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Avatar m tn White Male 38yr I have recently had a battery of scans, procedures, and visits with specialists Cardiac Specialist - June 2010 - Everything Fine - BP 120/80 Gastroenterologist - August 2010 - Endoscopy - Erosion of Esophagus, and H Pylori - Nexium and Antibiotics Neurologist - Brain MRI - Found Golf Ball Cyst in Cerebellum, EMG (Brain Waves) Normal NeuroSurgeon - High Field Brain MRI with Dye - Suffered Panic Attack with BP at 180/120 - In ER for 2 hrs - NeuroSurgeon Consult - Surgery not recom
Avatar n tn I have been diagnosed with orbital myositis twice, ten years apart, once at Columbia Prespeterian in NYC (while nine months pregnant) and once at Wills Eye Hospital in Philadelphia. Both times, after exhaustive testing, the results were that this is an auto immune disease that is "idiopathis", cause unknown. I know that this is of little comfort, but I have not had a reoccurance since 1993. While 1980 an 1993 were very bad experiences, I cannot complain about the last fifteen years.
393419 tn?1228450993 Hi, I had a TT in June of 2010, due to Papillari Cancer. I had an ablation. (RAI) four days ago, and took my first dose of synthroid this morning after being on cymotel for 4 weeks following my surgery. I had to stop taking it for two weeks in order to receive my RAI treatment, and that's when I started to feel awfull. Now Im wondering how long is it going to take for me to get my energy and muscle weakness back. I have to go back to work in three days and my children start school Monday.
Avatar n tn I don't do being an invaild very well. My intention was to walk on a straight leg brace straightaway, drive my car (which is automatic) as I can get my leg into the foot-well in a straight position, and hopefully get back operating, if I can hobble about without crutches around an operating table, and do my clinics. Would be good to hear from anyone whether this sounds in any way possible or is it pie-in-the-sky.
Avatar n tn He too experienced paralysis on the right side (arm/leg),loss of speech (aphasia/apraxia), had a feeding tube and picc line. 1. Believe it or not...my husband is NOW ABLE TO WALK short distances WITHOUT a cane and walk long distances with a cane. 2. His speech is coming back beautifully. He sometimes surprises himself with how he is able to hold conversations. Every now and then when speaking the aphasia/apraxia will be noticable. Words may come out scrambled or gibberish. 3.
Avatar n tn By 12 o'clock I am hungry. I am trying to walk 1-3 miles 5 times a week, As well as work out video twice a week and belly dancing twice a week. I hope this works!
Avatar n tn Do others notice these knats around you? What do they say or think?
Avatar f tn I love to exercise and my dogs need a walk!!! Today I went for a lower back MRI and had a hard time holding still because of feeling crampy and cold. All of the docs say it is a coincidence that any of my problems started shortly after receiving the implant. I have sent blood in for the Melisa test, but wonder if a reaction will show being I was not able to refrain from using inhalers for five days. The implant has adhered to the bone and looks "perfect".
530191 tn?1214166411 ) I did have some remission from September 2009 to January 2010. After my period in January, the hives have returned everyday. Thanks for reading my rants.
3229560 tn?1347041110 Recently I went to Johns Hopkins in MD (I live in IL) and was seen by a scleroderma specialist. I was diagnosed with sclero in 2010 and I wanted an expert to confirm. The scleroderma doctor diagnosed me with UCTD but was more concerned with my flushing syndrome and has referred me to a specialist in the autonomic nervous system. LivingDead you mentioned Dysautonomia and that is EXACTLY what they are going to be looking for. I would love for you to share more info on this.
17568 tn?1424977159 If you don't agree with someone, just walk away. I understand the passion, but if you all want to fight, do it elsewhere. You can debate, discuss, and dispute all you want, but as has been said ad nauseum, insults and name calling are not allowed.
Avatar n tn Can I just walk around a track right now? Isn't that kind of like walking at the mall? Can I do whatever I want as long as I keep my heart rate below X? The official word from my discharge is not to lift anything over 2 lbs. and to pretend like I had abdominal surgery. Please, I can lift a 30 lb. dumbbell over my head without even thinking about it, & I can do my fair share of sit-ups, so give me some information that is relevant to me.
Avatar n tn When that side of my nose closes up I feel dizzy and light headed. When I walk around I feel like I'm going sideways and am afraid I will fall. Even when I sit I feel like I'm going to just fall over. When my nose opens up, which isn't very often I feel more normal. I've taken allergy shots which didn't help and had CT of sinuses which was clear. Every day I get up and feel the same way. I feel like this at home as well as when I go out, which isn't very often.
363682 tn?1299492962 Thanks for your interest Vanessa. No ... apart from 'mild' hypertension (for which I am prescribed Perindopril 2mg.), I can't say there are any other noticeable accompanying symptoms. What I have noticed in recent months though is that I am starting to get hot flushes - usually in early evening - and exacerbated by having eaten a hot meal and/or a preceding alcoholic drink.
Avatar n tn One of my coworkers is walking with me 15min twice a day and after each walk I'm pumped. The need to sleep just goes away. I think it's the endorphins. I am trying to be in bed by 8 tonight.
Avatar f tn I kind of just sat in silence and absorbed all the very fast, exaggerated sounds around me (and loud, rapid thoughts in my head), until it all became too much, and I forced myself to get up and go for a walk. Just getting up to leave the house was intense - walking gently to the door seemed like I was stomping, and moving at the speed of light, but I knew I wasn't. I could hear my thoughts yelling "I'M WALKING TO THE DOOR I SHOULD GO FOR A WALK I'M TURNING THE DOOR HANDLE" etc.
Avatar n tn this morning i woke up with the usual red eye that usually accompanies the horrible swelling of my eye and all I have is the red eye and not the swelling... and granted the red eye is no walk in the park, but at least i can put the refresh liquidgel eye drops - the really thick ones - and that alleviates some of the irritation... And to answer one of the posters above, I do not wear eye make-up... at least we know we aren't alone...
Avatar n tn I am glad to hear someone else is 'waddling' already--When I walk I keep thinking, I shouldn't be walking this way yet. :) Thanks for clairifying the extra visits...that makes more sense now.
Avatar n tn the dr said that he is surprised that that is the only thing wrong, i have absolutely no other abnormalities, and no sign of diabetes or heart disease. after my clomid he said that everything was going perfect, i had 2 eggs release the night before iui, i had gone in on sat for blood and then was told to come in the next day, that went on till monday and i had a surge so they gave me the trigger that day and went in on tuesday the 26th for iui and had another egg release that day.