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Avatar f tn Hi. I am wanting to quit taking Cyclobenzaprine. I took 20mg a day off and on, like twice a week for 2 years, and then started taking the 20 mg every day for the last 13 years. I plan to wean off, and am wondering what to expect as of withdrawal symptoms. Also, does anyone know of a natural med I could take in it's place?
917815 tn?1377501854 I dont post much (read a lot though)...a little over 3 weeks clean (again, LOL)... My right shoulder has been killing me the last 2-3 weeks, and this weekend, seems to have gotten worse; Doc said on Fri, most likely muscular...went through the weekend with Tylenol and today, pain is even worse. I asked him for something "non-narcotic" (he knows about my addiction) and he suggested Cyclobenzaprine (muscle relaxer).
439712 tn?1208576811 My husband went to the doctor today and they gave him amrix (cyclobenzaprine Hydrochloride capsules) does anyone know what they are and what they are prescribed for? I have to worry about what he takes so if you know will you please let me knoe thanks everyone.
Avatar f tn there is a 800 # for poison control in your area call them and desribe the pill to them they will help you!!!! i pulled out my 10th edition2008 THE PILL BOOK what i found is for the yellow round pill Ultram/gerneric nameTramadol mild to moderate pain pill it does say that most common side effect dizziness or fainting, nausea,constipation, headache,tireness,vomiting,itching,weakness,sweating,drymouth(over dose can be deadly) maybe you can talk to him?
1243543 tn?1269127622 Its hard to understand why its causing the head pain but she says its all connected and gave me a script for generic flexell cyclobenzaprine 10mg amneal.I dont like to take any meds so im a little scared.I heard that you could break them in half so that the drowness when u wake isnt so bad.Has anyone done this and did they still work or should i just take the whole thing?Im just afraid that they will be to strong.I only weigh 115pds.I also take .
Avatar f tn It has not helped her spasms they have progressively gotten worse. Her Neuro dr. started her on a new pill about 2 months ago called Amrix 15mg. At first it snowed her very tired couldn't stay awake so the dr backed off 20 mg baclofen and kept her on this. The spasms seemed to get better at first and then started really bad again to where we could not work with her at all she was having spasms every 10 to 15 min.
4640081 tn?1357478863 He offered Cymbalta, which makes me so weak, and lyrica and gabapentin. I refused all expect a new pill, cyclobenzaprine. He said, “This pill is a slow release pain killer and you will be almost pain free.” Oh, why didn’t I realize history repeating itself? Well, once again, I was foolish and took the pill. Just as I swallowed it, my husband reads the info out loud from the ‘net, “Cyclobenzaprine is a muscle relaxant.
Avatar f tn They diagnosed me with a cervical sprain and prescribed me Cyclobenzaprine and Tylenol-Codeine as well as applied a muscle relaxant shot and sent me on my way. I started the prescription regimen that day. Two days later, I began to lose hearing in my right ear. It felt as though it was "full" of water or wax or the like. I visited a different clinic (as I was in another city) and they prescribed me a steroid and informed me that my eardrum had filled with fluid.
Avatar f tn An occasional muscle relaxant such as cyclobenzaprine may also help a bit. Wearing an abdominal binder may help to compress the seroma and help it resolve faster. I’ve also heard reports of using a diuretic (water pill) such as furosemide to speed the reabsorption, but have not resorted to this in my practice. Sorry if there’s not a whole lot to offer, but perhaps some of these ideas may help.
Avatar n tn With this feeling like **** i consulted a medical professional who said I was suffering from serotonin sydrome and to stop taking the activive, and celexa for a few days so my body could return to normal. Well I still felt like **** and I was only taking the cyclobenzaprine at night to relieve the tense muscles. Basically I felt like I had the flu. So after three days I start the celexa again at 20 mg and two days later was feeling the serotonin syndrome effects again.
Avatar f tn 47pm. I took a cyclobenzaprine 10 mg and 100mg gabapentin upstairs and laid down for a few minutes until my back was relaxed enough to make it downstairs. Once downstairs (in agony), I took a pain pill. I feel that my pain level has gone to a very manageable level. TG. Ever since yesterday I can feel a vibration/twitching in my labia area (left side) and now, within the past 20 minutes I've noticed that might right eye is puffing up without pain. WTH is going on with me?
Avatar f tn My stomach is better, my ovaries are normal, my female area is not so jumpy and weird. I took cyclobenzaprine flexiril (non narcotic and non benzo) for the twichy and it really worked. Anyway....honestly, I must be on day - hmmm 4? or so. I cut my intake drastically Monday, Tues my last fraction of oxy, wed I had a few T3 and had some sleep, now, I have some T3 in my pocket b/c I have to drive, go to work, set up a wedding, just in case I feel rotten again, but I actually feel fine.
Avatar m tn i was prescribed oxycodone 5mg or tabs 2 at a time for back pain and cyclobenzaprine 10mg i was having severe pain so i took 2 oxycodone and 2 of the cyclobenzaprines and also 2 hydrocodone 5/500's i have a high tolerance for pain killers but i want to know if i am in any danger?
1653969 tn?1390335261 How long have you been clean from the hydrocodone? Flexeril (cyclobenzaprine) is a popular muscle relaxer these days - and it only presents very limited problems with it being a drug of abuse. The instant sleep thing will go away after you establish a routine with it. Wish that I could really help you - but yours isnt a common complaint with flexeril. Do you do any breathing exercises?
Avatar n tn I thought it was only avail in pill form. I would assume that abuse of anything would be the same for any chemical. (as far as addictive behavior goes) Can you elaborate on your question? What is it you want to know specifically?
Avatar f tn at age 49) Massage and physio were suggested coupled with Voltaren 3x during the day and cyclobenzaprine at bedtime for the pain. The Voltaren takes an hour or more to give relief and wears off close to an hour prior to the interval to take the next pill. My doctor told me to take tylenol between the Voltaren to manage the pain. With the drugs I can function normally, I don't get it. Without the pills the pain is dehabilitating bringing me to tears. No blood work was done.
1283286 tn?1312915566 Doctor prescribed me Lyrica 75mg twice daily for nerve pain and cyclobenzaprine 10mg three times daily as a muscle relaxer..Has anybody had this combination of drugs prescribed for them? Did you feel sleepy alot? Any dizziness?Any help would be appreciated..
Avatar n tn Wellbutrin 450mg 1xday, Cymbalta 65mg 1xday, Cyclobenzaprine 10mg 1xday, Strattera 60mg 1xday, Amitriptyline 25mg 1xday, Nabumetone 500mg 4xday, Lyrica 50mg 4xday, Slulxin 500mg 6xday. Now something new has been happening to me.
Avatar f tn Here is my worry, I am taking it as directed, not over using. I have done research on this anti anxiety, because I don't want to just replace one pill for another. Again I started my detox today. I have detoxed before so I know what it feels like. Here comes my worry, my detox today has not been as bad as it had been for me in the past. I know it is because of the anti anxiety pill. I'm still experiencing detox symptoms, just not as bad.
Avatar n tn Currently, NSAIDS and cyclobenzaprine are helping to moderate some of the symptoms but the intermittent acute pain is almost incapacitating. I'm willing to try anything.
630344 tn?1280108583 I am also on Effexor, Topamax, Qualaquin, Oxyprozin, Cyclobenzaprine..... I am way over medicated and yet I have no relief of any of my symptoms. It is ridiculous. I have been to a few different doctors over the last several years, too. I wish I could find one that could just make me better. I hate my life the way it is now and I get so depressed thinking of the woman I once was.
Avatar m tn I presume you know that Amrix is the extended release of form of cyclobenzaprine which is better know as Flexeril. It is a muscle relaxer. I have not taken Amrix but I have taken Flexeril periodically in the past and initially when diagnosed with SIJ Dysfunction about 6 years ago. I tried unsuccessfully to adjust to the medication. It made me drowsy. Than I began taking it only in the evenings and upon waking I had a "hang over" feeling.
Avatar m tn They are not a good combination with opiates, and since you are tapering, you are still on opiates. Which one are you taking, flexerol (cyclobenzaprine)? They do work, and make you drowsy as well. That's also why they can be addicting! Plus they can cause respiratory depression including failure, both voluntary and involuntary when taken with opiates, so be careful.
Avatar m tn But I looked at my Fexeril (cyclobenzaprine) as well as in webMD. and I didn't see seizures as a side effect. Now, how it'll react w/other meds. your on, I don't know. But, I can say I didn't see anything of that (seizures) being a side-effect. I would honestly just pick up the phone & call your pharmacist. Best way to find out! Let us know!
Avatar n tn What can I do to stop the feeling that every cell in my body is shivering with nervous pain? I've been on suboxone for 4 months to withdrawal from only 2 months of Norco. I started with 2 pills a day and have "somewhat" comfortably reduced my dosage to only 1/4 of 1 pill every 30 hours BUT I CAN'T STOP WITHOUT THIS HORRIBLE FEELING. I can't sleep. The only relief is when I am physically moving but I am exhausted.