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Avatar f tn Hi! Well yes, since you have pain and nausea and headache, please see a doctor. You need complete neurological examination. Depending on result of examination, you may need CT/MRI. A concussion can last for weeks after the head injury. The symptoms too vary from person to person. Headache, confusion, memory loss, dizziness, nausea vomiting, slurred speech and fatigue are common. Delayed symptoms include depression, irritability, sleep disturbances, seizures, loss of smell etc.
Avatar f tn i am 19 years old and august 2009 i passed out in the shower and hit my head on the floor. ever since then i am having big pain on my temples on my forehead, and constant headaches daily. and recently on my left temple, the side i fell on, is hot to the touch, and really hurts. i have tried so many different medicines any adivce?
Avatar m tn headache, dizziness, vomiting, unsteady gait, excessive sleep, hallucinations etc. In all probability the fall resulted in an imbalance that the vestibular organs or the balance organs were not able to correct immediately. Hence, you felt the shakiness of the brain. However, please consult your doctor regarding this as it is important to rule out any head or neck injury. Hope this helps. Take care!
Avatar m tn I hope you are beginning to feel better. Are you seeing a Neurologist now or what type of MD is following you for your concussion (closed head injury)? Normally, they do not recommend that you exercise after such an injury, but rather rest, so I would suggest that you lay off the gym for a while or check with your MD to see if it's OK but also let him/her know that you are still having these headaches and feeling sluggish.
Avatar n tn It irritated nerves on my left and right sides. I don't remember hitting my head, but I've had a headache pretty much constantly since. Headache is mostly right side on front of head. I've also been feeling spacy, dizzy, and nauseous since. I don't have any bruise like pain at the back of my head. It might be a sinus infection, but it all started the day after I hit my shoulder, so I'm not sure? Usually I puke when I'm having sinus issues, but I haven't had any puking.
Avatar n tn Three days ago i experienced a concussion with loss of consciousness i was probably struck in forehead by a large metal door, but i do not recall what occured. I was brought to the ER and a CT scan found nothing related to the injury. Due to the incident occuring at work i am being seen daily by a different Dr. I have been given confilicting information, and am very confussed about what i should be experiencing!
1770029 tn?1325805955 i did not black out and felt relatively fine. however, I had a headache. WHen i woke up this morning, my neck was hurting. I felt "fuzzy". But other than that and my neck, I feel fine. I am worried about having a concussion or some type of brain bleeding. Should i go to the doctor? I understand people think I should have went to the doctor immediately but I know people who have had concussions and they are fine.
435918 tn?1204740941 Today is the 21st consecutive day that I have had a headache, my eye has been twitching for the past 3 hours or so, and I'm kind of fed up and tired of feeling this way... headache, fatigue, jaw pain, etc. I am supposed to see a neurologist on 3/13, but the girl in his office said not to tell him I had been involved in a MVA because he won't see me if he knows. I just don't know where to go from here.
Avatar f tn G'day. I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the right area-don't know where else to put it. I've had a concussion for about 9 days now with "usual, mild-average" symptoms. The last couple days have been like the first couple days, cannot rest my head at night from the pain, taking two 650 mg Tylenols when I think of it, also seem more confused & forgetful (before major loss of sleep). The last 48 hrs. I've slept for 40 min's.
Avatar f tn It sent a wave of pain through my skull like my brain moved and I saw stars. It hurt.! I'm not seeing stars anymore but I am dizzy and sometimes nauseous. My ears start ringing at random times. Sometimes not too bad but sometimes it really bothers me. My head feels really heavy most of time too... Should I see a doctor or is it just a minor concussion that I shouldn't worry about.???
10506901 tn?1431354357 Recently I was diagnosed with post concussion syndrome. However due to the circumstance I highly doubt what happened caused a concussion. I had a migraine while training at a martial arts gym and when the migraine symptoms lasted for 3 weeks I was diagnosed with concussion. The reason I do not think it is a concussion was because the only thing that could have caused it was me falling forward and stopping myself with my arms and it sort of jolted my body.
Avatar n tn i hit the back of my head about 6 months ago , since then i have been getting headaches were i hit it now i get them about 2 times a day the pain only last a couple of minites , the pain is like someone shocking you, and the back of my head goes numb , is there anything to worry about with these symptoms
Avatar f tn i'm 17 years old and I'm an athlete.i always get a really sharp pain headaches.its feel like there is a needle in your brain,but it only last less than 1 min.sometimes i also feel this sharp pain on my vertebrate and chest.besides that when I stand (when I wake up in the morning or even when I'm just sitting on the couch) I have to stop and hold on to something or sit down fast because I feel like I'm going to faint.what should i do?is it cause by concussion?
Avatar n tn i am 16 years old and about 8 days ago i broke my nose i was not diagnosed with a concussion however ever since that day i have had an extremely bad headache to the point where i feel nauseous, cant sleep and cant concentrate .. i feel out of it all the time and extremely tired i feel like i could fall asleep at any moment, however when i go to try and sleep it takes hours for me to get to sleep what could be wrong and what should i do to help the pain ?
Avatar m tn Following that I noticed ringing in one of my ears, that lasted a few seconds, and a slight headache began to develop that was no generalized to a specific area, but rather kept feeling pain in different areas of my head. The headache pain is mild, but is concerning to me whether I have gotten a concussion, I do consider myself a chronic worries as I tend to think I have certain conditions. I also seem to not be able to focus clearly or think clearly.
Avatar m tn This can be due to primary headaches such as tension headache which usually presents with pressure or viselike headache. Healing or recovering from a concussion takes time and may take weeks or even months. Headaches, dizziness, irritability and concentration problems may be observed.
Avatar n tn i just have had a head ache since headache started about 5/10 mins after I hit it into the ground the about 24 hours later my headache went away but this morning it started to hurt again......i spoke to my trainer at my school.....before my headache returned.....he told me to do alittle jogging to get my heart rate up and see if my head ache returned.......
Avatar n tn i was in a car accident in august and its now october and im not getting any better with the pain in my head. they said i had a concussion a week after at my first follow up doctors appointment and i am going back in a week for like my 3rd or 4th follow since the accident. ive still had a headach since the crash and im just scared that there is something else that they missed. i feel like i should have another CT scan done but not sure if its needed??
1033165 tn?1309439016 Thank you so much for your thoughts and encouragement. Hopefully she will be better soon. Right now just working on getting her through headache and pain free for at least a day or two and go from there. She is a very strong girl and never gives up. Thanks again.
Avatar m tn I had a CT scan done at the ER but was never told if I had suffered a concussion. I'm also waiting on the results of an EEG because I've never fainted or had a seizure before in my life. Now I'm experiencing frequent pressure like headaches mainly around my temples, eyes and sides of my head. I get dizzy and feel off balance if I move around too much. I get sharp headache pains from just reading.
Avatar m tn From what I have read online, one of the leading indicators of a concussion is having no memory of the incident. As well as nausea and a headache. Apparently on Friday night, I fell on some stairs, hitting the back of my head. I say apparently because I was black out drunk at the time.(Yes, I am of the proper drinking age. No, I don't do this sort of thing every day, let alone every couple of months.
Avatar m tn Tonight however, I was unable to sleep (only 15 minutes) and I know anxiety is involved, but I don't know if it's a cause for not sleeping or an effect of the concussion. And now I have had not rest and don't really know if the feeling of dizziness I'm experimenting right now is due to my head having been hit or to anxiety + not getting too mucho sleep altogether...
Avatar m tn E three times - they said it must be post concussion syndrome and to take the recomended daily allowance of standatd painkillers,I did this and no improvenemt came. I went to numerous eye specialists who say my eye is completely fine and i have no detached retina,etc... I have no intellectual difficulty either. Now nine months later i am considering going to a neureoiligist as it is affecting my college life and my work. The type of headache changes from week to week.
Avatar m tn Another symptom was a mild headache when I was tired but I do not know whether this can be attributed to the hit or to me feeling overly anxious over a possible concussion. Do you think a concussion is a possibility? Any feedback would be very welcome!
Avatar m tn almost like flu symptoms. went to ER 24 hours later and had CT and all tests were100% normal and left with concussion diagnosis. never lost conscience. have complete recollection of all events before and after. never had a headache, never vomited, never really dizzy except for lightheadedness associated with sluggishness. literally no problems other than lethargy, which is somewhat depression linked.... on Monday I awoke with what I think is ulnar entrapment.
1433614 tn?1283452059 Since you suffered a blow in the occipital region, it would be wise to get a MRI of the brain since you have eye pain now. This pain may not be due to the concussion. It may be due to the blows you suffered. The other possibility is that the old whiplash injury is causing pinched nerve, hence this possibility too should be investigated. But on net, without examining you it is difficult to say what exactly the problem is. Fundus examination of the eye should also be done. Hope this helps.
19712445 tn?1483083221 Today when I woke up my head was hurting more (in the back of my head) I also felt dizzy, light headed, sensitivity to light, rining in ears, and so on so I went back to the ER, they looked over my CT scan from Monday and said I should be fine. Since then my head pain is still here and I've also been feeling a pain in the back of my head and the area feels warm and then cold sometimes, I don't know if that is normal with a concussion.
Avatar m tn Thank you for your question. Although without being able to examine you I can not offer you the specific advice on diagnosis and treatment that you need, but I would try to provide you some relevant information about your health concern. Usually, such dizziness and other neurological symptoms may result due to post-concussion syndrome and may last for weeks or months after the injury that caused from the injury of a fall, vehicle accident, or sports injury.