Contractions at week 24

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Avatar f tn I am hoping they don't get worse during the next few days, i've been experiencing contractions for the last week that are 5-7 minutes apart and i last for about 1-2hrs and then fade
Avatar n tn I went to the dr last week on wed . An she said i was dialated to a 3 . well my contractions are 4 to 5 mins apart and have been since yesterday ! I went out to labor and delivery and they sent me home ... And i am still in alot of pain and my contractions still havent eased up . Am i in labor ? Should i go get another opinion ?
223520 tn?1221443883 My sister-in-law, who is a NICU nurse had a patient (premiee) that was delivered at 24 weeks gestation and was only on oxygen for 24 hours...then breathing room air totally unassisted. That's a miracle there! Most babies develope their suck, swallow, breath and regulate temperature somewhere between 34-36 weeks gestation. I just cannot believe that they wouldn't attempt to stop labor at 34 weeks!
Avatar f tn That happened to me last week I had contractions and dialted to 3cm was in the hospital 2 days then they just stopped. They sent me home on bed rest.
1083673 tn?1388892238 Good luck! Did they stop or slow down at night while you slept? I had contractions 10 min apart for a week now, they stop/slow while I sleep and sometimes after I eat. with my first I had contractions 10 min apart and 24 hours later had the baby. Every labor is different, hopefully your's won't last 10 min for ever! Keep us updated!!!
571042 tn?1271450741 It took me 24 hours to get to 4 cm when the hospital would admit me, and at this point the contractions were 3 minutes apart. Finally, when I was in L&D, I went into transition, which is the most painful part, and gave birth within 45 minutes. Everyone has a different labor experience, but you will know because the tightening will be consistent.
Avatar f tn My friends water broke at 22 weeks and 6 days the doctor said if she had just turned 22 weeks he would have sent her home they ended up having to take the baby at 24 weeks the baby spent 3 months in the hospital and got to go home today if your 16 weeks the hospital will turn you away only because they can't save the baby until 24 weeks my advice to you is just be in bed until that time and don't get up only to pee
Avatar f tn So I'm 24 weeks 6 days and have been having painful contractions all night and day. Went to the hospital and my cervix is very soft and short.... I had my first child at 34 weeks. Has anyone else experienced these symptoms this early on? I'm scared he's going to come way to early. I need advice please!
Avatar f tn My mind or nerves weren't at ease at all. Now I'm on bedrest for a week until I see my obgyn at 24 weeks. I'm a basket case right now.
736293 tn?1316521442 Even with all of the contractions and cramping my cervix isn't changing at all, so for now we just continue to monitor the contractions. If they continue on the track they are now at my 26 week appt my Dr. is considering doing a FFT (fetal fibronectin test) to make sure labor isn't coming in the next two weeks. I go back the 21st for another appointment and we get to see out little man again. Can't wait and I am feeling much more relaxed knowing that for now everything is all good.
Avatar f tn I started having contractions after more than 24 hrs..
1661682 tn?1313138996 They didnt other me ax they weren't strong. So went back to sleep and woke up gain at 6 and they are a little stronger. I'm only 24 weeks.
349463 tn?1333575176 I'm not worried since she still has plenty of time to flip over. Baby is measuring one week ahead now at 25 weeks. Fluid looks good. HB is 136.
Avatar n tn Contractions (when occuring preterm) can be very different from the contractions that occur at term. If you are fairly thin, a contraction can be felt as a "balling up" of the uterus, it rises up and becomes hard for 20-60 seconds or so, then relaxes. Contractions may or may not be painful when they occur preterm. That is what makes them so difficult to evaluate.
Avatar f tn While I was there the nurse checked my cervix and said I was a fingertip to 1 cm dilated. She didn't seem at all concerned about this but everything I have read/heard says I should be. My OB is out til next week. Should I just wait? Does anyone have any experience with this. This is my first pregnancy. Wondering about cervical insufficiency. Thanks!
325477 tn?1250554909 ) Anya, That's awesome that your test came back negative. I'm going in for it on Mon. The doctor said he rarely sees it come back positive so I've been trying to be positive. Dreamgirl, I hope things go well with your moms visa. Please keep us posted! How is your nursery coming along??? A big hello to all the new people!!!!
Avatar f tn Thanks for the feedback; I was a little freaked out. I feel better now.
Avatar f tn I was put on a weekly shot and it helped but if I went grocery shopping or anything like that I would start getting contractions and ended up in labor in delivery, they would stop my contractions with morphine and finally made it to full term.
Avatar f tn Something similar happened with my second baby, but for him I was 1 week at the hospital. For both happened at the same weeks 23. Any one experience this before?
Avatar m tn It doesn't cause much pain (akin to lifting a heavy object or doing lots of push ups) but I would really like to know what the cause is. I'm a 24 year old otherwise healthy male who works out 5-7 days/week and have no other complaints. Any advice is greatly appreciated!
Avatar n tn Today is my second day on atenelol , which i took at 8 am and till evening i did not feel a single missed beat but at about 9pm I had the first missedbeat of the day which progressively became very frequent and about 12 midnight it was really scary iwas having rain of missed beats, the ECG showed frequent PACs with some capture complexes and a short run of AF, so I took one more atenelol 25mg and after about an hour of the PACs rain it gradually stopped.
Avatar f tn If the pain gets worse I would go to labor an delivery it could be braxton hicks I started getting the at 20 week but back pain raping around sounds more likereal labor
Avatar f tn I started having them every day about six months ago, and having what I would call cluster or many happening at one time. This needless to say had set me off to worry that something more was wrong. I carried a haltor monitor for 24 hours, had an Echocardiogram, they also did a stress test on me. No heart disease was found, arteries were clear. The stress test show all "normal" activity. I lasted about 5 minutes of the test and my heart rate reached 171.
426161 tn?1237306926 and how early did you feel them? i am 24 weeks and i noticed the first one at like 22 weeks. they say they usually start around 6 months but can be earlier. the first one i remember feeling, i thought the baby was all balled up in the middle of my abdomen and it was very hard. i even had my husband feel it. then it just flattened out all of the sudden. when i told my mother the next day she said that must have been braxton hicks. so then i read about it and i think it was.