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Avatar n tn I had a colonoscopy and I had three precancerous polyps removed. can someone explain what the different types of polyps are and since I have had these what precautions that i need to take so these dont come back again. my dr said I just need another colonoscopy in 5 yrs instead of the usual 10.
Avatar f tn Hello, Some of the polyps are cancerous. These include adenomatous polyps and familial adenomatous polyposis. In these, after removal, it is recomenneded to get check colonoscopy done after 1-3 years. So you can get it done after 1 year. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor. I sincerely hope that helps.
Avatar m tn But as a side finding the doctor found two (6mm and 7mm) sessile serrated polyps in my transverse colon. I am terrified. Does this put at super high risk of colon cancer since I am so young and there were two? She said I should come back in 3 years for another colonoscopy, but I am concerned that I should come back sooner. My paternal grandmother had colon cancer in her 70s and had some of her colon removed and then lived to 86.
Avatar f tn do all polyps turn into cancer? and are there different types of colon polyps?
280234 tn?1532986249 I was wondering if any other young adults have been diagnosed with colon polyps? I'm a 34/f who was recently diagnosed with a 1.1 cm "Tubulovillous adenoma" during a colonoscopy (was seeing blood/mucous in stool for about 6 months). The lab report came back that it was benign, and my GI doctor said follow up with him in 3 years. From what my GI doctor told me, and what I've read about these, they are considered precancerous. Following up in 3 years makes me nervous.
Avatar f tn Hi, I just had polyps taken out last Fri and the Dr said she didnt like the way they looked. I got the test back yesterday and it was precancerous. I know pre is better than cancer and it will take awhile to turn all the way. The Dr said she will check them again in 4 to 6 months to see if she will have to burn them again. My pcp said if they are have my colen taken out or part of it.
Avatar m tn I'm 29 and recently had 3 tubulovillous precancerous polyps removed. I don't meet with the Doc until next week but was curious to see what the general treatment for the future is. They said they removed all the pollyps before cancer was formed. Generally would repeat colonoscopies to monitor future growth be the treatment or do they like to do surgery for this?
225036 tn?1294509400 My grandma and dad have a history of polyps and my grandma had to have 1ft of her colon removed. Do I have a higher chance of having cancer with family history of polyps? My mom also has diverticulosis (sp). Any advice or answers would be great. By the way, I am 35 years old. Thanks in advance for you help.
Avatar f tn You did not mention what the path report says about your other 4 polyps. Are they also precancerous? Where were they located? Were they close to the area where the cancerous polyp was found? If I had a few precancerous polyps surrounding a cancerous one in a particular part of my colon. Personally, I'd get that part of the colon excised to prevent future growth. Also, you need an endoscopic ultrasound to confirm clear margin and no surrounding lymph nodes enlargement.
Avatar m tn I am 36 years old. Long history of chronic diarrhea, abdominal pain and other IBD type symptoms. Currently being tested to rule out Crohn's. Had colonoscopy a couple days ago, and while my doctor didn't find evidence of Crohn's/IBD, he found two polyps in my left (descending?) colon. He said they were approx the size of the bed of his finger nail...(1 cm?) or so...and he removed them and sent them to pathology.
Avatar n tn Polyps in the colon can be a manifestation of polyposis syndrome (when a large number of polyps occur in the colon) which may be associated with precancerous lesions in other parts of the body. Since you had a single polyp, this seems unlikely and they may be chance associations. You need to get the nature of the adrenal nodule and the liver lesion clarified by your radiologist. Once the nature of these lesions is confirmed, we can take this further.
Avatar f tn i am scared to even go the washroom because of the pain pushing it out. im a athlete, in top shape and i eat healthy. I hear only old people usually get colon cancer. I do not know im my grandma ever had colon cancer, but she has had cancer several times, the first time she was diagnosed at 7 months. im scared of polyps. my appitite has decreased and i am tired alot and even get headaches more frequently.
1703392 tn?1307450500 How frequent will be determined on the size of polyps and their growth rate that they find. Generally, polyps less than 1.5cm in size are easy to resect endoscopically. Anything larger than that will be at higher bleeding risk - which happened to me before and I had to be admitted to hospital thru ER for bleeding control & monitoring. In fact, even if my polyps were benign, I'd still end up in OR b/c of the hemarrhage.
Avatar f tn I can't believe no one has replied to you. I hope by now you have gotten some relief! Soaking night sweats and flu like symptoms aren't good, neither are nodules in your lungs. Has anyone suggested a bronchoscopy (through the nose, down the trachea and into the lungs) or even a sputum biopsy? After two years, I think you deserve an answer as to what is wrong with you. I don't think the precancerous colon polyps or the kidney stones are related to the lung nodules. Do you smoke?
Avatar m tn Hi. So, growing up, I've spent a lot of time on the toilet. I like to sit there for an hour and really, you know, get everything out. Usually scraping pretty deep inside, and straining hard, occasionally hitting some blood. Anyway, things were always fine-- up until like a year and a half ago. One time, a LOT of blood came out. I was kinda shocked, but I just thought it was a hemorrhoid or something (my dad has a history with that stuff). So I let it be.
Avatar n tn Hey there, I am 33, had blood and mucus for about 2 years and I finally went 3 weeks ago and had colonoscopy and they removed a adanoma polyp which is a precancerous polyp which could eventually turn into colon cancer so do yourself a favor and just demand a colonoscopy and get it done and over with and get a piece of mind. It is really very easy. please keep us updated.
Avatar f tn if they remove the precancerous polyps it reduces your risk of cancer by something like over 80% so that's great that you had it done I believe the colonoscopy also tests for UC/Crohn's
Avatar f tn I had a colonoscopy last year and this year, both times a precancerous polyp was found and removed in the same area. First it isn't doesn't seem common to re-develop polyps over a 1 year period and for it to become precancerous in the same spot. The surgeon just said the surgeon in charge the first time probably missed it. Is this common?
Avatar f tn Do you have hemroids?? I have issues like that myself. I DID get a colonoscopy done. Hemroids were the main cause. Sometimes it wouldn't be much and other times it would be alot of blood. BUT I am glad I got it done. I had some precancerous polyps they removed. I'm only 29. IF I would have waited till 50 like most people do I would have had cancer for sure! I have to get one every 3 years now.
Avatar f tn have had several polyps removed over the years from colon, mother diagnosed with diverticulitis,I am very home bound most of the time. why has this been ruled colitis? I'm about at wits end..;o/ Also have barrets esophagus. Do i need to see another specialist? I am on prilosec,and klonopin.
Avatar f tn I saw the surgeon about having it removed and he felt my symptoms were possibly related to something else and referred me to a GI. I had a colonoscopy and endoscopy. I had two small colon polyps which were precancerous but they were removed and all is good there. Have to have another one in five years. My endoscopy showed some mild gastritis which he felt was anxiety related.
Avatar f tn after colonoscopies with findings such as what were included on my recent report (see below) with an adeonoma polyp. I am a 45-year old pre-menopausal female with no known colon cancer in the family, but had a colonoscopy because of anemia of unknown causes. Here is what was found on my colonoscopy: 5 mm tubular adenoma negative for high-grade dysplasia or malignancy (it also mentions semi-sessile in the report).
Avatar n tn Hi, you did not mention the diameter of your polyps. Small polyps can be missed in the first colonoscopy. Also, it depends on whether you've been eating healthy (red meat and low vitamin D speed the growth). Finally, you might ask your doctor to do a genetic testing if they keep growing in large numbers. You also didn't mention where the polyps were found.
Avatar f tn Have 3 large polyps on right side of colon got to have surgery is there any concerns?
577395 tn?1277401364 He had his 1st colonoscopy yesterday. The doctor removed multiple polyps and didn't remove, biopsied 2 polyps. Biopsy results will be ready Aug. 14. Looking at the report makes me realy scared, that he might have colon cancer. Can you please look at it and give me some insight. Really appreciate your help! Any additional information will help. What scares me the most in the reort is Hepatic Flexure.
Avatar n tn removed 5 polyps, one which was abnormally large. They were sent for bioyopsy. What kind of risk am I for colon cancer? I have severe constipation, bleeding rectally and in stools, bloating most of the time, extremely gasy, and suffer from acid reflux.