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Avatar n tn Also for the purposes as stated above. Symptoms of a clonidine overdose include drowsiness, lethargy, weakness, lightheadedness, a slow heart rate, nausea, vomiting, and possibly seizures. That is all you will get from it if you try to take it to get high.. Please take care of yourself, and if you or someone has taken a large quantity go to the hospiltal and get checked out....
1029192 tn?1292985518 Let me back up just a bit - I experienced a death in my immediate family on May 30, so I had seen my Primary Care Provider on June 1, who had given me a prescription for Ativan to help with anxiety and sleeplessness - only I didn't get it filled until June 4 - so fast forward a little to Friday, June 4 - my gastroenterologist prescribed some liquid morphine, which I've used many times before (to help with the never ending diarrhea) so I figured I'd fill both the liquid morphine AND the Ativan
Avatar f tn But I would be very careful about prescribing benzos for outpatient withdrawal---- they are respiratory depressants, and if the person starts using opioid agonists in combination with benzos, there is significant risk for overdose and even death. Clonidine, on the other hand, doesn't have the respiratory depressant actions. It does, though, lower blood pressure-- so it should only be used in people who are adequately 'hydrated'-- i.e.
997859 tn?1261626716 I am finally at day seven. Had to count the days backward, because as horrible as it has been, I am suprised it was a week already. I am finally feeling better. I did call my doc yesterday, and told him about my decision to detox. He was suprised. He is the one who prescribes the Percocet (180 a month) and Norco (90 a month). My insurance company is nice enough to charge me ten dollars for them.
1162610 tn?1262832616 A tramadol overdose can be fatal. Overdose symptoms of a tramadol overdose may include drowsiness, shallow breathing, slow heartbeat, extreme weakness, cold or clammy skin, feeling light-headed, fainting, or coma. Tramadol may be habit-forming and should be used only by the person it was prescribed for. Tramadol should never be given to another person, especially someone who has a history of drug abuse or addiction. Keep the medication in a secure place where others cannot get to it.
Avatar m tn First, as for the recommendation to take Valium, realize that every benzodiazepine will add to the respiratory depressant effects of opioids, risking death from respiratory arrest. People make a big deal of combining benzodiazepines with Suboxone, but combining them with opioid agonists like oxycodone is much MORE dangerous. Many overdose deaths occur when people combine opioids and a benzo-- such as Valium, Xanax (alprazolam), or Klonopin (clonazepam).
Avatar f tn From what I know, yes you may want to use moderation with the subs.
Avatar f tn and took that. Now what's going to happen? I'm scared to death. I always take my medication appropriately. This is the first time I've messed up. (My pain doc won't be in until Tuesday.) What should I expect in doing this? I have a high tolerance. Before they switched me to the oxycontin the other day I was taking 45 mg. oxycodone every 3 to 4 hours. Someone please help here! Thanks. And I didn't chew it, I cut it and swallowed it.
Avatar f tn Lacking the reputation of heroin, many youths and novice opiate drug users engage in oxycodone abuse without understanding the consequences associated with its abuse, such as a heroin-like addiction potential and the threat of a fatal overdose. Using Percocets can cause nausea, weakness and slowed breathing. Percocets can cause impotence, enlarged prostate, and decreased testosterone secretion, thus decrease sex drive.
Avatar m tn im weening down by a lot and then going to take subutex and clonidine for withdrawl. my problem is that i have to either snort the drug or shoot it and im scared of shooting cause i dont want to overdose. when i snorted my small dose this morning my whole head started to shake and i got very dizzy. ive been getting very bad headaches for a wk now as well. i know i have to quit so please dont tell me that i am. but i want to know if this is some sinus problem from snorting or somthing else.
Avatar n tn I discovered an open bottle of Clonidine, a high blood pressure medication, on the floor. I kept my medicine on the top shelf of a cabinet, where I thought it was out of reach. But Chloe and Kevin found a way to climb onto the counter, open the bottle, and swallow the pills. I yelled for Lexie to call 911. Kevin was conscious but Chloe wasn't, so with the help of the 911 operator, I gave her mouth-to-mouth until the ambulances arrived.
Avatar f tn congrats on getting through day five youre thru the worst of the physical part, and you seem very positive so thats extremely good, you should be extremely proud of yourself its the ahrdest thing to ovrcome period.
Avatar n tn A toxocology was done. I have not picked up the info as yet but when I called they said there were no toxic levels in his system. They had found an empty hydrocodone bottle next to his bed and thought he may have committed suicide but I am sure his room mates just took the pills. Yes I am not sure how all these were filled and not flagged. The list is what I pulled frome Walgreens. I do not think they were doing there job. On May 6th he had 17 perscriptions filled.
Avatar f tn Do you want your children to not have a parent in life due to an overdose. Think of what your future has in store for you. Dont look at the past, take things day by day and i promise it will get better. My heart goes out to you and your family. Good luck and keep me updated if you have any questions.
Avatar n tn I came off heroin with little withdrawl in an in patient setting with clonidine. Some think methadone is like switching one dug for another. As for the blood in urine it sounds like his kidneys he really should check it out.
Avatar f tn I lost my sister 7 years ago to a herion overdose. She left behind 2 children. I don't want that to happen to me! I'm affraid of what the withdrawl will be like and if I will be able to do it with the kids home. I feel like I'm not a good mother because I'm always in a "cloud" Can someone please give me some advice and honest answers?? I'm scared that I'm not strong enough to deal with the pain...
Avatar n tn In my opinion the Thomas recipt is ok for withdrawing but a much better option is a cocktail of clonidine, darvocet, deprenly, immodium and valium at night. Obviously do not stay on the valium or davocet for more than a week. By that time you will be beyond all of the symptoms except fatigue and depression. Deprenly will help with fatigue and depression much better the tyrosine alone.
Avatar f tn Your bf is living off of you and you are dying a slow death by staying. You say you dont want to be alone but i would think sleeping with the enemy would be more lonely. If you want to really change things and make a clean start then you will do whatever you have to do to see this thru. If you chose to keep going this way then nothing changes if nothing changes. I hope you make the right decision.
Avatar f tn See if your doctor can write you a prescription for some Requip for restlessness, Neurontin for anxiety and malaise, some Flexeril or Soma for a few weeks for muscle spasms and maybe some Seroquel low dose, for sleep. Clonidine is very helpful for the creepy-crawly feeling and control of blood pressure variations. It will make your withdrawals easier. Valerian and Magnesium is sometimes helpful remedies over the counter.
Avatar n tn What little euphoria you may get is nothing worth dying for, and when you have no doubt that your life is over in the next few minutes from an overdose, either get to a hospital or prepare to die. I've been so close to death so many times that I can feel it coming several minutes before it arrives.but I have not yet died (I'm sure you guessed that already). But the sheer terror that comes over you should be enough for any sane person to stop.
403399 tn?1201836695 Using this medicine by inhalation or injection can cause life-threatening side effects, overdose, or death. What is tramadol? Tramadol is a narcotic-like pain reliever. Tramadol is used to treat moderate to severe pain. Tramadol extended-release is used to treat moderate to severe chronic pain when treatment is needed around the clock. Tramadol may also be used for other purposes not listed in this medication guide.
Avatar f tn I think the w/d's last about 7-10 days with ups and downs some days better than others. Can you get clonidine? It works great kinda takes the edge off and helps with the hot/cold...
Avatar f tn Cutting the wrong type of patch could result in overdose or death. It just needed clarification. If someome read the post in a hurry or was having terrible withdrawals and was not paying close atyention, they could easily miss the part where only a certain type could be cut. People rread these posts for years and it's better to be safe.
Avatar f tn Hey there! Hope told me about your situation. I've been there too. Today, I'm 19 days clean off that awful drug! No going back for me. I'm sorry about your surgery, I've had 3, seems they make you worse, huh? Anyway, I had been on the 100 every 72 hrs for 4 years then asked my dr to wean me off. After totaling 2 cars by falling asleep at the wheel, I wasnt liking the person I had become. She put me on the 75 mcg hr every 48 hrs and my pain seemed intense...for a year.
Avatar n tn Only someone who had been using for a while would need clonidine. With respect to clonidine making someone hyper, everyone I know who has used it is zonked out from it. You are right to be suspicious. Most addicts relapse several times before they finally stop. It's ok to be suspicious, just keep it to yourself as much as possible. He needs to feel supported in order to really recover.
Avatar f tn Convulsions, which may result in death[15][16] Catatonia, which may result in death[17] Delusions Psychosis Effects similar to delirium tremens Hence, every person on long-term or high dosage of any benzodiazepine should be slowly and carefully weaned off the drug, preferably under medical supervision by a physician who is knowledgeable about the benzodiazepine withdrawal syndrome.
221387 tn?1210936658 You've defintely come to the right forum. Clonidine works well for the withdrawal symptoms and you can ask your doctor for that. It is prescribed both for WD's and blood pressure. Also be aware of the search engine at the top of the page. You can do a word or person search..... there is a wealth of information here in the present and the past. I feel it is best to come, "clean" with your doctor and pain med problems are not new to them anymore... give that a shot??
202347 tn?1189759425 )while on suboxone(beprenorphine/naloxone) or subutex(buprenorphine) but suboxone and subutex are long acting drugs and death has occured from taking benzodiazepines or any other central nervous system depressants like opiates, sleeping pills, & tranquilizers while on suboxone or subutex. If you stopped taking suboxone or subutex within the past week it may not be safe to take CNS depressants as the drug is probably still in your system.
Avatar f tn I have been doing this for about 2 weeks. I need to know about overdose. This may seem like a silly question to some, but it is a very serious one to me. I know that overdose can occur within a certain amount of time after one takes the medicine, but can it occur after large amounts have been taken for an extended amount of time. For example, since I have been taking 12+ per day, for about 2 weeks, will my body give out and something bad happen to me out of the blue?