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Avatar f tn We picked the Pride Go-Go for its portability, but the 2nd time around we got the Go-Go Elite Traveller Plus HD, which is slightly larger, and has a larger weight capacity and battery. Having had the old one for quite a few years, I can say that the new one was much improved, in my opinion. Oh, Loretta did put Harley-Davidson stickers on the sides of the battery cover on the first one.
Avatar n tn During the study (which I had to stop in 3 months because of horrible side affects), I developed another more horrible chronic condition - interstitial cystitis. Hep C is a walk in the park (at least at stage 2) compared to IC. I too have become a shadow of my former self. I'm in constant horrible pain and can't make plans to go anywhere anymore. I use to hike and camp. Now, I'm rarely well enough to even drive 10 miles from my house. Even walking the dog to the park can be painful.
Avatar n tn I used to think that I was being all fierce and courageous to go off to Iraq and Afghanistan -- but that was a walk in the park compared to facing down the terrors of old age. I found that out last Saturday.
Avatar f tn I began feeling extremely tired, and this exhaustion led to an appointment with my PCP. He diagnosed type 2 diabetes, which I managed to gain control of. A year later, the fatigue continued. He eventually found the HCV after I continued to complain about being tired.
Avatar n tn I also take the medication for type 2 diabetes. I also take glyburide for my diabetes. I would say that it is a 50/50 chance whether you would lose weight in the long run as the product wasn't designed as a weight loss product. (but I'm not a doctor so your dr. might be able to tell you what to expect).
Avatar n tn , It has been a lifelong disability - preventing me from participating in any sports - even in high school, or going anyplace you walk around outside when it's hot. Actually, it doesn't even have to be hot. Inside stores - even with a/c - I always seem to get hot within a few moment (it's like it comes on when it's stuffy). I can't remember the last time I bought anything with long sleeves and was able to wear it for any length of time. I layer everything.
551343 tn?1506834118 I have been diagnosed with MS, but my journey was not a walk in the park and I can surely relate to what others in this group are going through. If I can help in any way, I will be very happy to do so. I also have one more thing to say and that is that my doctor's say there might be another neurological issue or enzyme deficiency issue that is contributing to my symptoms. I am working through that process and perhaps this forum will help me in some way with that issue as well.
Avatar n tn I too just kept thinking it was the battery going bad or something after several times but then one time I reached for it and it wasnt there.Now I searched the net and came across this forum.I would really appreciate it if someone has some real answes on this too.
Avatar f tn If you are in the store yet again and panic hits...walk around, breathe....maybe even set your items aside and walk outside for some air. Keep in mind that the PA will NOT hurt you...it is just emotions. ALSO....one thing we all worry about is what other people are thinking...and you know what? Unless you are screaming on top of your lungs or rolling around on the floor...NO ONE has a clue but US. *Our* feelings are over sensitized...not everyone else's.
Avatar n tn I have been struggling with weight issues for the past 2 years but by and large maintaining an even keel at 148 pounds. I watch what I eat, I 'jiggle' (walk 1 mile and run back) every day, always take the stairs, park at the far end of the parking lot etc., but have gained 8 pounds in the last month. I had figured some of the weight gain was due to my period so didn't worry but now it has finished and I am heavier than before, help. You mentioned a web site but didn't put a link.
Avatar n tn I would have hard time accomplishing anything and would be tired all the time. It would be hard for me to walk one mile when I could walk 10 before. I had severe anxiety and would get constant panic attacks. What helped was taking a good magnesium supplement. What I have found is that in some people, undiagnosed celiac will cause them to lose weight and for others, they gain weight. If you not familiar with what celiac is, its an allergy to gluten (wheat, barley, rye, etc.).
Avatar n tn A week later I caved, and asked Heidi to come home. Their was a restraining order still in effect, so she had to park down the street from the house. She was very afraid, and I don't blame her, we had been through this many times before. She could go to jail very easily. She was a very anxious person. She started trying to not drink again. The nightmare began afresh. I would sit with her by the front door as she screamed. She wanted to leave. I wanted her to stay. She wanted to stay.
Avatar n tn I recently had bloodwork done and thought Diabetes was the case, but all results came back clear except my liver count (elavated AST and ALT). I'm still going through some tests for the liver, but already had an ultrasound and Hep A,B,C test which were all clear. The blurry vision/foggy feeling has me concerned since I have recently been to the eye doctor and all was good. He simply gave me computer glasses and sent me on my way.
Avatar f tn She wasn't able to walk far, so I would drive her to the local park and let her walk a little and do her business and hang out a while, I would then carry her back to the car. This went on like this for the last year or two. On December 7th, my dog was attacked by a German Shephard.(my husband was walking her) She got three puncture wounds. 2 were superficial, the other preforated her abdomen. The doctor was able to stitch it up under a local anesthesia.
Avatar n tn Oh my gosh, I feel for you all. I started having weird sensations and feelings, anxiety and a few panic attacks when I was 17. Even though I know that stress and the way we handle stress has a lot to do with it, I had an underlying issue. When I was 22, my mom was reading a book on menopause and found out that someone at my age can suffer from hormone deficiency and premenopausal symptoms. Even though I don't feel like this was the source of my anxiety, my anxiety was definately amplified by it.
Avatar n tn ) I turned to her book once more and this is what I've discovered... The spleen is the energy battery of the body. It is responsible for digesting nutrients along with the stomach, recycling old red blood cells into iron for the blood, and keeping bad bacteria out of the system that can cause colds, flu, etc. My spleen is exhausted. After an extremely stressful year (and hasn't everyone with these symptoms cried "Stress!"), I am tired and sick.
Avatar n tn All started back in September, back pain would wake me up, and at that point, I was unable to lie down. I would get up, walk around, then prop up pillows and sit up in bed, hoping to fall back asleep. As the months have gone by, the pain has progressively gotten worse. 4 to 5 hours after lying down, I am so stiff and uncomfortable, that I rarely fall back asleep. I have had MRIs of low back, mid back and CT scans of pelvis and abdomen and also back xrays and a full body bone scan.
Avatar n tn I jogged 3 to 4 times a week and worked out 2-3 times a week. Now I can't even walk fast or do hardly anything due to chronic headpressure headache and now my neck hurts too, which feels like a nerve constantly being pinched. The lump on my neck, I was told was my carotid artery. I feel your pain!
Avatar n tn Do you know if anyone has done this?........................ I have 75 pounds to loose. Diabetes, Thyroid issues.................. looking to get off the diabetes meds for sure.
Avatar f tn I love to exercise and my dogs need a walk!!! Today I went for a lower back MRI and had a hard time holding still because of feeling crampy and cold. All of the docs say it is a coincidence that any of my problems started shortly after receiving the implant. I have sent blood in for the Melisa test, but wonder if a reaction will show being I was not able to refrain from using inhalers for five days. The implant has adhered to the bone and looks "perfect".
Avatar n tn Well it looks like a trip to the Dr is in order here. At least I have something to walk in with somewhere to start...not just wasting money and all...lol... Well, I'll post what I find out, hopefully this will work!
Avatar n tn When that side of my nose closes up I feel dizzy and light headed. When I walk around I feel like I'm going sideways and am afraid I will fall. Even when I sit I feel like I'm going to just fall over. When my nose opens up, which isn't very often I feel more normal. I've taken allergy shots which didn't help and had CT of sinuses which was clear. Every day I get up and feel the same way. I feel like this at home as well as when I go out, which isn't very often.
Avatar n tn First I had the condition for about 3 months and have managed to miminize it to a point where it’s much less of a problem then it was when it started. Of course it could come back. 1. Facts – I’m 61 no high blood pressure, no diabetes, not overweight and never any serious sinus problems. 2. Clues: - I would get an attack at almost the same time every day. Mid afternoon at work and watching TV in the evening.
Avatar n tn hi there, i cannot believe i have just found some people with the same affliction as myself, i am now 41 soon to be 42 and i have suffered this since i was a 15 yr old boy at school. i used to have to walk part way to school in mornings and mostly for the five years of secondary school i arrived into school soaked due to the rain, i had to then wear wet clothes all day and dry them on me. I always thought this was the cause.
Avatar n tn The weird thing is, if I walk with my head down, it's almost non-existent. If I sit down, I'm perfectly fine. If I am upright but not walking, I don't have the problem. Once I start to walk, I get the odd feeling back. As soon as I'm outside the mall in open air, I'm fine again. This is beyond crazy and I think people that do not experience this believe I'm nuts.
Avatar n tn Both neurologists said the only time to be truly concerned is if you find you couldn't walk, have trouble swallowing, are severely weak, or having vision problems. All is okay. I feel pretty good.