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Avatar f tn You can always the second opinion physician if Aspirin therapy is an option in lieu of the Plavix. As a nurse, I have given out so much Plavix and I cannot recall anyone experiencing MDS after Plavix therapy; that is my experience. I do know MDS is highly linked to benzene, xylene, radiation, certain chemotherapies, agent orange exposures and genetic mutation. MDS has a 30-40% chance of converting to AML.
Avatar f tn Will now consider dreaded Celebrex, but he said to increase aspirin a lot when taking Celebrex, if not on Plavix. Now off Plavix for years. Local Cardio does not like the idea of celebrex, and especially no way to Cortizone, and I agree that Cortizone (steroid) not an option. Any one extensively investigate this as I have?
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