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Avatar m tn If you want to learn more about Combivir, I'm sure the prescribing information is available over the Internet, where you can find all the side effects from mild to severe and their frequencies.
Avatar m tn A drop or two of serosanguinous fluid from a known HIV+ patient (class 2) got into my left eye. I started Combivir at 5 hrs post exposure and continued for 28 days. My baseline, 2 wk and 6 wk ELISA's have been negative. Despite knowing the recommendations, especially after PEP, I was preoccupied enough with the idea of transmission that I recently got a DNA PCR- at about 7-8 weeks post exposure; 3-4 wks after completion of PEP. It was negative.
Avatar n tn That 1/4 conversion ratio seems too high to me. I thought it would be much lower even without PEP. Can you tell how you manage with the side effects? Could be useful for everybody.
Avatar n tn It took me 24 hours (I went to a clinic, an urgent care facility, and 2 ERs) before I found someone to prescribe PEP. I am currently on twice daily Combivir and twice daily Kaletra. Questions: 1) I've read that the estimated per act transmission rate for receptive oral with ejaculation is 1/10,000. But is this based on a low (<1000) viral load? 2) Given the encounter, the source, my condition, and PEP, how would you rate my risk?