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Avatar n tn Hi, I 1st got Depo-Provera when I was 16 and I stoped when I was 21 I am 23 now and will be 24 on dec, 3 of this year. I have tryed to get pregnat for I think a year. Me and my Huby have sex as much as we can like every other day. I have been Calendar tracking My menstrual cycles and they have been like this...
Avatar n tn I heard that depo provera makes all pregnancy tests posative, is that true? I don't want to purchase one until i kno if I will be wasteing my money or not. Please help.
Avatar f tn I would see a doctor who is willing to work with you to determine why your periods are irregular. They can do some blood lab tests including a pregnancy test, TSH, FSH,LH, Estradiol, Prolactin, Testosterone, DHEAS and others test. You may indeed have PCOS but the DeoProvera injection did not give it to you.
Avatar f tn Hi I have been on depo for over two years. I have only just felt side effects as, little cramps in my stomach, sore back,legs, going to the toilet more often, feeling tired during the day & feeling hungry. I have had two pregnancy tests, one from shop and a blood test both come up negative.
Avatar n tn I got pregnant, didn't know it, and had a miscarriage. I took pregnancy tests while on depo-provera because I was tired and suspected I was pregnant, but for some reason, I got negative results on the tests (I took the test twice). I was "pretty pregnant" when I miscarried, and had a relatively difficult labor. I didn't even know I was having a miscarriage until I started experiencing the timed contractions. Jeesh. I continue to bleed every time I orgasm.
273379 tn?1213044686 What i would like to know is, is there a possibility i could be pregnant, how long does depo take to wear off and how long do these symptoms last after coming off depo and lastly i have been taking fertiliad is this any good and if not what can i do to speed up my chances of conceiving. Thanks for any help given!!
Avatar m tn Hi, my girlfriend lives overseas and she's on depo provera. She gets the shot once or twice a year only (not every 12 or 13 weeks). She has it injected one month in advance, every time before I travel overseas to visit her and have sex. I know depo provera meant to provide over 99% protection after 7 days, but we like to be extra cautious and wait a month before having sex. She had her last shot in September, and I visited her nearly a month later in October.
Avatar m tn well i thought ok this is my mind messing with me but now i have been freaking out i am supposed to get my period in a week but just got the depo provera 2 days ago now i have been eating everything in sight, headaches, breast tenderness like never before but my main concern is me peeing every 30 min and i have wat seems a bulge i dont know if its the depo or if its a pregnancy and im wondering if i should go get a ultrasound to ease my mind.
Avatar n tn The docotors believe I may have a progesterone problem due to Depo Provera. I was on Depo for 6 years and went off the shot in Sept. Does anyone know if the effects of this shot can linger and cause lower progesterone levels?
Avatar n tn And I was feeling sick and took two at home pregnancy tests and they both came back postivie. My question is could I really be pregant or is the provera given me a false postivie.
Avatar n tn Hi! I'm new to this so please bare with me! I had depo provera injections from Apr 06 - Mar 07 (last one). BF & I have been actively TTC since then - My periods stopped at the 2nd injection and I have not had one since Aug 06. I have had a blood test in Aug which showed estridol 124pg/ml (in the follicular phase) and some more blood tests this week for prolactin which was normal, FSH - 4, LH - 5, and Estridol 489pg/ml. But sill no periods.
Avatar n tn I am in a group where all the women are trying to conceive after the depo provera. Many have been trying to conceive for years, and no luck. And it seems like those who do conceive have miscarriages soon after. Its like 80% of the women who get pg have a miscarriage. Is this linked to the depo? Age? Im 22 and am trying to conceive #2. (my son is 6 now) I am so scared that it might happen to me.
1891325 tn?1321126576 Pregnancy tests were negative, and I'm not complaining! My periods were awful, and put me in a terrible mood, so I figured it was doing a great job. However, my boyfriend pointed out the other day that I cry a lot more, and that I'm a lot more moody. I hadn't noticed a change until he pointed it out, but since he did, I noticed that it's become a normal occurrence for something like burning dinner to send me over the edge, when before I might be able to laugh it off.
432411 tn?1206475709 I took depo provera for about 6 years, starting in 2000. Just over three months after I stopped taking the shots I developed a nodule in my neck which was eventually diagnosed as thyroid cancer. I have absolutely no history of thyroid problems of any kind in family and I had had no problems before the depo.
Avatar n tn I was given a shot of depo-provera yesterday...and when I asked about side affects all I was told was nausea, headache, and dizziness. After reading quite a few articles online, it seems there are a lot more serious side affects than I was led to believe. I've been having lots of chest pain and shortness of breath, but the doctor doesn't seem to think it's related to the shot.
Avatar n tn All I could find was regarding Depo Provera : The current opinion on the risks of depo provera during pregnancy is: "Current data do not show any increased risk for birth defects caused by taking hormones during pregnancy." (from Hatcher's Contraceptive Technology).
Avatar f tn Hello, Depo provera is a long form of birth control and chances of depo failure resulting in pregnancy are very less. If you are apprehensive regarding the status of your pregnancy you can get it checked. Most home pregnancy tests that check urine beta-HCG are sensitive to 20-25 mIU/ml of HCG. The test can be positive anywhere from about 2-3 days prior to a missed menses to 4-5 days after, but usually it should be done 7-10 days past your missed period.
Avatar f tn Since March, I've seen absolutely no trace of a period. I've filled out pregnancy after several home tests, a doctor's blood test and an ultrasound 20-ish weeks after my last sexual encounter. I was just wondering if anyone thought Depo was the cause of my 5 missed periods, after they'd returned in the winter already? Can just one shot of Depo do that? Any help would be much appreciated.
Avatar n tn Dear Jim - Thank you for your question about your sister-in-law and Depo-Provera. I'm afraid I am not qualified to answer your question completely. I can only tell you that there may be a slight increased risk for birth defects from the this drug - but the exact nature of that risk is unknown to me. I would recommend that your sister-in-law discuss at length any potential risks with her obstetrician.
Avatar n tn I am 19 years old, and just recently become sexually active with my boyfriend, we used protects and have both been tested, so all is good there. Okay... a week ago I got my depo Provera shot... and since then I have been hungry all of the time and have had cravings for anything sweet, saly, greasy, you name it, I've craved it... I also have been feelings nausiated at times... I am having terrible aches in my legs and arms...
Avatar n tn I had not had my period in 5 months and my gyno put me on provera. I really want to conceive but I dont know how long it usually takes. Am i able to get pregnant right after taking provera? ( I have had my period for 4 days now) thanks!!
Avatar n tn So she thought it would be bad so im not using any contraception atm but now ive had light brown spotting and a lot of white discharge ive thrown up Twice, sore nipples and bad cramps but now its eased and ive not had a period jus still a bit if brown discharge ive taken loads of pregnancy tests because im so paranoid but 1 had faint 2nd line but the more expensive ones said not pregnant i am just wondering what it could be?
286207 tn?1249285627 The only time I took provera was to induce my period but I don't think it's intended to help get pregnant in any way. There are other progesterone supplements that are sometimes prescribed to help sustain a pregnancy but that's given once you've become pregnant. I'm not sure why you were prescribed provera and not sure this was of much help because of it, but I do wish you the best of luck and lots of baby dust. Take care and God Bless.
Avatar f tn I have taken multiple pregnancy tests, and I always get a negative result. I always have protected sex. But today, I'm worried because my breasts are just a tad bit sore. I'm not sure if I might be pregnant and I just repeatedly get false negatives (you think that would be impossible, right?) OR I'm pregnant and my sore breasts are an early symptom. Seriously regretting getting the Depo Provera injection now.
Avatar n tn Hi my name is Marie and i was on depo provera in May 07 and i had my periods in december. It was regular and my last period was in March 08. Since then i never got my periods again. Im confused and lost. Sometimes i take pregnancy tests and they all come out negative. So i really dont know what's the cause. I really need some help and answers! Recently i had sex with my boyfriend and my periods are still not here. But i feel tired and moody from time to times.
Avatar n tn You girls have to discontinue Depo Provera at once and I highly recommend never putting any hormones into your bodies ever again. I have experienced a living nightmare from Depo Prover for the past three years. After I got the Depo shot I went home and researched on the web about the drug. I cried for three hours in fear that that could happen to me. What happened was worse. Five days after the shot a menstrual cycle started that would not cease. It wasn't a normal cycle.
Avatar f tn I can tell you that I went to the doctor numerous times and they always did a pap and said everything is normal sometimes women dont have periods on depo some women do. I can also say that I have been off of depo for now a year and three months and barely got my period!!! That med. really is weird!