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Avatar m tn About 5 months ago I had what appeared to be a medication reaction between celebrex (200mg dose), and a custom compound topical cream which includes baclofen, cyclobenzaprine (flexiril makes me hallucinate when taken orally, no problems topically), flurbiprofen, ketamine, lidocaine, and tramadol. I had also taken 90mg of OTC allegra. I had the following symptoms: HR of 150-180 (self measured) persisting for 6 hours, heavy sweating, clamminess, shortness of breath, and dizzyness.
Avatar m tn Often, stretching and strengthening are the best treatment for back muscle pain, in the absence of any disease of the lumbar spine. Other treatments for lumbago are ice and hot baths, or topical analgesic creams or patches.
Avatar f tn I am on Enbrel, sulfasalazine, protonix, tylenol(can't do NSAIDs anymore), cyclobenzaprine, tramadol, iron, folic acid, baby aspirin, fish oil and vitamins. Last winter I started getting sores on 2 fingers of my right hand. Then some bluenish and cold to the touch. Symptoms went away with warmer weather. In October the sores started to return with my hand being cold and stronger blue color. In November I experienced an episode where I lost the use of my right side temporarily.
Avatar n tn It is a mix of lidocaine gabapentin cyclobenzaprine and ketoprofen. It seems to work well on nerve pain if you apply it to the pain at the center. It is filled through medi--stat Rx. Unfortunately some insurance plans such as mine do not cover it. However, you can still get a small amount for around $35. If he keeps the pain at bay for more than a day, then the small amount can still last a while.
Avatar f tn I've moved over to 300mgs SeroquelXR @ night 100mgs SeroquelXR@ noon 100mgs Trazadone for Sleep 250mgs Lamactil @night 150mgs Spironolactone for PCOS 40-80mgs Nexxium for GERD 900-1800mgs Tylenol1/day prn or T3(but those trigger my hypomania) 600-1600mgs Motrin/day prn (as last resort for pain) Dermasone Topical Lotion (for psoariasis) - triggered by meds ugh 10-40mgs Flexeril/day prn - for back pain Maxalt Wafter/prn - for Migraines Ativan 1-2mgs/prn + glucosamine/chondroitin + B complex
Avatar m tn Also, pain doctors are now using compounded topical creams containing an NSAID, muscle relaxant, anesthetic like lidocaine, and nerve medication like gabapentin. I use one with 3% diclofenac, 2% baclofen, 2% cyclobenzaprine, 6% gabapentin, and 2% lidocaine that is often effective in lowering the referred muscle pain of severe cervical disc disease.
Avatar m tn Tizanadine, Nortriptyline, Cyclobenzaprine, lidocaine patches, and Oxycodone/ace DR: And? ME: Only the Oxy seemed to work... guess that rules out muscle problems right, since 2 separate muscle relaxers didn't help? Neither did lidocaine... I tried explaining that the pain feels much 'deeper' than something a topical numbing compound would help with. DR: No, not necessarily. Scheduled to 'Trigger spots next month' ME, to myself: Glad I have to wait ANOTHER month of my life in pain.
Avatar n tn I have not sought medical advice as I am uninsured, but I have researched it a bit and it sounds like it is called tactile allodynia. I find that using a topical burn gel with lidocaine helps me. Hope this helps!
Avatar n tn if there is no localized pathology and systemic precipitation factor identified , central and/or peripheral nervous dysfunction is probably the culprit. Topical application of capcisin combined with systemic administration of anticonvulsant,for example,gabapentin, and tricyclic antidepressant, for example, amitryptyline may be effective. Nutritional and trace mineral supplemental may be indicated. Seeing an orofacial pain specialist is advised.
211940 tn?1267884866 ) I use a topical pain reliving cream, a deep heat and still I am in pain. I even bought a product called Miracle Balls from Elaine Petrone who was a dancer and suffered from the same type of pain except in hers legs.You lay on the 4" semi-soft balls and release the fasha, which in turn helps the muscles work better. Although I find I can work longer periods of time with out pain, the pain at night is terrible. I finally turned to the internet and found this forum. What the heck is it?