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7913021 tn?1418052220 That was my story, but i usually don't feel like I'm in labor until its too late. I was a week past due date and i decided to do one last speed walk with a little jogging included and the following day i was cleaning right before routine appointment. Well i was about three cm and aster trying to hit a sale right before getting to the hospital, lol, our son arrived in less than 4 hours total of me leaving the appointment. Wow! Natural with four pushes and out flies baby. Good luck.
7746659 tn?1393923237 I would have to do some reading up on this issue in dogs. I am somewhat familiar with delayed motility in people so am assuming the "mechanics", so to speak are the same. Sounds like he has an irritated gut too. He needs to be on a bland food that is easily digested. Try cooking up some chicken (no skin) and rice and you could add some vegetable like shredded zucchini.
Avatar f tn This may be a very weird question.I have two dogs and I started to have some Braxton Hicks contractions on Saturday and since then, they won't leave my side at all. Does this mean I'll be going into labor soon? Or does it mean that they know the baby will be here in the next week or so? It's getting kind of annoying being followed from room to room.
Avatar f tn However, I'd discourage her from launching in such a way, it's not the greatest habit anyway. My son kicked me in the stomach (not hard) in early pregnancy and I lost the pregnancy, and although I pretty much know the two are not related, I stressed about it anyway and emotionally sort of felt like that hurt the pregnancy. You don't want to stress every time Fifi kicks off.
Avatar f tn But for the last two days he has been following me everywhere i go! Even when i go to the bathroom and thats really odd because he will not go in the bathroom since he knows thats where we give him a i was wondering can dogs sense labor???
6295353 tn?1395245095 In the beginning of labor you will be able to do things but when you get further into active labor they get more painful and disabling. but in all honesty, i would pack everything you are going to need for the hospital now so that way when you do start having contractions you only have to worry about a shower, eating, and relaxing because TRUST ME youre going to want to rest or you will regret it after delivery.
Avatar m tn How close are her contractions? When she has a contraction, can you see a sack in the vaginal area at all? Are you sure there are more puppies? Sometimes there can be some time in between puppies but if she has been pushing this long you best get her to the vet. The puppy may be too large, dead or turned and can't make it through the birth canal. Your female may also need a Pit shot.
5915818 tn?1377751840 Gestation is average 63 days. She may be in labor. Is she having contractions? Nesting or possibly trying to hide? Panting? What you need to do is NOT let her be wandering around. Fix an area fir her with layers of newspaper. I always throw a towel on that so they can "nest". Have a separate box of some sort with a towel in it to keep any newborn pups if she is contracting and ready to deliver another.
Avatar f tn The milk production is normal. If she seems to be in distress and no contractions start soon, you should call the Vet as labor may not be progressing for a variety of reasons.
349463 tn?1333575176 What if I go into labor when my parents are out of town? Who is going to watch our dogs? Will I get everything done in time? LOL it's too much!!!! I think about this stuff all day and then all night I have dreams about it. Last night I had a dream my milk came in early and I was freaking out because I thought it was going to all leak out before the baby was born. The dr thinks I have about 5 weeks left and I hope to make 6 or 7. That's less than 2 months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
793908 tn?1294708709 If she has been in active labor since last night, with contractions, and has not yet produced a puppy, you need to get her to the vet ASAP! Once the contractions start, the birth of the first puppy can be anywhere from a few minutes to a couple of hours away. The uterus is made up of two sides. Each side is called a horn. The puppies from one horn are born, the mother rests for a little bit, and then she delivers the puppies from the other horn.
1181036 tn?1367372240 So I walked away went back to sleep and four hours later when back and actually saw a line in the not pregnant box and nothing at first in the pregnant box. I studdied it to make sure and now much later in the day Im seeing a faint line getting wider. But the instructions say to disregard after 10 mins... I am giving up home tests and going to the doctor. How normal is this?
525485 tn?1314364901 I know Gina normally posts this, but it looks like our last weekly check in was over a week ago, so I figured I would post just incase little Caiden decided to join the world and she wont be on! That would be pretty cool?!! So, how is everyone feeling? At this point, some of us already have our little one's in our arms...and many of us are very anxiously awaiting to see when ours will come!! Update everyone ladies...and let us know how you are doing!!! For me....I am sick of the tests...
172826 tn?1423426556 ( I ought to kick him in the a$$. lol So basically since this event well actually all of yesterday she has been calling me and just crying. Now I'm worried for the baby because no one wants to stress me out about this BUT yet I'm beginning to feel a little stressed out and really scared and sad. Last night I woke up in the middle of the night well about 4am with HUGE cramps. I seriously thought I was going to die.
7558356 tn?1410718909 Back pain is a quite common sign of impending labor. In fact sometimes back pain may in fact be contractions. OR MAYBE... you're just getting back pain from the extra weight and pressure of baby. Blood Pressure: Often blood pressure may go up in the last one or two days before labor begins.OR MAYBE... it's an indication of other problems that your doctor will need to check. Bloody Show: When you wipe, you may notice a brown or red display of blood that means labor is close. OR MAYBE...
Avatar n tn I instead before the babies were born was to have my dog with me while I was in there getting things situated. That way she was comfortable Dogs know that something's happening. They won't be the baby anymore, and you may notice some jealousy.
Avatar n tn It felt like tiny bubbles were popping all up and down the backs of my legs- especially in my thighs. It does not hurt in the least. In fact, it's actually a pleasant feeling. I stretch well before and after exercising. It is during the stretching that I notice the feeling, but I think it starts when I'm running. I'm just too busy to notice it then. Should I be concerned about this?
Avatar f tn //suite101.
Avatar n tn Dogs are very sensitive to their people being in pain the dog could be extremely nervous and stressed out because of the labour pains
1298588 tn?1330322581 I go through the very same thing when I am under stress, or in a meeting. I had this happen to me last week when speaking to our dogs surgeon about his recovery. I emailed my doctor and she said not to worry, it is fine and we are just "very special" to be able to feel every one of these. Most people don't. They will not hurt us. (as long as you have had all the tests and your heart is structurally fine). She continued to say that I could try yoga etc.
Avatar m tn One sign of labour beginning is a sudden drop in temperature, so that may be one of the reasons she is shivering. Of course, pains cause dogs to shiver too. Dogs are pregnant for about 63 days, though obviously it can vary a little, a day or so each side of that. So if that much time has passed since she mated, I think you can probably say it is her time to give birth. Usually the birth will go without complications, but do be prepared for any problems, because they CAN happen.
Avatar f tn i laid down for a min because have been super tired and nausiated and when i stood up to let the dogs in it felt like someone stomped on my pubic area also normal??
Avatar f tn Just an FYI I learned the hard way not to let this issue go more than 3days as I ended up in the hospital with contractions and had to have an enema! Give yourself one at home before it goes that far.
Avatar f tn But today is just too much. I woked up with contractions + the body ache. My wrist hurts, my feets, legs, neck, back, foot, everything. Help please ?
Avatar n tn She has literally been staring at my all day long and following me around . I know they say dogs can since labor but I didn't think it was true until now .. I'm 34 weeks and 3 days and I have been having contractions all last week and over the weekend and she has been by my side the whole time. Which is really weird for her since she is normally attached to my daughter's side.
Avatar f tn my eyes and nose are running like crazy i dont have alot of discharge down there tho just every few days, no contractions yet just high bp keeps putting me in the hospital im only 35 weeks and expected to have baby in the next 2/3 weeks due to my bp
4460664 tn?1361453763 Right ive had a hot bath and am in bed with a hot water.bottle. No contractions ortightning but still have this belly ache?? And the dogs acting weird following me around crying!!
Avatar f tn Call Dr. My first time I dogs not feel contractions and my water broke at night at the same time I heard to use the bathroom. I honestly could not tell the difference between the 2. The only way I knew was undies kept getting wet and yep sure enough it was time at 38 weeks and 6 days. Good luck! Congrats!
Avatar f tn So my husband, son and I took our dogs to the nearby park to walk a 5k. I didn't know if I would make it that far, my sciatic nerve bothered me the whole time, and I now have new blisters on my feet. Yay. Hoping this at least helps to get something started.
Avatar f tn 15pm and my contractions started about 7ish, i ate my chinese, walked the dogs, sorted the babys stuff out, and then got home, had a bath and walked all through the night, timing my contractions, watching tv, writing in my pregnancy diary etc. At half 6 in the morning i rung the hospital they told me to eat and then make my way, i got there about 7:30am a d they checked me, i was at 7cm, i hopped on in the birthing pool with gas and air and gave birth to my baby boy at 10:10am.