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785798 tn?1237898297 In my search I have come across a product called Okra Pepsin E3 and I have read on some forums that this is a product that if it is the only thing that you do for your health then this is what you should do. It supposedly removes the plaque which builds up over the years on your small intestines and stops your intestines from absorbing the nutrients from your food. Has anybody tried this product? Is it good? Is there something else out there that is better?
Avatar m tn just a question, I was at GNC today and saw a product for colon or gastro cleansing. Has anyone used these, does it work and is it healty?
Avatar m tn I think the symptoms of the general PATM are already clear. 1. The inflammation causes vasoconstruction, for that reason we can not smell and breathe properly, the throat sometimes burns because the nose does not heat the air, in my case I also have cold hands and feet. 2. There is something called "BIOFILM" OR "MUCOID PLAQUE", that is where the type of bacteria, fungus or parasite is lodged in the intestine, which is throwing the MICOTOXINS into the blood.
1454383 tn?1288947277 My hairdresser has been doing this type of dieting on a regulat basis. Although she says that the weight really hasn't melted off as she had hoped, she continues to do it because she feels so much better, more energized. Good luck!
Avatar n tn If colon cleansing was beneficial, why wouldn’t our doctors order them?
Avatar f tn You were probably not doing it long enough, for a colonoscopy all you have to do is take something that will flush you out one or two days before the examination. This does not get rid of candida, parasites, and all the rest that does not belong in your intestines. It takes time to get rid of all those.
Avatar f tn A cleansing diet would be rearranging your entire diet, for a short time or forever, to emphasize cleansing toxins out of your colon, liver, and other organs. The reason you read about fasting a lot is that it's the best cleansing diet there is -- you take in no toxins while your body has the opportunity to clean itself out in the meantime. How long to fast is controversial, but when first starting out it's usually recommended to do one day, then move on later to two, etc.
Avatar n tn This is very easy. We have a ''Mucoid Plaque'' or ''Biofilm'' . The problem here, How break this ?? The problem is in the small intestine. THE TOXINS CREATED ON THE Mucoid Plaque and broke the walls of the intestine.
Avatar m tn Make an appointment with a gastroenterologist. It is costly if you don't have an insurance, regardless of age, if you are in doubt, consult with the Gas.. to have a colon scan. It takes a day of cleansing and a day of check up. Don't wait till too late. Colonsnocopy is suggested to the over 50 but no longer truth. You may develop a polyp in your 20s 30s 40s as well. Check if in doubt. When you see blool in your stool, act quickly. Polyp if not taken care, will turn bad.
Avatar f tn Drinking plenty of water, taking fiber pills and modification of diet may help. Milk products, wheat products, nuts, are typical culprits.
Avatar n tn Autism protocol of andreas kalcher. There are also some images of this that I mention, they say they are parasites, some if they are parasites, but others seems to me to be a biofilm or mucoid plaque. Please check it. What I told 'dontgiveuphope' is that we are going to focus all on the same point and if someone can pay for the study of the endoscopic capsule, we do not have to waste time we have to go to the same point, to finish this, that both Has made suffer.
Avatar n tn Second is that because you are doing enemas so frequently, you are seeing the normal lining of your intestines come off (this can be called mucoid plaque by people in alternative medicine). Third is that there is something unique to you that is going on. Did you notice this before you started doing enemas?
Avatar f tn does anyone have any advice on liver cleansing products, also foods i seriously need to sort myself out health wise. feel sluggish all the time and have a stitch like ache under my rib cage.
Avatar n tn What is the purpose for a colon cleanse in your case? Unfortunately many colon cleanse products on the market wipe out all the good bacteria in your gut that are required for digestion and good colon health. I would look very closely at any product you use and either consult your physician or in the very least your pharmacist. Make sure you inform them of any medications you are taking or have taken in the recent past and of any diseases or conditions you may also have.
Avatar f tn This is going to be late for you, but you should never take liver cleansers while taking medication. What you're describing is a combination colon/liver cleanse. Milk thistle and yellowdock, for example, are liver cleansers, and could theoretically wash some of the medication out of our system, as the body sees virtually all medication as toxic.
Avatar n tn Any good herbal will list the herbs used for parasite cleansing, and there are many products on the market that combine similar things. Most of them don't kill the parasites as much as drive them out of the body, but again, my fear is that nothing would satisfy you until this isn't such a psychological thing. Peace.
1378071 tn?1313420821 Has anyone tried the ACIA / COLON cleansing pills, drink whatever.... they say the fat just comes right off?!?! Comeon now... Does that really work, im trying to get opinons before i try it!!!
451343 tn?1256250831 t take over night to get myself in this position, all though it sometimes feels like it happened over night. just want to feel normal what ever that is. wondering about colon cleansing. i have some colon cleansing formula. wondering if i should wait to take them or what. i just feel like invasion of the body snatchers. i want my body back. i let those damn pills rob my body of sooooooooooo much. feeling a bit like a failure. im sure that will pass.
874521 tn?1424116797 The most efficacious treatment for cats with eosinophilic disease complex, of which eosinophilic plaque is one component, is Depo-medrol injections every 2 to 4 weeks, with antibiotics for secondary skin infection. Depo-medrol or other steroid injections can cause diabetes in susceptible individuals (especially obese cats), but, it is a necessary part of the treatment. It might be a good idea to place your cat on a hypoallergenic canned diet such as prescription lamb and pea, or equivalent.
189269 tn?1189755825 Anyone here or use this Truman's Colon/Liver Cleanser. After almost dying from the Telapravir study I was in that did not work and 10 months later still have a rash from hell, depressed, cannot wake up in the morning and other bad things I am looking for other means to survive before I succumb to the full extent of this virus. CAC liquid is a blood, colon and liver cleanser and detoxifier that serves to regulate the bowel movements.
Avatar f tn If this is not something you have experienced (birth issue), I would still look into whether or not you should see a GI specialist. The colon cleansing is also a good idea, as the colon will have build up inside, and it is a healthy practice to cleanse.