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Avatar f tn i take 800 mg of lithuim, 60mg of citalopram for my dipolar II disorder and 125mg of levothyroxine for my underactive thyrod i seem to have problems with my sex drive i never want it could it be the meds
Avatar n tn Dear Laura, Four of the medications you are taking may cause weight gain Lithobid, Depakote, Neuronitn, and Risperdal. Celexa (citalopram) has been reported to cause both weight loss and weight gain, but is less likely than the other agent to cause your weight gain. You are also taking Synthroid, which may indicate a history of hypothyroidism. An under active thyroid can also cause weight gain. It may be helpful to have a laboratory test done to check your thyroid function.
1265681 tn?1270106620 It took me a good 2 weeks on Celexa/Citalopram (10 mg. per day) before I started feeling "better". During that 2 week period, I felt awful....experienced brain "zaps", felt comfused, was paranoid when I was in large crowds, even had muscle aches! But after the first 2 weeks, I felt SO much better and didn't have any more panic attacks.
Avatar n tn I have been on Zoloft, Paxil, Celexa and am currently on Effexor/Lithium w/Trazadone for sleep. ALL of these drugs made me gain SIGNIFICANT amounts of weight. Prozac and Serzone were weight neutral, but lost effectiveness or didn't work at all. I started antidepressants, at 27, 5'7" and 125 lbs. I am now 33 and weigh 178. When I have gone off my meds in the past (I used to have a fantasy that I wouldn't need them forever.
Avatar n tn This may seem shallow but does anyone know if Citalopram causes weight gain?
Avatar f tn I am prone to weight gain with antidepressants and have recently had pulse problems with them. What ones are less likely to cause weight gain and pulse side effects?
Avatar n tn I heard it is horrible with weight gain. Is Paxil CR as bad with weight gain as regular Paxil? Also which SSRI's will make me gain the least amount of weight. I know each person is different, but I just mean genarally.
Avatar m tn It made me somewhat mellow, but that's about it. Oh, and weight gain. I heard Zoloft is the most prescribed SSRI, and a recent study of all 12 major anti-depressants concluded that Zoloft was most effective. Does Zoloft cause weight gain? I already take Wellbutrin because a) it has helped me quit smoking cigarettes, and b) helps control my appetite, and c) there aren't sexual side-effects.
1441157 tn?1284078851 I get triggers. What can I take for depression with low side effects? Like no weight gain and sexual disfuction. I can't take Wellbutrin. Paxil took my life away for ten years, I gained weight and was a zombie in bed all the time. Can my Lamictal be increased and maybe a new anxiety med. I take only 10 mg of Elavil for Fibromyalgia. Desperate in AZ.
681888 tn?1272925909 it caused weight gain for me. the standard dosage is 10 mg (or 20 mg). my doctor had said if it causes drowsiness, take it before bedtime. good luck.
Avatar n tn I am 29 now and for the last 2 years my doctor finally gave me Citalopram and my water weight and weight dropped about 10-15 lbs. I am finally getting a decrease from 20mg Citalopram to 10 mg, i can not wait to completly get off of these meds. I have bad Medication Withdrawl so i have to get off of them slowly since my body is sensitive to Medications. I hope to lose alot of weight once i get off of it. I did do Martial Arts kick boxing in 2004-2005 and did drop about 20-30 lbs.
Avatar n tn I've been on Zoloft for one year, in which time I've had to up my dosage to 200 mg to get the best results. Previously I was on Paxil for four years, but went off it due to weight gain, and then got depressed again two years later. Now, my Zoloft seems to be not working. I'm definitely feeling like I was when I first got depressed.
337492 tn?1212462436 Has anyone experienced weight gain on Wellbutrin? I'm asking because I'm a 6 ft tall man weighing in at about 160 lbs which I feel is way too light for my height. I'm struggling with depression, anxiety and racing thoughts so my doc wanted me to ween down off my celexa (citalopram) and start the Wellbutrin with the hope of the added bonus of weight gain. I know everyone is different and every med works differently for each individual.
Avatar f tn The question remains, did your craving start with you taking drugs for mental illness? Any of them can cause weight gain and cravings. Citalopram can have that effect on some people, not on others. There's one called Remeron that is often given to people who've stopped eating because it makes people crave food so much. And we all know the connection between marijuana and the munchies. Never underestimate the power of drugs to create new problems your doctors won't tell you about.
Avatar m tn At 67 I think I do quite well on the sex side, so long has the wife orgasm through intercourse finishing for me by hand is fine . You are blessed with no sexual side effects read the forum 9 out of 10 suffer and that and weight gain are the main reason people jack in ADs. You have to have guild lines on meds or it would be stupid.
Avatar f tn Currently (& subject to change) Zoloft 250 mg Ativan 1-4 mg daily Topamax 300 mg Zoplicone 15 mg Lithium 300 mg Multi vitiamin with B12 Advair 500 Anti inflamatory as necessary Flovent (dry nasal passages due to meds)
Avatar f tn About a year ago, the psychiatrist prescribed Risperidone, which produced about a 20% improvement -- we didn't think that was enough to offset the potential downside -- weight gain plus possible irreversible involuntary facial and other ticks, which we read might not even show up for years but might then be irreversible.
Avatar f tn Most of the times I am on a low dose of 10 mg. but have been as high as 40 mg. I don't suffer from anxiety continuously like some people I hear about. Mine comes after a stressfull period and usually lasts for about a month and then mysteriously goes away. Obviously, when the anxiety hits, I increase my dosage. I also exercise alot to keep my anxiety and stress levels under control. This really helps.
Avatar n tn What if the manufacterors screwed up on the prozac and really put 80 mg. inside 10 mg capsules or worse- what if its a different drug. As for paxil- I havnt even taken that before. What if I get an allergic reaction? What if it makes me worse" I dont know which med to take. I dont know how I can gain enough courage to taker either. I know I have to get better. Im only 21 and Im not living life. I cant even go to the mall with my friends anymore. How safe are these 2 medications?
1910757 tn?1348686919 Is there any way you can adjust your diet to help with this? Will your doctor help you with trying to gain some weight? Obviously if you keep getting those bad side effects like vertigo and stomach pains, you will have to re think your medication. As I said, I cannot really advise you on which medication is right for you, only you can decide if you want to continue with Sertraline. But, read the posts about withdrawal from Effexor first.
334998 tn?1197948353 I recently stopped taking Effexor because it made me gain weight in an abnormal way. My doc says Effexor does not cause weight gain but it does and I am not the only one reporting this. Do you have a clue why antidepressants cause weight gain? I excercise every day (45 min.), eat relatively healthy, bit within the 3 months that I took Effexor I clearly noticed l that my body changed.
881463 tn?1245349249 for example paroxetine causes sedation and weight gain, and prozac causes activation and a bit of weight loss. Citalopram is weight and sleep neutral in most people. All SSRIs and SNRIs have sexual side effects, EXCEPT perhaps Pristiq, a new SNRI that has very low incidence of sexual side effects in the one or two trials that have been done with the medication.
Avatar n tn It helped me connect better with my environment, the reactions to things that made me angry were greatly reduced, and the mild depression left completely. Side effects were weight gain - I have weighed 160 my entire life, and I gained 15 pounds, increased drinking from 1-2 beers a day to 6-8, and lack of motivation to do anything constructive. I quit cold turkey and I'm paying for it with vertigo-like symptoms.
Avatar n tn My psychiatrist has offered Topomax to me as an option to deal with both my weight gain and depression. As much as I want to lose weight, the list of side effects for Topomax scares me. My current med, Effexor/Lithium has side effects such as weight gain, constipation, tremor, etc. While I hate being fat, blurry vision ans brain fog don't appeal to me either. Of course there are also the risks of diabetes and heart disease from being overweight too.
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630344 tn?1280108583 Weight gain; Sleepiness; Skin hypersensitivity; Difficulty concentrating; Edema (swelling of the hands or feet); Dry mouth; Soreness and muscle pain; and Feeling “high.
Avatar f tn First we tried lexapro and that gave me panic attacks after only a few days on it, then tried effexor which made me real dizzy, and so I ended up on remeron, which I will never take again because it made me constantly fatigued and gain weight (not a happy time). I want my life back....I don't feel like living it at all right now.
363281 tn?1518219421 Chest pain or discomfort Concern about the heart Feel like you have to force yourself to breath Find it hard to breath, feeling smothered, shortness of breath Frequent yawning to try and catch your breath Heart Palpitations – beating hard or too fast, rapid heartbeat Heart - Irregular heart rhythms, flutters or ‘skipped’ beats, tickle in the chest that makes you cough Pounding heart, heart feels like it is beating too hard Rib or rib cage tightness, pressure, or feeling like a tight ba
Avatar n tn ( i went from 40 mg to 30 mg for 20 days and now 20 mg for anothe 10 days and we will see.
881974 tn?1242204273 Most people who would take Remoron would get it for depression. Most people suffer weight gain. I never so much as put on an ounce in weight on the tablet. We read how one user had no trouble coming off xanax. I suffered when I first couldn't take xanax, after 10 years of taken them. That why it is important not to reccomend medication based on our own experiences. We all differ as we see. Medication works in different ways from user to user too. From good to bad.