one. Anyone else suffer with the head pains blurry foggy vision and heat seges?
Avatar n tn I would like to direct this comment to those who have 'allergy-like' symptoms the next day while drinking SOME types of beer, but no symptoms when drinking other types. Try an experiment: Find out the filtration process of the beer that gave you the killer headache/nausea the next day. I bet it is unfiltered, and therefore the beer would contain active yeast. Then, try drinking a beer (such as an import or higher quality domestic) that IS filtered (i.e. no active yeast present).
Avatar n tn I have been experiencing the same symptoms for the past 2 years. It came on very suddenly at a time when I was exercising regularly every morning on the stairmaster and lifting weights every evening. Since that time I have forced myself to work through the weight lifting and have cut out the the stairmaster (which did cause a lot of sweating). I found that after a few days the flu like symptoms would diminish from the weight lifting.
Avatar n tn I seem to be in the same boat. Period is 2 days late, having multiple symptoms, and we are trying (so it would be a joy if we were and I can't stop thinking about it). I am concerned that it may have been a cyst that caused the symptoms and now the delay in my period though, because I had relatively sharp discomfort in my left side (near my ovary) that got progressively worse over a few days and the just stopped three ago. Has anyone had this happen?
Avatar n tn I had been experiencing what felt like hypo symptoms during the day - fatigue (sleeping much of the day), weakness, dizziness, hot flashes, feeling cold, weight gain, puffiness in my face - but then also experiencing hyper symptoms especially at night - palpitations, anxiety, insomnia, heat intolerance, etc. Is it possible that I cycled through both? My doc went by the numbers and finally decided I was hypo - my TSH was finally high after several normal TSH and T4 and T3 tests.
Avatar n tn Symptoms of pheochromocytoma MAY include Headaches Nausea Vomiting Weight loss or gain Hypertension Hyperglycemia Diabetes Diabetes-like symptoms Palpitations Angina Chest Pain Clammy skin Cold skin Anxiety Nervousness Panic Feeling of impending doom Rapid pulse Rapid breathing Breathing difficulty Vision disturbance Impaired vision Orthostatic hypotension Fainting Sweating Flushing Abdominal pain Flank pain Constipation Paresthesia (tingling, prickling, numbness or
Avatar n tn Hi I had the vaccine 13 days ago after which i had one night with bad flu symptoms then 2 days later I had pain going down both of my arms making my wrists very sore.i still have stiffness and pain inmy arms but now it is in my ankles and knees and my muscles feel like they are contracting.I have had some tingling in my face and legs but at the momement this has subsided.Haven't slept the past 2 nights mainly due to pain and everytime T wake up I feel worse.
Avatar n tn It has been about six months and most of the symptoms described above are gone. I must add that I try to eat healthy and exercise 2-3 times a week. Don't know if this helps. Now, occasionally, I do get dizziness for few secods but it does not last long. The sexual side effect seems to have gotten worse to the point of slow response! Im summary, all these medicines do have side effects. They fix one problem but create another one.
Avatar n tn At first I thought it was just stress, but when the symptoms continued for more than a week I decided to go to the doctor's. They gave me a routine checkup, including measuring my blood pressure, looking into my ears, etc. But no blood test because the doctor thought it was unneccessary and concluded that I was dehydrated. Afterwards, I had a good day's rest and the dizziness disappeared.
Avatar n tn I can be tired after 12 hours sleep! Can I be suffering symptoms from my thallassemia. Does any one else feel the same way that I do? This is a little bit hard for me, but I don't want to complain.
Avatar f tn Per my PCP, he told me that I definitely have Hashi's because of having the TPO antibodies. I've always had alot of medical issue's, sinuses, kidney, type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, triyglycerides, ect.now liver, ect. now knowing I have a autoimmune disorder or disease. I'm realizing why I've always had have so many health issue's. Anyhow, from the research I've done, if understanding correctly.
15607012 tn?1442453350 2- just like diabetes, there's type 1 and type 2. The vast majority of ENDOs do not look into type. Very common! Ask for Free T3, Free T4 and Reverse T3 7. Deficiencies. Tissue magnesium-not blood magnesium! Glutathione, Potassium, Neurotransmitters, B12 Methylocobalamin, Methylfolate, Vit. D3 . IV cocktail or sublingual drop where possible 8. Comprehensive metabolic profile for organ integrity evaluation as well as fluids and electrolytes. 9.