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Avatar m tn Hello All, I have been diagnosed with Enlarged prostate and I also have a High neck on my bladder outage !!! I have had the cystoscopy and this is how I know. I have also had Cipro and muscle relaxants. The biggest problem I was having was the pressure feeling in my very lower Abbs area. I have now discovered what inflames the situation. I drank allot of coffee and when I go out to the pub I drank four Bacardi and cokes.
483733 tn?1326802046 The wine I had last night relaxed me enough so that even though I was up 4 times last night I could at least get back to sleep. The Lupus flare pain is reducing today but the abdominal pain I'd had which was largely masked by the Lupus pain has intensified and having bladder and bowel issues. Really feel unwell today. Got into the GP and he feels it is pouchitis. I don't have a large bowel and they recreated a rectum for me out of my small bowel which they call a pouch.
Avatar m tn I also had a bout of Prostatitis which I was given a ten day supply of Cipro for. Also, I have had my hear checked fully 2 years ago when my EKG showed and abnormality. Had an Eco done, chest x-ray, Cardiolite Spect Stress Test...all came back that I was fine aside form a benign right bundle branch block. I exercise on a regular basis and have no shortness of breath or anything when the pain comes on. The most recent was last night.
483733 tn?1326802046 I have an infection and am taking cipro and flagyl. I thought that because of the rules around taking one on an empty stomach and the other with food and because it makes my insides not feel so good that I would lose weight. Not so! I can almost watch my thighs grow! I've been good except to help the burning in my gut I did make some tapioca pudding yesterday and ate it all last night. I've cut my wine as it is a no no with the drugs and thought that would help too.
Avatar m tn take two yellow bananas at night time for bowel evacuation,a course of antiobiotics like cipro may get rid of excessive bacterial growth in ur gut,ur nasal smell perception is desensitised.dont sit in one position for prolonged time.make sure u empty ur bowel fully in morning.
Avatar f tn It began with a slight discomfort of a UTI, and a home test showed white blood cells and no nitrites. The doctor prescribed Cipro after a urinalysis showed the same thing, but then had me stop them a few days later when the urine culture was negative for bacteria, and no other follow-up was done. A subsequent STD test was also negative. In late January/early February, I felt bladder pain and urinary discomfort.
Avatar m tn I Think i was exposed about 10 weeks ago, i m not sure, i had sex with a Transsexual, i was the receiver but i was really drunk and i don't remember if he used a condom, my question is this, i haven't had any symptoms at all, only testicular pain which the doctor diagnosed as an infection, not Chlamydia nor Ghonnorrea just a regular infection, and i am now under treatment 1g of Ciproflaxacin XR for 7 days one tablet every 24 hr , i haven't had any fever, night sweats, headache, dry coughing, swo
Avatar n tn After 7 days I worsened, was put on Cipro and Flagyl. I got explosive diarrhea from these meds, but finished them under Dr.s supervision. I had a CT scan, which showed inflammation of the colon, colits. Then I got worse and was given another course of Cipro and Flagyl. By the third day of these, I was admitted to the ER with severe abdom. pain, diarrhea, mucous, and now blood in the stool. I had another CT scan which showed the inflammation had spread to my entire colon.
Avatar f tn So far I have been diagnosed with several prolapses, intussusception of my bowel and finally told after a cystocopy that I have Folicular Cystitis but the 3 months of Cipro are nearly over and I feel worse than I did before. They find some blood and white blood cells together with protien in my urine but tell me I have not infection.
Avatar m tn 3 weeks ago I awoke 2 am with typical bladder infection symptoms (burning, frequency), following a warm weekend in which I had been exercising a lot but not drinking much water; I had some wine at a dinner party. Had intercourse. About 24 hrs later symptoms started. After feeling the symptoms, I drank a lot of water and saw dr. next morning who diagnosed uti (e coli) and gave me cipro for 7 days. All symptoms went away, until day 6 when a milder version of them came back.
Avatar n tn He said I had epidimites and prescribed Cipro for 10 days. After taking my first tablet pf Cipro the pain was gone, but i continued to take the Cipro for ten days as prescribed. Before that, i drank a wine which was open 2 weeks ago. Immeditaley i felt tired and feel like sleeping. It continued for 2 days aos i went to doctor she said my throat was red and precribed Zithromax pack. Still I felt itchy so she asked me to take Zirtec. after taking it i did not feel itchy.
Avatar n tn I had a full 5 day cycle of Cipro with no change, and 5 day cycle of Macrobid with no change until 10 days past end of both these cycles. I have lost 11 lbs during the illness so far. (not missed on my part btw) I have evaded the fever finally (dropped below 100 during week 3) and have improved about 50% fatigue wise (I am out of bed and back at work, though noticeably more tired and worn out)but I rested 100% for over two weeks. Now I am back at work.
Avatar n tn he prescribe different kind of antibiotics, and NSAIDS, on three different occasions...Iwent to his clinic on three differnt occasions...(Doxy, Cipro, cefuroxime) Im still having my symptoms with no improvement at all.... Please help me, im depressed... Do i have a certain kind of STD...IF i do, what is it and what is the possible cure for it? THanks, youre help is highly appreciated.....
Avatar m tn i have swollen calfs ankles feet and now moving up to my knee my skin is very tight and i now have really big red spots that are itching purple color towards the bottom of my ankles and feet i had 2 surgerys on my right elbow they found infection in my r elbow iam still on one cipro 1x daily my legs never started acting up until the surgery could not move alot with iv antibiotics going in my leg joints are killing me when i walk on them in my heels and knee joints iam in p m for other things
Avatar f tn I have now built up a tolerance to all medications except Cipro. In my mid 30's the infections slowed down and I thought things were getting better.... Now I have noticed the pain in the kidney area (back) and sometimes I will have pus and blood in my urine for two days and then it goes away. I have noticed pitting edema in both lower legs (minor edema but it is +4 ) and within the last few days my fingers (only two) are swelling and VERY painful.
Avatar f tn a half before the blood tests. The day before the blood tests I was put on Cipro. I also take Pristiq for mild depression & genralized anxiety disorder. Could these medications have caused the jump in my liver enzymes? I drink a glass of wine just a couple nights a week with dinner...I'm not a big drinker & didn't drink any alcohol for several nights before the test. I'm 40 year old female & have no other symptoms. I work out almost I'm active & pretty healthy.
157832 tn?1221519379 I finished a 6 month course of Cipro in June for recurrent UTI's. My doc says once you have one and treat it and it comes back again, chances are, you're going to have to take a prolonged course of antibiotics to kill it. Mine stemmed from the fact that my tumor was so large, it pushed everything in my abdomen up...kidneys, liver, uriters, etc. My uriters developed a slight curve that would not allow them to drain properly.
Avatar m tn I am a gay male living in Spain. In early April 2008, I had sex (I was the insertive partner) with a man who told me he was negative. The condom broke, but only at the tip, so I had exposed the opening of my urethra inside of him for about 10-15 mins., yet I didn't realize it wasn't broken because 1) the trunk of the condom, where I would feel most sensation, was intact, and 2) I had had a few glasses of wine (was far from drunk, but was a little "light" feeling).
Avatar f tn Came back on April 20th, called my ENT, I was prescribed bactrim... April 25th had to go to ER, I was sent home with cipro, took the cipro 750mg every 12 hrs (which has made me sick) and on that Sunday night I was back in the ER, I was admitted into the hospital, I had vomiting, weak, shaky, couldn't stand up, all I wanted to do was sleep. I was miserable!!!! Once in the hospital I had another ct scan done, blood work (white blood cell ct was 122, low), lukacyts were low....
Avatar n tn Actually, I have never been the same since, and have had over the last several months, a few bouts of the diarrhea, sometimes after eating, which would last for a couple of hours, then calm down, as well as about 4 incidents of severe pain in stomach with bloating after eating, or having a glass of wine. I also have been a long time drinker of about 2 or 3 glasses of red wine each night.
Avatar n tn Last week after a bad frew urination night (a wine night) I stopped alcohol, coffee, tea, ate better and started all the recommended remedies. I felt better each day and today I have no urination problems, but a light delicate feel in my urethra still. Nerves? My question is, could the aggressive rectal exam have inflamed my prostate, starting the discomfort following it? Could the gallbladder incident have triggered anything (it was very traumatic)?
Avatar f tn I also am allergic to (found out after taking them for 11+ days) CIPRO and was prescribed CIPRO (took for 4 days) and LEVAQUIN (took for 7 days) shortly after having my daughter 6 years ago. Could this be a symptom of any of taking these mediciations? I have been told that my neuropathy stems from anxiety but I just don't think so. I took depression medicine (Effexor) for 2 years and they NEVER stopped. Since having my 2nd child in November 2007, the twitching is getting worse.
Avatar n tn All I am wondering if you can drink wine or not, I love to have a glass of wine and would hate to have to give it up.
Avatar n tn I tested positive for Chlamidya (urine PCR test). Got 1g of Zythromax and a 7-day course of Cipro (this was before the test results were back to cover for both Chlamidya and Gonorrhea). About 10 days later the symptoms came back. At the beginning of June the doctor tested me again and gave me another 1g of Zythromax and a 7-day course of Doxycycline. I got the result after I finished the Doxy: negative. During the Doxy course however the symptoms worsened a LOT.
Avatar m tn im afraid of candida in the throat. and i dont wanna die. shes the only person i ever had sex with. I was on cipro for a month. but this occured 2-3 weeks after. please tell me im gonna be okay. Im young and wanna live a normal life.
739070 tn?1338607002 was to evaluate my left foot which my PT thinks is developing a stress fracture due to my altered gait due to my Achilles tendon issues from Cipro. My right hand also has tendons that are sterected or otherwise injured from the original fall. Actually, I told my PT that is her fault as she said the worst thing she could imagine was me on crutches and my poor balance.
Avatar m tn French fries, pesto sauce, butter, etc would make me feel terrrible! And I threw up after just a couple glasses of wine. There is a rare side effect of drugs in the floxacin family of antibiotics (like levofloxacin). They can cause hepatitis symptoms, that include sensitivity to oil and alcohol. One year later, I find out I most likely have an ulcer. Also made worst by, you guessed it, oil, grease and alcohol. Have you noticed certin foods trigger your bloating and pain?
Avatar n tn This most recent bloating was brought on by my drinking a ton of wine on saturday night and after that my stomach has been like this. I had an ultrasound last week of my liver, gallbladder, spleen etc and it said my gallbladder was distended and they said my xray is normal. A distended gallbladder doesn't sound normal to me. Distended means enlarged. So I'm having another endoscopy of the gallbladder, pancreas etc next week. Did you ever find out what was wrong with you?
Avatar f tn I know its hard for even me to believe, but try to relax for a change and take some b-12 and magnesium. Also, a big glass of wine makes me feel better sometimes, it can really take the edge off the twitching.