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Avatar f tn My suggestion would be to make some at home, with decaf coffee. Just brew a pot and keep it in the fridge, then add your milk/cream/sugar yourself, that way you can know for sure what is in your cup. A pot of cooled coffee can be kept for two days, especially if you're just going to add sugar.
Avatar f tn I've gone back to my morning coffee. I can do without a lot of things but not coffee! I'm just going to pace myself more with it now and not drink as much close together. So far so good. Being on the Metoprolol twice a day I'm sure is helping too..In the past I'd brew a pot every morning and drink about 2-4 cups fairly close together. I think I just overloaded on it.
Avatar f tn No ur fine just limit ur caffeine intake to 200mg a day MAX I keep a big jug of lipton cold brew decaf tea in my fridge at all times something to try see it u likw it the same (my hubs won't touch it and he loves tea so win win for me)
Avatar f tn The only thing my doctor said I could take when I had a cold was tylenol. I basically has to sweat the cold out and was miserable for almost two weeks. However vices vapor rub helps a soothes. Home remedy tea; half red onion, half an apple, lots of ginger, slice of orange and of lemon. Let that brew with lots of water.. add an little honey and pop a cough drop in the hot tea. Sounds nasty but not too bad and it helps!
Avatar m tn About two months ago I stopped drinking coffee (more or less--I was drinking around half a pot a day and now I might have a cup in the morning, about a third of the time), and started drinking tea. Right now I'm drinking ~5 cups a day of tea or so. At night I have earl grey, and the rest of the time it is plain black tea. I don't add milk or sugar, and tend to brew it strong.
Avatar f tn Hey ladies! I'm exclusively breastfeeding and I caught a cold :/ what am I allowed to take?
1348686 tn?1310654243 I've used a netti pot anytime I have a Sinus Infection or a cold. I just use warm water from the tap and dissolve the powder they give you in it. It doesn't hurt, and it clears the airway really well. I always feel like I can breathe so much better after using it. It only offers temporary relief though, as the mucus builds back up a little bit later. Do you have seasonal allergies? It may also be playing a part in your sinus distress.
Avatar f tn I keep lipton cold brew caffeine free tea in my fridge at all times cuz I luv my tea too something to try
Avatar n tn Sorry, I am not familiar with witch hazel brew. Thanks again.
Avatar f tn Phenergan, zofran, ginger, something with not a whole lot of flavor, ******* pops, sipping on ice cold water, sucking on ice, etc.. I had severe vomiting while pregnant(there's a medical term for it) and had to do all of that for the first 5 months! They even gave me the Phenergan and told me to put it up my butt bc it would help better... embarrassing!
5426152 tn?1382129604 Honey, cinnamon, herbal teas, humidify it out with a pot of boiling water and a towel over your face in the pot, SLEEP, and more sleep, sorry your feeling this way, good luck feeling better and with your delivery!
Avatar f tn I am 6 weeks pregnant and I have a cold I don't know what to take can anyone help me because it is taking a toll on me
Avatar f tn I recommend a netty pot to rinse your sinuses. I have pretty bad allergies and that had allowed me to peel back 2 meds of my regimen. My husband uses his for congestion and colds. I don't use straight tap water for this. I boil it it the micro wave and let it cool to decrease the miniscule chance of amebiasis.
Avatar f tn ve found that vitamin c eye gel from the body shop does wonders for under eye circles. You can also do a treatment with black tea bags- brew two bags of tea, take the bags and put them in the refrigerator for an hour, then apply the cold tea bags to your eyes for about 20 minutes. It's a easy way to apply the caffeine that the other commenter mentioned above. Happy thoughts!
Avatar f tn Nettie pot/saline sprsy and drink a cold remedy hot tea. Most stores sell them! And drink ALOT of water.
Avatar f tn What can the doctor do about a bad cold? I am 26 weeks.. its seems to always be something if im not aching... I have bad insomnia. ..
Avatar f tn I have a cold. .I'm dying because I can't take any medicines that I would usually take. I have had the cold for a week now and I can't breathe and I think I have a fever.any remedies?
8526246 tn?1405601876 Brew a ginger tea. Take ginger and pour boiling water leave it for few minutes to cool but not to be cold. Then is very natural way of healing the body quickly.
Avatar f tn I woke up with a really bad head cold the pressure in my head is insane. Can't breath very well nose is so stuffed up. Anyone have any tips on what to to.
803938 tn?1403748253 When I was pregnant, I got a REALLY bad cold with nasal congestion. It was horrible. I didn't want to take medication, so I discovered a "Neti Pot." It's a little pot - kind of like a tea pot but small - and you use a warm saline solution (that comes with the pot) and pour it into one nostril. The water flows out your other nostril. It sounds gross - and it kinda is - but it saved me. It was wonderfu.. And you can do it as many times a day as you need.
Avatar n tn 4 wks pregnant and got a head cold last week. I have been using a neti pot for saline rinse my sinuses were burning and bleeding due to the dry air. After using the neti pot my nose is better. I run a humidifier in my bedroom so it's not so bad when I sleep. It stinks being sick while pregnant. I also have a cough that gets really bad at night I haven't taken anything for it. Hope you find some relief I know it stinks but you'll make it through it.
Avatar f tn Hi im a big worryworm, im 15 wks along and this is my 3rd cold I get. Dr. says not to worry unless I start getting fevers but ive heard that colds during preg can cause downsindrome for the baby. Also it can sometimes lead to miscarrige.. So im super concerned since I had a miscarrige this past may and I was also around 15 wks.. Anyone have any info on colds or advice?
Avatar f tn I have been sick now for about a week and can't get rid of my cold. I have taken hot showers, used a neti pot, taken Sudafed, and used oils. I just can't fix my stuffy nose! I can hardly sleep at night because I can't breathe. Anyone have any suggestions?
Avatar f tn What can I take to get rid of a cold while pregnant and my son which is almost 11 months has it now too. I dont like medicine but I really dont want to be sick anymore.