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Avatar n tn My gyno suspected a possible bladder infection and prescribed Macrobid 100 mg for 5 days. That ended last week and has not eliminated the problem. She also gave me a sample of Detrol-LA, which I tried in desperation last night, but I understand may take a few days. I do not have "sudden" urges, nor do I leak. I'd prefer not to take Detrol as I am very susceptible to side effects and Detrol can cause dry mouth.
Avatar n tn I do not know if this is a symptom Og BPH, but my anus region hurts and feels full quite often. I am seeing a urologist and he has me taking Doxazosin and Detrol LA. My concern is the redness on my penis head, which seemed to come about when I started having prostate problems 6 to 8 months ago and the pressure and fulness in my anus region. I have shown the Dr. the redness and he said it was because I was uncircumcised and circumcision would cure it.
Avatar n tn The Dr handed me Detrol LA and said maybe overactive bladder but arent more tests supposed to be done to rule out other things first? I am a 47 yr old female. Does overactive bladder just come out of nowhere? I have had no problems prior to this. Do I need a cystoscopy or are there other ways of checking bladder problems as I had a friend who had that done and it was very painful for her. Any info you can provide will be appreciated.
Avatar n tn causing him to bend and not being able to walk straight, missing school and becoming very embarassed. The doctor prescribed Detrol LA and pain killers but this has not cured the symptoms . The doctor explained that he will do another dilation-full anasthesia and would not recommend the internal incision procedure due to the Hypaspadius procedure as it can be complicated and further damage can occur.
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with overactive bladder 4 years ago, and have been on Detrol-LA 4 mg SID ever since. I did take birth control pills for 1 year, but am not currently taking them. I do have elevated total cholesterol (224), but am not currently taking any medication for it. Otherwise, I am generally a very healthy individual. I have never been pregnant. My doctor wants to rule out biliary dyskinesia, and plans to send me for a nuclear scan (otherwise he is stumped).
Avatar n tn I have had Urodynamic Testing in which the bladder is totaly flaccid along with an pelvic floor and rectal floor EMG which also shows no tone of those muscles. I have tried Detrol, Detrol LA and Ditropan. No go with these meds. I currently take Baclophen 10mg three times a day. According to the top Urologist in my area (Kevin Pranikoff) they shouldn't be happening, but he does think that my body becomes used to a drug therefore the efficacy just isn't there.
Avatar n tn He prescribed Ditropan to relax the bladder to no avail and then he put me on Detrol LA to no avail. I will go back and see him next week, but would like a second opinion from you on what could be causing this and what drug or procedure should be prescribed ?
Avatar n tn Dr. I have been diagnosed with overactive bladder and am on 4 mg of Detrol La which the doctor tried to have me get off of after 3 months. I had to go back on when symptoms reoccurred. After 3 weeks now I am experiencing urgency (the inappropriate cramping of my smooth muscle in my bladder which makes me think that I have to constantly go to the bathroom).
Avatar n tn I've tried Detrol LA(4 mg) and PYridium Plus to decrease the urge, but have received only temporary relief. The drugs also bring back some of the symtoms associated with BPH (small and interupted stream, hard to start the flow). Surgeon has taken a wait and see approach but indicated a possible "Niagra" surgery to alleviate my problems. In the past, I have had mild cases of prostatitis (off and on for 30 years - now age 61). The last 5 years have been free from prostatitis.
Avatar m tn My urologist put me on Detrol LA a few weeks ago and it has only marginally helped. It has made it harder to get the stream started at night. There are two other things that should be mentioned. The first is that I am a side-sleeper. Does curling up in the fetal position cause pressure on the prostate that can get relieved in 10-15 minutes? The other is that I have been diagnosed with epilepsy my entire life. I am fortunate because it has been well controlled by medications.