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Avatar n tn Hi i am a 57 year old woman and i was called into my doctors office to review results of my stool exam. my doctor trold me that i have stage one colon cancer or polyps???? he said not to worry about it because it is still only in its early stage and it can be removed???. Can it be removed and once itis removed what if if comes back from the lab as cancerous??? im really scared are these things life threatning?? are they common? can u fully recover from them??? PLEASE HELP ME!
Avatar f tn Doctor said there's a polyps but have not go for review report appointment yet. Is colon polyps a big concerns of something serious?
Avatar n tn i had a colonoscopy done in august of 2002. they did biopsies on the polyps they removed and found that they would eventually become cancerous. i was suppose to have my colon removed due to the fact it was completely filled with the same polyps, but i never did due to pregnancy. are there any signs i should look watch for that may mean they are cancerous already?
Avatar n tn I and they performed a Colonoscopy on December 27, 2010... 6 polyps removed and sent to pathology.. have to wait 2 weeks for pathology.I've had moderate pain and diarrhea since. Question is.. why do I have to wait for pathology? from what I've read once they remove polyps there is no need to further test but yet the paper I received from my G.I doctor states repeat test based upon pathology. I really do not want to go thru that test again.. Please help.
1141557 tn?1261032096 I just had a colonoscopy done today. They removed polyps. What are they and what are the symptoms? Can they cause severe abdominal bloating and pain? Please someone answer these questions.
Avatar n tn Finally, you might ask your doctor to do a genetic testing if they keep growing in large numbers. You also didn't mention where the polyps were found. Sigmoid colon polyps are more likely associated with nutrition status, whereas ascending colon polyps are more likely to be genetic. Take care & good luck!
Avatar n tn I had a colonoscopy and I had three precancerous polyps removed. can someone explain what the different types of polyps are and since I have had these what precautions that i need to take so these dont come back again. my dr said I just need another colonoscopy in 5 yrs instead of the usual 10.
Avatar n tn The good thing about colonic polyps is that they're very slow growing and they take a long time to turn cancerous, if indeed they are malignant. Most polyps are benign. I'm very glad that your polyps were removed early and I'm betting that the prognosis will be good! My brother had two polyps removed last year after he had rectal bleeding for a year. His were benign and he's in good shape. I wish the same for you!
12587011 tn?1426103698 I was having bad digestive issues and eventually an abscess near my rectum. Had a few tiny polyps removed but otherwise everything was normal and the Dr said to get another one in 10 years. 4 months late i get another abscess and flare ups of gas, diareha and cramping etc. General discomfort and nausea. Call the GI doc and they tell me to deal with it through general surgery. I was more concerned about the possibility of having crohns etc but felt like they didnt want to deal with me.
Avatar m tn I just had a colonoscopy done and polyps were removed from my Colon and stomach and I was also diagnosed with gastritis can gastritis lead to stomach cancer..
Avatar f tn do all polyps turn into cancer? and are there different types of colon polyps?
Avatar f tn I had one when i was 22, due to bleeding, and several(2-3) polyps were removed. I scheduled my appt last week, cant be seen for about a month or so, and monday had pretty bad bleeding again, it was probably about a tablespoon worth of blood. Ok, so i can deal with the polys thing, but the culmination of problems is what is bothering me. When i was 19 i was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and fibormyalgia. The meds i was given for itmade me feel like complete crap.
Avatar m tn Colonic polyps are usually removed by surgical excision through the use of a flexible colonoscope (a flexible tube containing instruments used for viewing the inside of the colon and for taking biopsy samples). It's rare to have polyps which are too big to be handled by colonoscopy, but if this happens, open abdominal surgery can be done to perform the polyp excision.
Avatar n tn During the procedure the Dr removed 4 polyps but he said they were small and said not to worry, they didn't seem cancerous.. How accurate are these Dr's typically??
1510533 tn?1290081499 She has had tumors removed from both her breasts before that were not cancerous, and most of her uncles and aunts on her fathers side died of some type of cancer. She just had another smaller polyp removed today, and was give the diagnoses of her colon was swollen and there was some concern for her small intestine but im not sure what. Is there any advice or direction you can point us in?
Avatar f tn Should I be having more colonoscopies then usual because of them finding polyps? Do I have a high risk of colon cancer because of having these polyps at such a young age?
Avatar m tn I had colon polyps and they were removed and no meds to take. Colon test every 2 yrs cause colon cancer runs in family. Not familiar with your med.
Avatar n tn The doctor stated that if this was him of his family member that he would have the stomach removed. My husband had colon cancer in 2000 and has had 6 surgeries due to complication from perforated colon he developed ecoli, an absese on the abdominal wall and hernia's etc. Because of the numerous surgeries all he has left his the small instestine. How will have a total gastroectomy effect his eating and quality of life.
Avatar f tn I had a colonoscopy 2 weeks ago. Two sessile polyps removed, 7mm and 8mm. Were to be sent to pathology. Now told the tissue was destroyed and nothing was sent to the lab as the Dr. 'was certain it was fine'. My mother died of colon cancer. Shouldn't my tissue have gone to pathology? I am very upset over this and don't know what to do.
Avatar n tn Second colonoscopy Jan 6. Doc found multiple polyps, eight 2-3 mm "polyps" removed and described as hyperplastic. Next colonoscopy March 30. I wish someone would think outside the box as I am wondering if my polyps are an allergic reaction or maybe hives (I have experienced pressure hives when extremely stressed). Being told you have colon cancer IS a stressor! Three docs and three different descriptions and still no resolution....
Avatar n tn 35 Female, had endoscopy& colonscopy, diagnosed and removed 12 polyps (colon) 9 hyperplastic 3 adenamatous. Doctor stated for follow up-colonoscopy every 2 years. Doc has now called back wanting a "next available" Barium X ray.I have a family history one death-maternal great grandfather colon cancer. My issues leading up to this procedure: gallbladder removal( i was fine no pain, cramping etc before my GB surgery), multiple uterine fibroids.
Avatar f tn Hi I am a 44 year old female, with recent bright red blood in my when i wipe after diarrhea. I have a history of colon polyps 1 year ago and my mother has colon ca Diagnosed June 07 with soft tissue mets (specifically 7.3 cm x 5.3 cm X3.5 cm paraspinal muscle met) confirmed with biopsy 9 days ago. Do you think I should seek another colonoscopy soon, I was told last year every 5 years, what are the chances mine is ca?
Avatar f tn I just had a polyp removed Fri. and they said it was about 3cin and it dose not look good .She said she had to burn and cut and burn and take it out a little at at a time.I have to wait two weeks for the path to come back. why I was worried was, she said she will have to go back ever 4 to 6 month to keep it from getting worse. Do you think she should just cut out the whole thing and then it will be gone for good! Seems like its more simple that way.
Avatar f tn You will need COLONOSCOPY (arrange it SOON), during which the polyp (if it si polyp) will be removed and send to tersting to see if it is cancerous. The whole colon will be then examined for other polyps. Such a polyp may produce some mucus, it may bleed, or cause pain.
Avatar f tn Question on anal polyps I have just had a flexi sigi done my lower colon was fine and also my rectum was fine but when the doc checked my anus there was two small bumps same colour as the rest of my anus I asked the doc if these where normal she said yes, I was also told at the end that everything was normal. She did not tell me what they where but after looking at pics on the net they looked like very small polyps I do not go back to the consultant for two weeks yet.
Avatar f tn Have 3 large polyps on right side of colon got to have surgery is there any concerns?