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1454383 tn?1288947277 My hairdresser has been doing this type of dieting on a regulat basis. Although she says that the weight really hasn't melted off as she had hoped, she continues to do it because she feels so much better, more energized. Good luck!
Avatar m tn just a question, I was at GNC today and saw a product for colon or gastro cleansing. Has anyone used these, does it work and is it healty?
Avatar n tn If colon cleansing was beneficial, why wouldn’t our doctors order them?
Avatar f tn I am considering a cleansing diet. In the past, I used to scoff at cleansing diets because I figured evolution designed humans to have all these magnificent organs to sufficiently detoxify the body (kidneys, digestive system, liver, etc.) --not to mention a bounty of foods that maximize these organs' detox processes.
Avatar m tn Make an appointment with a gastroenterologist. It is costly if you don't have an insurance, regardless of age, if you are in doubt, consult with the Gas.. to have a colon scan. It takes a day of cleansing and a day of check up. Don't wait till too late. Colonsnocopy is suggested to the over 50 but no longer truth. You may develop a polyp in your 20s 30s 40s as well. Check if in doubt. When you see blool in your stool, act quickly. Polyp if not taken care, will turn bad.
Avatar m tn The onset of kidney injury in these cases varied, occurring in some within several hours of use of these products and in other cases up to 21 days after use." ad_icon The agency said it has told the products' manufacturer, Salix Pharmaceuticals of Morrisville, N.C.
Avatar m tn ◾Yoghurt aids in the growth of ‘healthy bacteria’ in the colon. These healthy bacteria result in production of Vitamin K, which is essential for a healthy liver. ◾Milk and milk products should be an integral part of your diet ◾Avoid meat and meat products. These products are difficult to digest and put extra strain on the liver ◾Alcohol abuse results in cirrhosis of the liver, which in turn results in jaundice.
3101013 tn?1433454105 Thes symptoms are usually coming from pancreatic insufficiency and are due to inadequate enzyme production by the pancreas. This is readily treated by supplementing these with enzmes in pill form. Colon cleansing would not be part of a recommended course of therapy. I think you need a more thorough GI evaluation as some of your symptoms don't fit with the reason that you give.
Avatar f tn Drinking plenty of water, taking fiber pills and modification of diet may help. Milk products, wheat products, nuts, are typical culprits.
Avatar n tn What is the practice ragrding enema in the US hospitals? Do women get enema in the hospital before labor or is it suggested to do it at home before heading to the hospital?
Avatar m tn I am a 44 years old male, originally from India, and have lived in the US for 20 years now. In January of 2010, I came back from a trip to India with pencil-like stools. After a couple of months of analysis, the doctors found this to be the parasite “Endolimax Nana”. They gave me Metronidazole 500 mg for a week. According to follow-up tests, the parasite was gone. However, I continued digestive symptoms, which have persisted (in varying form) for 2.5 years now.
Avatar n tn What is the purpose for a colon cleanse in your case? Unfortunately many colon cleanse products on the market wipe out all the good bacteria in your gut that are required for digestion and good colon health. I would look very closely at any product you use and either consult your physician or in the very least your pharmacist. Make sure you inform them of any medications you are taking or have taken in the recent past and of any diseases or conditions you may also have.
Avatar f tn does anyone have any advice on liver cleansing products, also foods i seriously need to sort myself out health wise. feel sluggish all the time and have a stitch like ache under my rib cage.
Avatar n tn Any good herbal will list the herbs used for parasite cleansing, and there are many products on the market that combine similar things. Most of them don't kill the parasites as much as drive them out of the body, but again, my fear is that nothing would satisfy you until this isn't such a psychological thing. Peace.
451343 tn?1256250831 t take over night to get myself in this position, all though it sometimes feels like it happened over night. just want to feel normal what ever that is. wondering about colon cleansing. i have some colon cleansing formula. wondering if i should wait to take them or what. i just feel like invasion of the body snatchers. i want my body back. i let those damn pills rob my body of sooooooooooo much. feeling a bit like a failure. im sure that will pass.
Avatar f tn This is going to be late for you, but you should never take liver cleansers while taking medication. What you're describing is a combination colon/liver cleanse. Milk thistle and yellowdock, for example, are liver cleansers, and could theoretically wash some of the medication out of our system, as the body sees virtually all medication as toxic.
569755 tn?1220872102 But this is considered the number one colon cleansing program in the world, and is very safe. There is a FAQ page on the site that answers the majority of questions regarding the cleanse if you would like to inquire further. Anyway, I hope you find a cure, whether it be this program or not (although I personally recommend it), and the link is posted below. See ya! drnatura.
189269 tn?1189755825 Be careful with those liver cleanse products. there are some good things in them as well as some bad things for the liver. the one you list even has 20% alcohol. You might be better off taking specific supplements to support the liver, i.e. milk thistle,cucumin, PPC, etc. There was a list posted here by a hepatitis researcher. maybe someone will provide the link.
1378071 tn?1313420821 Has anyone tried the ACIA / COLON cleansing pills, drink whatever.... they say the fat just comes right off?!?! Comeon now... Does that really work, im trying to get opinons before i try it!!!
Avatar f tn If this is not something you have experienced (birth issue), I would still look into whether or not you should see a GI specialist. The colon cleansing is also a good idea, as the colon will have build up inside, and it is a healthy practice to cleanse.
Avatar m tn I think it depends on the type of enema. Using enemas frequently for constipation can cause your rectum to "forget" how to have a bowel movement naturally. Using enemas for "colon cleansing", I believe is not good, because your colon doesn't need any cleansing, it does this itself.
Avatar f tn I've heard about so many things you can do to "flush the fat" is there any magic something out there? I eat pretty healthily, It's just been so hard to lose, weingt. I need to lose about 20lbs. I usually don't have the energy to work aout consistently. Can anyone tell me, what can boost my metabolism, burn fat? I've tried some products but they had so much caffeine, I got horribly sick and was very jittery?