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Avatar f tn Your veterinarian will help you with a game plan for regulating her diabetes. Some cats need insulin, others can do just as well on special diets. Many veterinarians are now recommending trying to keep the cat on a grain free canned diet, but not all cats are accepting of that type of food. Beyond the information you might get here, I would recommend asking questions in our Ask the Vet expert forums here on MedHelp. Another good resource is caninediabetes.org.
1460724 tn?1285935986 She lost weight and I took her to the vet and was treated for urinary tract infection. Ever since that time she is now the most aggressive of all the cats (as I come in the house, she is waiting there MEOWING at the top of her lungs). She no long hides, she appears to be always hungry and her preference is canned food and IAMS hairball dry food, she is thin, but still very active, jumping, chasing things and will nip you if you don't pet her when she wants.
12679876 tn?1426981493 You can try this for more info. Pet education.
Avatar f tn The last cause I can think of for lumps in this region is cancer, even in young cats. Sometimes young cats develop fibrosarcomas and they can occur in this region. These tumors need to be removed and very wide surgical margins made around the area the tumor occupied. For this reason it may be best to have a needle aspirate done first and the type of tumor identified if possible.
910930 tn?1242962806 Just try not to keep her on Prednisone for a long time as it can cause health problems like diabetes. I know this, because I have an IBD cat. IBD cats are usually treated with prednisone along with other things. As the IBD gets worse, the dosis increases (until the cat has to be put to sleep) So then you have a diabetic, IBD cat. But, after all, medication for a long time has its side effects, right?
Avatar m tn While excessive thirst can be indicative of a physical problem, if she shows no other symptoms, there may be no need for concern. But at least a call to your vet is probably a good idea just to be sure.
11360622 tn?1417803119 We never want our beloved best friend to ever feel they are no longer important and ignore them. That is how elderly cats spend their last days in a Rescue...and it is a troubling thing to see. Senior cats should see the vet once a year for a complete health checkup--diabetes, kidney disease, Hyperthyroidism will sneak up on you as they age and they will need specific meds to help them along.
Avatar f tn your poor kitty sounds like he has alot going on and still he's very active. STEROIDS are NOT good for cats. they can lead to many long term problems, even 1 dose can lead to DIABETES in cats. Is the Vet prescribing this for some sort of pain control, for inflammation? There MUST be a a very good reason for wanting a kitty to take this medication. I will send you a link to a website for more info on side effects. keep in touch. http://www.marvistavet.com/html/prednisone.
Avatar m tn As to the connection between diabetes and cataracts , I have never heard of this. Our Sammy used to eat Purina Diabetic food for cats when he was diabetic and even after he was no longer diabetic. Now he eats a dry food produced by Medi Cal. I've tried to give him some wet Medi Cal canned food as well as the dry food ,, but he just turns up his nose at the canned Medi Cal Calorie Control Food. Perhaps another fur baby parent can provide some answers about the cataract question.
3140169 tn?1342852021 2 vets have told me that the main part of their (I have 6 cats) diet should be wet food and to limit the amount of dry food! Mainly because of the high carbs in the dry food and that it will cause weight problems! My cats do have weight issues! So, what I do is feed them 1, 3oz can of wet food a day, usually around dinnertime for me! Then I give them about 1/4 to 1/2 cup of dry, usually around breakfast and that's it!
4105307 tn?1369535032 As you have probably found out, cushings is extremely rare in cats. I hope you have a good vet. Our Tink was first diagnosed with diabetes, then a while later tested for cushings. The diabetes, as I understand, is often triggered by the cushings. Either way, we had started insulin twice a day and had decided we would continue as long as she was a happy cat. Vitamins and glucosamine tablets seemed to help. We gave her FortiFlora, a powder in a packet, for diahrrea as needed.
82861 tn?1333457511 I know nothing about cats, but if there is anything that will make this cat more comfortable in his last years, I would like to try to get it through Mom's head. If I have to, I'll take Alexander in to the vet myself. Other than the increased water intake, he seems very healthy - well, with the occasional fur ball thrown up!
Avatar f tn It could be worms, that is easy enough for the vet to check if you bring in a stool sample. He seems a little young for diabetes.
Avatar f tn so i took him home and iv been giving him water from a syring but if i give him to much he pucks up a yellowy water substance and then foam. and he wont eat anything iv tried everything!! i need help please someone help!!!!!!!
Avatar f tn He just spent 5 days at the vet while I was on a business trip. During this stay we started him on insulin to try and help control the diabetes. I brought him home from the vet this morning. When I got home form work today he would not eat any food. I administered some sugar solution and then the insulin dosage. Now I notice that his pupils are different sizes. Also he is urinating frequently outside the litter box and it is blood tinged. Are these all symptoms of the diabetes?
1232362 tn?1333139006 This led me to wonder about trying this for Spirit's arthritic shoulder and the sneezing she's been suffering from if she's not in my humidified bedroom. Has anyone tried this? I'm not having any luck finding the specific direction for her that I found for myself-just a general massage you can do for overall health and mood that you do down either side of the spine while petting your cat. Any input/help appreciated.
Avatar f tn and believe me there is a lot of bucks involved in 'pet food' but at one time my cats were all on dry food too, and I lost one dear one to urinary tract disease and another to CRF before I became more proactive. Whatever you do, don't put your kitty on steroids.....he is already diabetic, that can be caused by steroids and so can many other diseases. Steroids are harsh potent chemicals that should only be used as a last resort and than only for inflammation or immunosuppression.
Avatar n tn Now, yes, garlic is a traditional treatment for cats and dogs for ticks and fleas. But there are some suggestive studies that use of garlic in cats can lead to possible blood clotting issues, so I'd advise against using it unless absolutely neccessary. I would suggest switching to a wheat/ soy/ grain free diet. Use a digestive enzyme. This could help with your cat's breath and allergies.
Avatar f tn I had liver transplant (receipient) done a month back in Delhi, India. At ten in the morning I take 17 mg of Wysolone. I also take 750 mg Cellcept and 2 mg PanGraf in the morning and same dose in the eveningEvening primrose. My sugar level seems to shoot up at times each and every day.
359574 tn?1328364024 Keeping track of all of us is a little like herding cats, don't you think? Cats with beans in their ears?
Avatar f tn About a month or maybe more ago, my cat had some bacteria in his ears. It kinda looked like extra wax, scabby, etc. anyway I got some ear drops which didn’t seem to help and then he started getting scabs above his eyes which prompted me to take his back and they gave him liquid medication. He’s done two round of antibiotics, and whiched his food to grain free.
Avatar n tn Long term steroid use is WELL known to cause diabetes in humans, as well as animals. I've also had a cat that got diabetes from steroid use. I am very shocked that your vet told you to keep your cat on an ALL fish diet. This is not healthy for your cat at all. This can make your cat sick. I don't know the specifics, but my vet told me about it. They told me that cats need land and sea protein sources. Please, use google or yahoo, and you'll be able to see for yourself.
Avatar n tn He knows that he has a lot of good things in his life, family who loves him to pieces, horses, dogs, cats, and a load of support for what he is going through, he is only 10, and seems to let the diabetes over shaddow the happy things he does have. I feel so bad for him, he cries at school all of the time now, and boy, that is a target for the kids at school, so he now is also dealing with names like baby and cry baby.
Avatar m tn 0 K/uL IgE 899 IU/mL My symptoms severe pain in chest/back/right abdomen, swelling, difficulty breathing, irregular heartbeat at times, blurry vision, ears ringing, bruise easy, very weak and achy muscles and joints, sensitive skin headaches and dizziness, trouble with concentration/memory, depressed, numbness and tingling in hands/feet/left arm,sweating, fever, extreme fatigue, teeth breaking and decay, metal/copper taste in my mouth, extreme bowel changes, blood in bowel movements, feels like
1144082 tn?1261273568 Sometimes cats can carry organisms such as demodex or ringworm and show no signs unless they are immunosuppressed (such as in diabetes) The chewing and self trauma often cause a secondary bacterial skin infection which makes the itch worse. I recommend skin scrapings to look for parasites and infection, and a fungal culture for ringworm.
Avatar m tn I've tried carbon tablets, peppermint is unsuitable as I also have gastric reflux and stomach ulcers. It's getting close to separate bedrooms. Think I'd rather take my chances with diabetes.
Avatar f tn I agree with CML about visiting her at the vet every day. That will make a big difference in her healing. And, it will help if you bring something from home to put in her cage. That will comfort her and reassure her so much. You're in our thoughts.
Avatar f tn The last time I asked the vet what type of food to switch to he was no help, so my question is does anyone know if its the grain in the food that would be causing allergies, or could it be the chicken and I should switch to beef or fish. He currently eats Friskies chicken canned food, and Purina cat chow naturals. I know its not great food but I have a lot of cats.
1431734 tn?1421015271 good for you, I'm sure your kitty will do very well. Its the STARCHES that cats have NO need for in their diet. however there are some good vegetables that provide needed fiber and pumpkin is one!! you can even add abit of that to his canned food if it doesn't contain any, good for constipation issues.. good luck and post on the Cat Community to let us know how its going ok..
Avatar f tn Most of it - unless it is the very best from specialty pet stores - is full of grains and nasty by-products that can cause all kinds of problems including allergies, obesity and diabetes. All dry food is - well - dry. Cats are desert animals and were meant to get their water from their prey. They do not have a strong urge to drink water and can be dehydrated easily. A good quality canned food is much better then any dry food.