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Avatar n tn Anyway, I went to the doctor this morning and she said swelling like this (tongue, lips) is called angiodema. She said if I continue to expose myself to this allergen (whatever it may be) the next stage could be anaphylaxis. I'm really scared. I have 2 little kids and I'm terrified of something happening. I can't avoid the allergen if I don't know what it is.:( Please help.
Avatar n tn Technically speaking, as long as your lips aren't cracked, you can used infected chapstick without breaking out in little bumps. But definitely not recommended because it's usually very hard to tell if you have lesions or not. Ok here's what I did to cure it: 1. Clean the lip of any chapstick. 2. Take a cue tip dipped in rubbing alcohol and rolled it over the infected area a couple times. (**see note below) 3. Let the alcohol dry off/evaporate. 4. Cover lips in antibacterial ointment.
Avatar n tn i found these two really read painful bumps on my vagina it cant be from shaving because i dont shave the lips or just outside of them!!! im scared!! it hurts really really really really bad! but i havent been sexually active in three months! wouldnt it have shown up earlier if it were genital herpes or warts??? it isnt crusty or anything, and today is my first day noticing it! could it be from masturbating??? help!
6807839 tn?1386440325 This is my first pregnancy and I have decided to do this as natural as possible meaning no pharmaceuticals at all. I have a stuffy head, dry cracked lips, sneezing like crazy.
Avatar f tn On days 6-8 I had some mild cramping which my RE said could be from implantation. Then on the day before my Beta test I had some nausea during the afternoon. Beta was done 11 days past ET and I got a BFP!!! Try not to worry to much, alot of people say they feel no symptoms at all and still get a BFP. Best of luck to you.
Avatar f tn Vitamin A may cause bleeding in the lungs, blurry vision, bone pain, breathing difficulty, changes in immune function, chronic inflammation of the liver, cirrhosis (scarring of liver), cough, cracked fingernails, cracked lips, death, decreased thyroid function, depression, diarrhea, feeling of fullness, fever, fluid around heart, hair loss, high cholesterol, increased pressure in the brain, increased risk of HIV transmission (through breastfeeding), increased risk of lung cancer, increased ris
Avatar n tn It started as a bad head cold on Tues and Wed with diarhea the progressed to a bad cough. On Friday and Saturday I woke up with lips so cracked and dry they were bleeding...Finally, Sat I went to the ER afraid of dehydration. THey sent me home saying I was not dehydrated (they did not do any bloodworkk or an u/s as I had no pain)....although my blood pressure was elavated 132 over 80 and I am a rock steady 110 over 70...anyway, last night I was up most off the night with the cough, chills, etc.
Avatar n tn I have tried the olive oil and sugar mix for two days with no relief at all. My lips are burning and cracked along the edges.
Avatar n tn Instead, he rubbed himself against my chest, below breasts, and came on me. My concern stems from that fact that during pregnancy nipples can be chapped or cracked. Mine are not horribly chapped; they have not bled at all. But they are chapped or a little cracked. I have been putting lotion on them, including the night before this encounter. I'm now worried about the fact of my having chapped skin.
231441 tn?1333896366 I have history of antibiotics during the pregnancy and I had gestational diabetes - blood sugar probably ok now. Oh, I do have yeast infection down there that she agreed to treat with canesten pessaries. I also have sore tongue/mouth - again no obvious white spots, and am having large, soft and foul No. 2s (sorry for being graphic) with stomach cramping / pains (feels a bit like menstrual cramping).
Avatar n tn I recently had dry, cracked chapped lips and continuously put on lip balm to try and heal it. Instead I developed what looked like a rash on the center of my top and bottom lip. No pain. Minor itching. Red with eventually a yellow scab. I went to a dermatologist who took a culture (haven't received the results yet) and also ordered blood work to see if it was a cold sore. These were my results: HSV I/II IgG Rflx I-II Type Sp HSV, IgM I/II Combination <0.91 HSV I/II IgG 9.
Avatar f tn if you have anything going on in the lip/mouth area, you shouldn't preform oral on a partner ( at least not unprotected oral ). Canker sores, cracked lips etc are open portals into the body for germs. what is considered "normal" germs in the urogenital area, aren't always so normal in the oral area and vice versa.
208164 tn?1189759432 It's dissapearing and I figure it was just cracked lips since my lips have been pretty chapped lately and from looking at cold sore pics, and talking to a nurse when I thought my daughter had a cold sore, it would have to be crusty with some pus and my lesion was far from that description. As for the tiny bumps on my lips, I read a post in the dermatology forum that it wasn't serious, according to the doctor there. I posted a question to Dr.
Avatar n tn My experience with Accutane was not a pleasant one, there was severe drying of the mucous membranes and constant thirst and cracked bleeding lips, dry eyes, and depression. Accutane can be a very dangerous drug. It can cause birth defects and I was required (and believe that it is still required) to have a pregnancy test done every month to be eligible for the medication to be refilled. You should also have a liver panel run before and during treatment.
Avatar f tn I've been pumping so he is still getting BM but I want him to get it by himself and me not have to go and pump every few hours (I am getting about 5oz at the moment which is about 2 to 3 feedings, depending on how soon he gets hungry and how much he eats) plus my nipples aren't hard like they were during pregnancy, they are flat but not inverted. I try not to stress or force him but he gets frustrated quickly when I put him to the breast like after just a few minutes. HELP please... Thank you!!
1823499 tn?1370093889 Premature rupture of membranes during pregnancy Platelet aggregation failure (platelets do not clump together properly) Weak muscle tone (hypotonia) in infancy, which can delay the development of motor skills such as sitting, standing, and walking Arterial/intestinal/uterine fragility or rupture
Avatar f tn I was shocked I had ever heard of this. I am a nervous wreck during pregnancy, and I have extensively researched almost everything that could go wrong during pregnancy or shortly thereafter (scholarly journal articles, and I am the daughter of a Registered Nurse- I have always been a rather informed lay person). 2.
Avatar n tn I don't think I've seen one individual indicating treatment longer than 5 months. For those women who are concerned about pregnancy AFTER Accutane (pregnancy is forbidden during treatment as it causes SEVERE birth defects): I completed my first treatment with Accutane when I was about 19. The results were nothing short of miraculous! The results lasted until after I had my first child at the age of 25.
209987 tn?1451939065 All 3 times I left the hospital so dehydrated that my lips were cracked and bleeding. Not once did they call my Ob/gyn in,nor any other doctor for that matter. DH and I decided about an hour ago that we will go into the city and never return to this hospital again. When I finally saw my Ob last week I asked her why they would dehydrate a pregnant woman. Her answer? They had been planning to do an emergency c-section on me. What for? They didn't know why I was bleeding. So why cut me open?
Avatar n tn it looks/feels/stretches just like the lips downs there. it's about 1.5 inches long and a little less that and inch wide. I rubbed it again and another piece came off... it was a little bit smaller but still the same thing....idk why it happened or what it means....i didn't feel it and it doesn't hurt, but i'm just kinda freaked out by this....
Avatar f tn the inside of my nostrils was dry and cracked, my lips were dry and cracked, I had dry patches on my eyelids and under eye area. I did a course of prednizone and it helped, got rid of it while I was on the meds, but as soon as it ran out the itching started back up. Now I once again have itching/rash on my arms, shoulders, thighs, and breasts. The dryness isn't as bad, but my skin is drying out were I scratch/have a rash. GRRRR. Hoping for a referral to a dermatologist soon. This is crazy.
1985863 tn?1327764816 so I snapped and told him he has no idea what I am going through and he told me that I have no idea what he is going through with all off this and that it is emotional for him as well and that it bothers him that he with me cant just have a normal natural pregnancy. OMG. I dont even know what to say to him . . Feb 03, 2012 ..So.
330481 tn?1309491843 hCG levels in weeks from LMP (gestational age)* : 3 weeks LMP: 5 - 50 mIU/ml 4 weeks LMP: 5 - 426 mIU/ml 5 weeks LMP: 18 - 7,340 mIU/ml 6 weeks LMP: 1,080 - 56,500 mIU/ml 7 - 8 weeks LMP: 7, 650 - 229,000 mIU/ml 9 - 12 weeks LMP: 25,700 - 288,000 mIU/ml 13 - 16 weeks LMP: 13,300 - 254,000 mIU/ml 17 - 24 weeks LMP: 4,060 - 165,400 mIU/ml 25 - 40 weeks LMP: 3,640 - 117,000 mIU/ml Non-pregnant females: <5.0 mIU/ml Postmenopausal females: <9.
Avatar n tn I have suffered with this since the birth of my son and it appears to me that the fluid sores come 'out' following peeling potatoes indicating a possible starch allergy i hace never suffered with this before and if i dont peel potatoes it seems to simply be dry skin, however i did suffer cholestasis during pregnancy (a condition which causes the bodys billirubin levels to increase resulting in severe itching) i dont know if these increased levels are significant in any way but thaught it may ha
Avatar n tn Cracked lips, Muscle pain, brittle fingernails, etc)(read links below). So I've concluded that she is Iron-Deficient. Now, I’ll have to somehow convince or force her to eat good food (rich in iron foods) along with her iron-drops. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping that I've nailed the problem. This is only day 2 for my daughter. I hope this is the culprit of the pain and an end for many little sufferers.
Avatar n tn The itching is confined to the area at the top and sides of the large lips nearest the clitoris, but not INSIDE the lips, strictly on the outside skin of the large lips. Whether I shave my pubic hair or not doesn't affect the itching, it itches either way. When my pubic area is hot, the itching is intensified, as it is when the area is wet from swimming or bathing. Wearing a wet bathing suit can be extremely aggravating. Sometimes sexual foreplay increases the itching.
Avatar n tn my experience with birth control should have let me know pregnancy would be hell. Anyhow, made it through that and after suffering from migraines (diagnosed during pregnancy as complex migraines and was informed I should have never and should never again be on any kind of hormonal birth control) since the age of 8, they stopped after the births of each child.
Avatar n tn My 5 yr old son wakes with red swollen eyes some mornings. The swelling subsides during the day, but turn into dry flaky red and itchy eyelids. Some days it is so bad that he can't open his eyes -on these days he ends up with what looks like bruising, or black eyes as the swelling subsides. The rash responds well to protopic, but I have no idea what he might be reacting to in the first place -I've tried eliminating milk, then eggs, wheat, nuts...