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Avatar n tn It has fine hairs growing through it and when my lips get dry and cracked, it can bleed. Is this an unusual growth and can it be removed easily?
Avatar m tn All of a sudden, she put her fingers on my lips. I had a split/cracked lip. I'm not sure if my lip was actually bleeding, but it was definitely not healed. I have been experiencing incredible anxiety worrying about this and whether this could be a possible HIV exposure, especially if my lip happened to be bleeding. Thank you very much for any info.
Avatar m tn what is the risk of contracting HIV from her vaginal fluids. 2. While deep french kissing, could i have had gotten infected. 3. my lips are cracked as well, which i am very scared about. Once I realized the trouble I had gotten myself in to, I quickly requested the girl to take an HIV test (CIMA/ VDRL - TPPA) which she took and they both came out negative. But I am still concerned that she could have been in the window period.
Avatar m tn article=content/about-hep/managing-hep-c-symptoms Dry mouth and mouth ulcers Hep C infection can cause a dry mouth. This can lead to bad breath, cracked lips, and a sore mouth and throat. It can also cause difficulty with eating and swallowing, mouth ulcers, tooth decay and tooth sensitivity. Visit your dentist twice a year for a routine check up Avoid hot or spicy foods, which can irritate a dry mouth.
Avatar m tn Finally, is it possible to that the tingly, stingy feeling in the corners of my lip is simply cracked lips as a result of constantly licking the corners of my lips - can saliva do that?? Nurse Warren, I am sorry for sounding so irrational. I am an educated, hardworking guy who loves his family but now feels seriously estranged from them all - I HATE MYSELF!!
337492 tn?1212462436 I am loving this forum and especially your humor!!! Ha, I am glad I started this thread, we get comic relief and are able to laugh at ourselves. I hate those blue tooth things too, but ya know what? We could order broken ones off of ebay really cheap and then no one will know we are talking to ourself in public...hmm I am liking this idea!! When I am out shopping I catch people looking at me like I am strange too.
Avatar n tn It can be a little sticky and feel a little strange but it doesn't burn or irritate my eyelids and it's great for burns, rashes and abrasions, aswell as dry, cracked skin. Anyway, it seems to work for me. Well thats pretty much it. it's not a miracle cure, and it does take a few day for results to settle in. I know it won't be the solution to everyones problem, but i hope some of this information will be of use to some of you.
Avatar n tn Ok, after reading all of these posts I am realizing that I am not going crazy. Yesterday afternoon while in the dentist office with my son my hand started itching. First in one spot on one finger and then on to two more fingers and then the whole side of my hand. It only got worse as the night went on. I woke up scratching my hand all night and in the morning my hand was burning and swollen. I have never experienced this in my life.
Avatar n tn He sent me home with valtrex, and vicodin for pain. The vicodin works just great, however my lips have been tinglely, and my face feels like I have a sunburn, but still no rash. I have been under alot of stress as my husband is away for a six month deployment, and our daughter is in a residential treatment center getting psychiatric care, my cousin came to stay with us after my uncle passed away, it is just not fun . I hope this has helped someone.
Avatar f tn I'm from Kentucky and it is so hot here in July, but we wound up bundling up as best we could on a couple of days there! My boys wanted to swim and their little lips turned blue!! They loved the huge bridge up there!
Avatar f tn I was so bad I couldn't breath and my lips went blue, as I last resort I decided to make myself sick (fingers down the throat job), but when I did it I burped. I felt so relieved. Fron then on it's what I always do. I don't vomit with it, but do worry that it could be doing damage. It has to be some kind of medical problem. I also cannot gulp a drink all in one go. You know how people can just open their throat a keep swallowing a drink. Can't open my throat at all.
Avatar m tn I had a massive bug infestation of these last summer. My infant son screamed non-stop in helpless misery. It was terrifying. They bite, it hurts - I was covered in a rash. We moved suddenly. The not visible bugs never completely went away. The heat seems to accomodate them. My body rash is coming back. My 11 month old son still wakes up every few hours. My naturopathic doctor had me go buy yellow powdered sulphur at the chinese store.
162948 tn?1205256292 We have 2 children who were conceived VERY easily, so I think mirena messed what was a perfectly healthy reproductive system up. It is not what it's cracked up to be. We are pushing our luck with a contraceptive that singlehandedly can prevent pregnancy for 5 years. I advise you NOT to get on it, and if you have, HAVE IT REMOVED at least 4 months before you try again, at least that will be 4 months of semi-getting back to normal.