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Avatar n tn Never take the Cipro antibiotics it's a nasty drug, ask for a different one when you need an antibiotic. Good luck and take care.
Avatar n tn Tongue is completely white (thrush?) I went to the urgent care on the third day and was prescribed cipro for three days along with Lomotil. Question is, my intestines are still aching and still feel gurgly and a little bit crampy. It hurts to pee. Is this normal for food poisoning? Has anyone else experienced this and how long did it take to get better?
Avatar m tn Hi there everyone, I am 20 this year, and i just had food poisoning and took some antibiotics and the infection was over(as the doctor says) However, i keep having this bloating in my stomach all the time, sometimes it just goes very bad that i have to walk around and try to get it out.. The doctor says my gut haven't settle.. and when i press my stomach it hurts and sometimes it hurts on the right, left, center... I am afraid that it is something else maybe other than the gut havent settle..
Avatar m tn Other observations are that I’m starting to think that maybe my body doesn’t like Synthroid anymore and maybe I should consider another brand of thyroid replacement (I’ve been 2 years on it) . When I was on Cipro I took a probiotic pill from the health food store and I had a nasty food poisoning from it ,I had to take 3 charcoal pills to calm it down . I’m on prilosec now to calm down my anxiety related acid.
Avatar f tn I am currently awaiting blood test results and specimen results regarding a food poisoning I got on Aug 31st and am on two antibiotics just started yesterday. Today I awoke full of itchy red blotches all over my arms and upper legs. Do you think it's related to a bacteria from the pending diagnosed food poisoing?
Avatar f tn Have recently suffered from 2 bouts of suspected food poisoning. I was told by my GP not to take ciproflaxicin but after 2 days the symptoms of diahorrea and nausea were worse and I started and finished a 5 day course which helped. 1 week later , the same thing happened again and I don't know whether I should have started the cipro again to prevent a similar secondary infection? Any advice?
Avatar m tn mountainsandmustardseeds The antibiotics you took or are taking for your sinus infection, UTI, skin infection, laser eye surgery…ect…may have already damaged you. Cipro, Levaquin, Avalox, nearly every generic ending in “quin”, “oxacin,””ox,”…are all part of a large family of antibiotics called “Flouroquinolones.” The FDA finally updated their warning on these antibiotics as of July 2016. They site “multiple system damage that may be irreversible. Permanent you guys.
Avatar f tn In humans, antibiotics are used to treat health conditions caused by bacteria, including ear and skin infections, food poisoning, pneumonia, meningitis and other serious illnesses. These are also used to treat or prevent it can complicate critical medical procedures including surgery, cancer therapy, and transplants.
Avatar m tn My husband was on a long-term course of cipro for prostatitis. After three weeks, he developed stomach aches and pains and the doctor told him to stop. Unfortunately he also developed the types of pains and muscle weakness you are describing. This was in January and it has been a year without it going away. Cipro is a VERY powerful antibiotic and there are boards on the internet that have many people complaining about their "Cipro poisoning".
Avatar n tn After getting food poisoning (salmonella) about 6 months ago, I've had lots of mucus in my stool. It doesn't happen all the time, but it usually does. I went to the Dr and he perscribed Cipro. That cleared it up for a couple days, but then it came back. I went back and he said "we don't want to overmedicate it". So anyway, it's been going on for the better part of six months. I was told it could be IBS, but I've been under worse stress that what I'm under now and I've been fine.
Avatar m tn This sounds like food or water poisoning and consequent bacterial or parasitic infection of the intestine. Such poisoning usually heals on its own without any treatment. Parasites may cause diarrhea for several weeks though, so, if you won't get better in few days, I suggest you have a stool test for parasites. Drink enough fluid, eat what you want.
Avatar f tn being on NSAIDS and having Rheumatoid Arthritis are both contraindications to prescribing Cipro, yet I as an RA patient who takes Voltaren on a daily basis to treat it was given Cipro as a first line antibiotic! Are doctors really this dumb and blind, or are you so deep in the pocket of the pharmaceutical companies that you really don't mind poisoning your patients? Shame on you for saying this reaction is very uncommon and there are only a few cases!!!!!!!!! Shame on YOU!
Avatar n tn They took her off of Atenolol and are giving her Metoprolol. They are giving her Cipro for the infection and Meclizine for dizziness/disorientation. After a day on the new meds she has "gone off her nut." She's dillusional and is hallucinating, doesn't know where she is and she thinks I am one of her CNAs that's been handling her too roughly. She's being very mean. She's acting like a mental patient that you see in the movies.
Avatar m tn Immediately went to the hospital and I was Diagnosed to have a parasite or Possibly a severe case of salmonella poisoning. Was placed on several medicines Cipro (500mg) Flagyl(500mg) and Lomotil..
Avatar m tn When I arrived there I had migraine, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea for 4 days and they gave me IV cipro but it didn't seem to help. a year later I returned to the US and started to have asthma, sleep apnea, and chronic fatigue for over a year. nothing helps my fatigue, exercise, cpap, symbicort, metformin for my high blood sugar. I have low cortisol too about 4.0 AM. I took pin-x twice and magnesium citrate and my diarrhea stopped and I have more normal harder stools.
Avatar n tn On Feb 8, I got a bad case of food poisoning from gool 'ole Universal Studios chicken. I assume it was salmonella. Since then, my stomach hasn't been too well, and when I use the bathroom, there seems to be pus or mucus in my stool. It doens't happen much in the morning though. It's sort of a clear yellow in color, and has stringy, mucus-like proporties (although there isn't much, just a bit hanging off the peices of stool).
Avatar m tn Although e-coli was not confirmed, doctor said it was most likely food poisoning. I hope you have made it to I became quickly dehydrated and was passing more and more blood and became weak and worn out trying to fight things on my own. THANK GOD, the anti-biotics-(cipro) cleared up the bleeding in 4 days, but the doctor would not let me take them any longer (I assume because they are concerned that overuse of antibiotics will stregthen this particular bacteria.
Avatar f tn Got severely sick when i was 18 with serious food poisoning, my gastroenteroligost couldnt find out why i couldnt hold down food or water for 8 months, which led to the serious weight loss, they gave me CIPRO to take to clear up the poisoning/infection, this was a GUESS out of desperation, and they said they couldnt do anymore.
Avatar n tn You might want to ask the waiter or the cook. Just an idea. If it was from pasta, then this is a food poisoning - from bacteria, or parasites. If your diarrhea is not so bad or explosive, but rather mild, then it is even more probably from parasites, like Giardia - these infections strat slowly and without proper treatment extend through weeks. Burping (may have sulpurous smell) and yellow/green diarrhea is often in Giardia. Diarrhea is not likely from antibiotics.
Avatar f tn I've been to 3 ER's and no one knows what it is. I was finally put on cipro today to kill any bacteria if that even is what's going on. I'm frustrated, I can barely walk down the street, it gets worse walking. It also feels like it's harder to breathe when I walk. Other than those symptoms I feel perfectly normal. No vomiting, no fever. Anyone have any ideas?? Please help!
Avatar n tn Gave me a Z pak and things seemed to get better, no more weird feeling in the back of the anymore but still felt like ears were still bad, Went back to him and he said ears are still red and gave me Cipro, then it seemed like feeling in the back of the head came back... During this whole deal I have been noticing wavy lines in my vision. Any budy ever hear of anything like this????
Avatar n tn I am 45 year old female. In Aug08 I had bout with what I thought was food poisoning, or virus, I noticed inflamation in my hands - lasted a couple of weeks. Then I noticed that my sleep was being interupted by a lead weight feeling in my bladder - intermitent. My fist thought was that this issue with my bladder had something to do with incontinence. In Oct08 I went to see a Gyno-Urologist for a bladder test, with the possibility of getting a TVT sling. They did a cystostomy.
Avatar m tn In the meantime, i took azrithromyocin 1gm, next day, flagyl, then a 2 week dose of doxycycline and one cipro pill. My doc wanted to cover all my bases in case it was an NGU. I still have the mild irritation and rarely have mild relief at times. No pain with urination or palpation. Had prostate checked for prostatitis, no uti either. My question is, what is it?? Can it possibly be some kind of yeast? Seems like i have been tested for all else with urinalysis and blood tests.
Avatar n tn 6 mos with autonomic neuropathy which arose after a case of (suspect bad milk) food poisoning. Pale stool with blood initially which stopped after the first days only to be replaced with extreme belching and then constipation. When I pass stool it fizzes. I noticed my heart racing and not responding to calming measures. Whole body has diminished nerve sensation from my scalp to my feet. It feels like someone has given me a weak general anesthetic and only partial sensation results.
Avatar m tn I travelled to Indonesia and soon became sick with an infection, migraine, fever, diarrhea, nausea and was treated with cipro. 1 month after returning to the US I began to have chronic fatigue, sleep apnea, asthma, wheezing and I've been tired for over a year. I had high blood sugar but it has been normal now for a few weeks on medication. I had an IGE that was about 145 and low IGG subset 3, high WBC, normal EOS%.
Avatar f tn I do not have RA, rheumatoid and the inflammation test was negative. I had taken some antibiotics as did my husband (CIPRO for the food poisoning) but this type of arthritis is like an auto immune thing and sometimes lasts 3-6 months, the strange thing is: some days we feel better (not all way and only some pain) and some days are brutal. moving around helps us. We are on Aleve, 500 mg twice day and flax seed oil.
Avatar n tn I had a case of food poisoning a couple of months ago. My general practitioner has given me cipro but nothing seems to be working. I go lots of times and do nothing, and sometimes it is like diarrhea. Should I see a gastroenterologist instead of keeping on just working with my family doctor? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/234553'>Pus or mucus in stool?</a>.
720656 tn?1311043835 I did have what you describe when I had food posioning about 5 mos after TX. Fixed that with Cipro (antibiotic). I don't recall nausea or vomiting being a side from boceprevir (can be from interferon but you been on interferon for a while without that SX). There is also a stomache flu going around the country this season. I think your nurse may be wrong. If stomache flu you just ride it out, if food poisoning you need antibiotics. Hope you feel better soon.
1097317 tn?1257383423 Thanks for your reply! The smell is still there, creeping out of every pore of my body.... so I am starting to think it's not sinus related! It all happened after a night of binge drinking/vomiting. I'm reading online it could be liver or kidney issues/etc... I don't know. This stinks (literally). I don't have insurance and embarrased to go to the ER saying "I STINK, HELP!!" LOL. I have some antibiotics here (Cipro), I'll take those for a few days and see if that cures this funk.