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Avatar n tn My eight year old son has had episodes of vomiting at night for several years. He will vomit one night a week for three or four weeks straight and then not again for several months. Then he'll vomit three nights in a row...only one time per night.... and then not again for another few months. We thought it may be a food allergy, we noticed that he seemed to do better when not drinking juice, but then he won't have had juice for several months and he'll have another episode.
Avatar m tn We have been having trouble with our 7 year old daughter throwing up only at night at around 3 am once a week for 6 weeks. Doing testing and getting ready to do GI imaging. But would like to know the outcome if others had similar symptoms presented and what the resultion was. There are similar facts in other questions posted on the site but I rarely see the follow-up reporting on the resolution/outcomes. Thanks.
Avatar n tn We have been having trouble with our 7 year old daughter throwing up only at night at around 3 am once a week for 6 weeks. Doing testing and getting ready to do GI imaging. But would like to know the outcome if others had similar symptoms presented and what the resolution was. (if ever there was a diagnosis and treatment) Thanks.
Avatar n tn We went to see a neurologist in January 2008 and he suspected that she could have what's called ICTUS EMETICUS. It's seizure activity in the brain and the only real symptom is vomiting. You can also find info on the web about this. Go to a good GI doctor and keep fighting for your child. My daughter was put on a seizure med and vomits a lot less than she used to.
Avatar n tn Some children are sensitive to Augmentin, but it would be unusual for a child to tolerate it during the day and have a problem only at night. Now, the fact that she has been ill complicates the picture, and you'll only be able to obtain a clear picture after she regains her normal health. It may be that the feeding before bed has now become a problem, but while she is still recovering it's really not possible to know.
Avatar n tn My 2 year old daughter has been throwing up for about 2 months now. At first it was only at night or first thing in the morning and then she started doing it at random times during the day as well. For about 2 weeks she was throwing up at least 3 times a day. I took her to the doctor and mentioned that I was concerned because she had reflux when she was a baby so they put her back on the reflux medication.
Avatar n tn she only throws up at night and during the day she is her normal self. there is no high temps and its usually only 1 time during the night that she does puke. any suggestions of what might be causing this?
Avatar f tn Has he had any tests for sugar levels ,as he has some weight yet eats healthily and exercises maybe something going on in that direction,he throws up as he is sleeping, and doesnt recollect throwing up the next day, as you saying baffling.Something is causing it I would persist with the Doctor to have some tests run ...
Avatar n tn My Daughter is 2 and a half and she has been vomiting only late at night after she has gone to bed and then early in the morning. We were watching another child for a friend and the night she got sick he went home just fine but started to vomit three days later and it was to only at night and early in the morning. I was wondering if this has happend to anyone else and if they have had any medical help or answers for me. I would appreciate it.
509037 tn?1210890042 Or, anything new in the food dept at all during this timeframe and/or new medicine or even new otc vitamin or supplement? Does he have environmental allergies at all? If so, sometimes they vomit only at night when the mucous drips into the stomach and accumulates in a laying down position. Food allergies can present with vomiting and dark circles under eyes. The dark circles can be from virus, allergies, etc. Most likely a virus .. I'm not a Dr. . .
Avatar n tn It really can take months to completely get out of there system. Being that your son is only vomiting at night makes me wonder if it isn't drool or nasal drip. When my son is teething or has a runny nose (he has a mild dust allergy that can make his nose run for weeks on end), when he is sleeping it will of course build up in his throat and or stomache. It can be an irritant and it does cause him to cough/choke a bit and sometimes vomit a bit.
Avatar n tn Morning sickness isn't always felt in the morning. And it's not always vomiting. You can feel morning sickness at any time of the day, or not at all. Good luck!!!!!
Avatar f tn My 3 year old daughter has been vomiting every night at the same time (between 12:30 a.m. and 1:30 a.m.) Then usually again one more time about 1 1/2 to 2 hours later; then she is fine. Upon awakening, she is slightly nausiated, but for the most part, no vomitting. Then again the next night, and so on. We've been doing this for almost a week now. Can someone please tell me what is going on with her? The ER and Peds say it's a "biphasic virus".
Avatar m tn I have been on 240-300 mg of Oxycontins for the past year never abused it before now, I began snorting (rookie move), about three days ago I decided to snort the last pill plus one more. I did not really notice that bigga difference. At about 3 pm after snorting pills at 3 am I am visiting with a friend and suddenly need to start puking, I have kept puking about every three hours all day yesterday and then about an hour after my normal morning dosage today. I don't have any idea what to do.
Avatar f tn She would sometimes wake me up in the middle of the night saying she feels like vomiting. I recently got a call from her teacher saying she has been telling her she is going to throw up. I kept her home for a few days but nothing has happened.
Avatar f tn His food habits are at 8 in the morning he drinks 1 afternoon he eats a little bit of rice with 4 afternoon he drinks boost and at 9 night he eats again rice with dal in very less quantity...the problem is now a days from past one month, i am seeing that he feels nauseated every time....and vomits atleast once a day...what might be the problem...he does not like anysort of food, neither home nor outside....he is a picky eater...
Avatar f tn they said all her blood n urine came bad normal but as a mother i cant believe that this is normal for my child that tends to go at least 8times a day
Avatar f tn My 5 year old has these episodes where he vomits at night after he has fallen asleep. This has been going on for approx. 2 years. He will be asleep for about 2 hours and then will vomit all over himself and he does not wake up. He will usually do this 1 time per night for 3-4 nights. There is no sign its coming, and it is very irregular in pattern. Sometimes he might do this one month and then 2 months will go by nothing happens, then he will have an epidsode again.
Avatar n tn The reason for the muscle pain is due to the fact that the ketones start to eat away at the fat and muscle storage, so you're child will feel pain and a sense of weakness. Also the sweating...yet another ketone sign. Another thing as well is ketones tend to attack the immune system, which would explain his recurrent ear infections. Rapid weight loss is another sign.
Avatar n tn I've a 18 month old daughter , she is recently vomitting at night, its been going on for more than a week now, she goes to bed with milk bottle , and i've tried a lot not giving her bottle in bed but she cries uncontrolably and then throws up, and if i give her bottle she sleeps but gets up after an hour or so and cries as if she is very uncomfortable and then throws up a lot, after that she again ask for an ounce or so of milk then sleeps fine whole night, this has been going on since a week, i
Avatar n tn He ALWAYS puts his arm under my neck when we go to sleep and it usually stays there most of the night. Last night and the night before he said that he had to roll over to the other side of the bed for a while just to dry off ... GROSS I KNOW ... but last night he said that when he rolled back over to me that I was on FIRE!! I'm not running a fever or anything. I didn't take a test hiis morning but I did yesterday ... BFN ... I'm thinking about testing again in the morning.
Avatar n tn The only thing that I do that is critical to me is dinner. Every one has to sit at dinner at night. Some days I am tired, she can be a bit much and cause discord with the other sibilings. But I am at the point where I don't deal well with nonsense. I work at a highschool, WHERE ALL THE KIDS ARE LIKE THIS LOL. So she is walk in the park. At dinner we talk about nothing. I make her clean up the kitchen with me together and WE TALK. Everyone is in there rooms by 830pm.
Avatar n tn I had a friend whoes daughter would cough at night and then vimit every night and it turned out she had a really extreme case of whooping cough. Her numbers of the virus were triple what is considered normal with the virus and she needed strong antivirals and monitoring to make sure it was gone. Good Luck and I hope it is nothing serious.
Avatar n tn I promise, there is help available, but you need to take the steps to get your child in with an asthma specialist. Even if I call our local practice in the middle of the night, it is just a few short minutes that I get a call back with instructions on how to treat her. We have a nebulilzer that she has to use as well, and one night about 11:00, it broke. I called the company that sold it to me and they were able to have a new one delivered to my door before midnight that same night.
Avatar f tn my 3 year old daughter has been vomiting and diahorria for 3 weeks now only at night from around 11.30pm onwards,doctors have ruled out a virus and have given her ranitidine as they think it could be reflux in liquid form to be given x2 am and pm and this has still not worked, I am really worried and would love some help, she is fine during the day apart from diahorria she gets that during the night and in the mornings. Any advice or help would be much appreciated.
Avatar m tn I am really getting to my wits end about the vomiting, because it seems like he only does it when he's jealous about something and I just don't have all this time to clean up after him. With little kids running around, it's unsanitary to have him throwing up on the carpet so much. Any suggestions would be helpful!! Thanks!
Avatar n tn I treated her at home with oral fluids and Phenergan. She would bounce back quickly, the next day or so. The vomiting episodes are in the mornings only. She also has diarhea with the vomiting. No complaints of abdominal pain or tenderness. The vomiting last 4 hours or so, then she spends the afternoon taking a nap or watching tv. She adores school and is not a nervous child. She has also had an episode over the weekend, so I'm sure this isn't related to school.